[Don’t worry about it.
You can do a good job.
I will help you.]

‘It’s too late already.
There’s no use saying you will help me after the situation has already happened.’

[I’m sorry.
I’ll be quicker next time!]

The man’s hand stopped right in front of me, breaking through Celina’s chat window that kept appearing suddenly.
I opened my eyes wide.
He spoke with a bright face.

“I’ll take you to the table, Celina.”

I closed my mouth tightly, which almost said thank you again, and received Mikael’s support.
After he pulled out a chair and sat me down, he also sat down.
Strangely enough, he sat right next to me, not across from me.

I think this is too close.
I have to ask him to go back a little…


Mikael called Celina’s name while I was hesitating for a moment at the unexpected distance.

Hearing it from a kind voice, the name of this woman was indeed pretty and sweet.
It’s a little fortunate that this man is the starting point of this interesting yet uninteresting curious dream.


Perhaps that’s why, strangely enough, the desire to widen the distance quickly disappeared.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.
I was worried.
It’s all because of me that you collapsed like that.”

“What are you talking about? It’s not because of you.
You know.
It’s because I’m weak.”

[You can thank Mikael as much as you want.
Just be comfortable.]

This time, the chat window appeared in a timely manner.

“Thank you.
For your concern.”

“I wanted to meet you quickly.
I’ve spent my life thinking about what kind of person you are.
Because of you, I’ve endured it until now without dying.
I can withstand everything from now on.”


I suddenly became confused.
Can anyone tell me what he’s talking about? I could hear it clearly, but I couldn’t understand it at all.

“It should have been like this before.
This is how it’s right.”

Letting out a sigh, Mikael leaned closer and faced me.
It was a distance short enough to see not only the detailed texture of his hair, which curved smoothly, but also each of his dense eyelashes.

“There were rarely any chances.
For me.
I lived with the hope that if I waited patiently, I could meet you one day.”

The perfectly shaped lips moved restlessly and continued to say something.

“But you must have never thought about meeting me like this.
Honestly, that’s natural.
Though I’m very angry that there is a time about you that I don’t know of.”

“What have you been saying…”

“It’s okay, though.”

He glanced down with a sad expression, and then raised his eyes at me.
Celina’s face narrowed at the deer-like glance.

I couldn’t push him away because he used the handsome man trick.

“Now that you’re here, there are plenty of chances.
I’ll make everything right from now on.
Just stay by my side.
Will you trust me?”

Mikael’s words flowed into one ear and escaped from the other.
All that remained in my head was, ‘Will you trust me?’

“Huh? Yeah.
Of course, I trust you.”

I couldn’t even think of pulling myself back and stared at him blankly.



“Can I hold your hand?”

“What? My hand?”

The word ‘hand’ suddenly brought me down to ‘reality’.
Only then did I urgently back off.

However, because of the rug on the floor, the chair could not move back as I intended, and the rear legs were tightly stuck.
Because of that, the front legs rose from the floor.

“Be careful.”

Mikael hurriedly grabbed the chair.

“… Why are you suddenly asking for my hand?”

I looked at him in confusion.

My protagonist fluttered a lot, but he wasn’t the type of character to make others flutter.

Rather, he was a person with a coldness that could freeze someone beneath a kind and gentle surface.
The extreme gaps, and the wounds that were skillfully hidden in between, set fire to other people’s feelings and burned them.

First and foremost.
Mikael wasn’t this close to Celina.
Then, there was only one possibility.

I secretly had this kind of feeling towards the protagonist.
That’s why I was dreaming of being in the woman’s, Celina’s, point of view, and why she was pestering me.

I never thought my subconscious was this perverted.
Let’s reflect on this.

[What are you doing? It’s fine.]

What’s fine? Nothing is fine! Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by a sense of shame.

“You know.”

Mikael calmly opened his mouth and looked at Celina’s hand.
The earrings he was wearing shook uniformly.

“You did a lot of things with these hands.
Didn’t you?”

I blinked quietly.
Unlike my mind, which was chaos itself.

Right? I mean, I did make something.
For example, I made you.
I ripped my hair off all night because my writing wasn’t working out.
I stuffed a lot of late-night snacks in my mouth.

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