Living life while being held tightly by others’ intentions was truly boring.
It was even worse because there was nothing else interesting until I went to the imperial palace.
All I could do here was eat, read, sleep, and look at the scenery outside.

Still, at least I had a way to breathe.
As soon as I opened the door in a hurry, all kinds of colors and scents flooded in and collided.


Mikael was holding a bouquet of flowers.
Yesterday he gave me some mysterious-looking herbs, and today he gave me flowers.
I accepted what he was giving me very naturally.

This guy also came to hang out with us.”

As he raised one side of his shoulders, a white bird appeared, following his wide shoulder line.
The small long-tailed tit looked at me with its black bean-like eyes and tilted its head.

I smiled broadly and put my finger in front of it.
The bird climbed on the back of my hand with a cute hop.

Mikael had been diligently bringing me things from the outside for the past few days.
Thanks to him, things could be a little less boring.

I stopped by the kitchen today.
You don’t have to make preparations in separate.”

Mikael said, looking behind me.

“I understand.
Then I’ll just put the flowers in the vase and go back.”

“Here, take them.”

I handed the bouquet to Ian, sat down with Mikael, and started a conversation.
The little bird began to pick up the crumbs on the table.

“Is there anything I should pay special attention to when I go to the imperial palace? I heard that Celina went there often.”

“She often went to see the Princess.
But I don’t think there is anything in particular you should pay attention to.
You are good at everything by nature.”

Rather, I’m the one who should be careful.
I’ll try my best to act like Celina, but I don’t know if the people there won’t get on my nerves.

“You’re overpraising me.
I’m embarrassed.”

“Hey, what do you mean I’m overpraising you? It’s just an objective fact.”

I poked the cake made from poppy seeds with a fork.
There weren’t many common elements between the two of us, so we didn’t have much to talk about, but this man was the most comfortable person in this castle.

While exchanging a normal conversation, Mikael’s mood suddenly stiffened.
He closed his mouth and watched the door sharply.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked, puzzled.

“It’s truly unfortunate, but I think I’ll have to go today.
I’ll be back tomorrow.”

He smiled at me as if his expression hadn’t hardened just moments ago.
Still, maybe because I got slightly adjusted to that face from seeing it up close all these days, my heart was keeping a better heartbeat than I thought.

“Did something suddenly happen?”

“No, but it seems it will if I stay longer.
I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about? Just go.
I’m the one who’s sorry for making someone busy come here all the time.
Thank you for coming today, too.”

I carefully placed the long-tailed tit on Mikael’s shoulder.

“I come here because I want to.
Though of course, I would also come running if you called me.”

He looked at me with a smile on his face.
Just as I was about to pat the bird on the head and let the guests go, the door suddenly opened and Elizabeth, dressed in a colorful dress, appeared.


“Elizabeth Dell.
Where did you leave your courtesy to knock on the door?”

I asked with an irritated tone of voice.

“Father told me to come and see if you were properly stuck in your room.
But Mikael was here? I’m surprised.”

Her face became strangely bright.

“Hello, Young Lady.”

Mikael greeted her kindly.
I sat down quietly and started looking at both of them.
The combination of their faces also looked pretty good.
As expected, the protagonist suits anyone, no matter who you put next to him.

“What are you doing here? Why were you two alone? Where did Ian go?”

“Ian is waiting nearby.
And I was just about to leave.”

Suddenly? Since the situation turned out like this, have a conversation with me too.”

Elizabeth hurriedly grabbed him as he was about to step out of the room.

“I’m really sorry.
Something urgent has happened.”

Mikael gently shook off her hand as if it were water flowing.
Right, right.
He had that kind of personality from the beginning, but his character was destroyed because of my terrible desire.

I sighed silently and waved my fork.

“Have a safe trip, Mikael.”

“Make sure to eat well, Celina.
I’ll see you again then.”

After he left with a warm goodbye, Ian appeared a few seconds later.
Elizabeth stood at the door with a sullen face, then suddenly stared at me.

“What are you looking at? If you have finished checking, go quickly.”

“… I’ll go even if you don’t tell me to!”

The uninvited guest shouted angrily and left.
What the fuck was wrong with her?

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