The man with neat eyes gave a subtle eye smile and put the baby hairs, which were caused by braiding my hair to one side of my head, behind my ear.
I shook my head lightly.

“Even if they don’t hate me unconditionally, all their actions are expressed in that way.
Then, for me, it just seems that they hate me.”


He called my name as if soothing me.

“So don’t think about speaking on their behalf unnecessarily.
If your goal is to make me resent you, you can continue.”


Evan patted my head with an awkward expression.

Maybe it’s because Mikael is here, but I wanted to mediate things a little.
Everyone is old enough for that.
But it seems I only hurt your feelings for no reason.”

“If you know, don’t do that anymore.”

I shot back, in a coy manner.

But you know, it seems like your complexion has improved a little?”

He put his attractive face close to me and began to look around everywhere.

Now that I’m seeing it up close, it didn’t improve just a little, it improved a lot.
Was it actually a blessing that you collapsed? How did this happen overnight? Is this also because of Mikael?”

“Excuse me.
I feel pressured.”

“But you can never get married! I’m not ready to send you to one person yet!”

[Don’t give too big of a reaction.
You can just push him back.]

Just before I openly expressed my disgust, Celina warned me.

“Don’t say weird things.”

As she said, I pushed Evan’s shoulders back.
He obediently distanced himself.

“You’re the one who has to tell me.
Are you going to marry Ingrit? Do you like her?”

The tables have turned.”

Evan smirked.
A man with a strong sense of chivalry.
Ingrit and this man later become a pair that gets along really well.

They were the only inexperienced and pretty couple in this cold-blooded worldview, so I let go of my heavy heart and wrote a supplementary story in a fun way.

“Well… I can’t say anything right now.
As you also know, we have so much to think about.
Emotions are the last thing to consider.”

He replied calmly.

“I see.
That’s right.
I fully understand.
Now, can you get out of here quickly?”

I swung my hand.

“Hm? So suddenly? Aren’t you staying with me until dinner?”

He asked me, bewildered.

“I never said that.”

“My beloved little sister is so cold; this brother is very worried.”

“What worries? I don’t believe you.
Hurry up and go.”

“Anyway, that’s too much.
Then, I’ll call Ian.
Rest well.”

Evan glared at me and left the room.
I counted exactly 30 seconds after he left, walked to the door in big strides, and opened it.
Of course, there was no one outside.

[What are you doing?]

“An expedition to satisfy my curiosity? It’s unfair if I leave without even looking around.”

I replied directly to her for the first time, snooping down the corridor lined with red carpets.

It was a space filled with decorations, but for some reason, it had a lonely feeling.
It was beautiful on the outside, but it seemed empty inside.

[It will be better if you don’t go out.
Ian will be back in a little while because of Evan Dell’s message.]


[Because I can’t move in the castle without being accompanied by someone.
In fact, I’ve never acted on my own before.]


I meaninglessly nudged a statue of a lion made of gold with the tips of my toes.

[This is the order that Elijah Dell gave me from the moment I came to this castle.]

“You’ve been following that ridiculous order until now?”

Of course.]

“But I’m not you.
This is my dream.”

I murmured as if talking to myself.
I didn’t know whether she was just observing or if she had given up, but the chat window didn’t appear anymore.
So, without hesitation, I brought my hand to a nearby crystal ball.

A subtle light rose around the contact area.
However, as in the game, the possible movement options didn’t come up.

Ahem, in that case… Anywhere?

As soon as I uttered that word inwardly, there was a horrible burst of light and the decorations changed.
Oh! I was delighted.
It was a lion just a moment ago, but it was now a snake with three heads.

The carpet I was stepping on was deep green.
But it seemed I came to the wrong place.
The cold clinging to my shoulders was strong.
My body trembled.

“This doesn’t seem to be in the middle of the castle.”

Well, who cares? The places where the crystal balls are installed in the castle are areas you can move to, so it won’t be a big deal.

I looked around the luxurious golden corridor, humming, and then found an iron knight standing quietly with a helmet on its face.
I quickly approached it.

Then, standing on my tiptoes as much as I could, I took the fur cloak the decoration was wearing and put it over my shoulders.


The chilly sound I suddenly heard while I was tightly tying the leather strap stopped my wrists.
I raised my head stiffly.

Inside the helmet with the lid open, the iron knight’s eyes shone brightly.

“… This is crazy.”

I stepped back very calmly and undid the knot on the cloak.
My heart started beating fast.

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