the bed next to hers timidly and laid my body down.

 Then, there was a long period of silence.
I couldn't fall asleep with my natural enemy, a gyaru, next to me.
On the other hand, she didn't say anything, so I spent my time in agony.




Only the ticking of the clock echoed strangely in the room.


 It's kind of ……
pathetic, isn't it?

 Even though I wanted to become an adventurer so that I could talk to a cute girl like Shinomiya-san without getting scared, I still feel like I'm not good at it.


 I wonder if it’s because in the end, I'm a mob at heart…
Even if I get the title of an adventurer, it's impossible to become a normie–





 Shinomiya-san, who was supposed to be silently fumbling with her smartphone, suddenly spoke to me while I was lost in thought, so I unintentionally let out a strange voice.

 She burst out laughing.


“What's that? That’s funny.
Um, if it’s not wrong, your name is Maro5, right? That's an unusual name, isn't it?”

“Ah, no, that's just a nickname.
My real name is Utamaro Kitagawa6.”


 I managed to answer with a fluster.


“Oh, I see.
But it’s changed from your real name.
I think I've heard of Utamaro Kitagawa somewhere.”

“Well, I'm sure you've heard my name at least once, since we are classmates.
But I think you are referring to Utamaro Kitagawa7, a painter from the Edo period.”

“Ah, that's it! Is that perhaps the origin of your name?”

“People often thought so, but no.
My mother's name is Aika and my father's name is Shoma, so they took one character from each of their name and then named me Utamaro8.
Only after they submitted my name to the authorities did they realize that it is exactly like the name of an Edo-era painter.”

“Hahahaha, that's funny!”


 As we continued our conversation, I gradually felt my shoulders relax.

 I was able to talk to Shinomiya-san the ‘different creature’ feeling that I usually get in class.
She was easy to talk to.


“But it's nice, and it's easier to say Maro.
Can I call you Maro too?”

“Eh, uh, yeah.”

So, do you have a part-time job, Maro?”



 I was momentarily stunned by the unexpected question.


“Ah–, –un,” I said.

“I knew it. I've seen you at the supermarket we often go to.
I thought you looked familiar.”

“Oh, I didn't know that.”


 Seriously, I had no idea.
I was so busy working that I didn't pay any attention to my surroundings.


“You were working so hard that it was hard for me to talk to you.
Looking so sweaty, I always thought you looked like you were having a hard time.
How long do you work there a week? I see you all the time when I go there.”

“Oh, I work five days a week at the supermarket.
On weekends, I work other part-time jobs.”

“Crazy! That's every day! That makes me dizzy already.
What do you want with all that work?”

“That's …….”


 At first, I thought of answering the same way to Higashino and Nishida, but…


“I've got a goal.
I want to invest in that.”




 I turned over and stared blankly at the ceiling.


 …In my entire life, I've never stood in the center of the class.
In both elementary and junior high school, I lived on the edge of the classroom watching the popular people in the class making a fuss.

 Actually, I have never felt dissatisfied with that.
This is because I have realized since childhood that we are all born with a certain nature and that I am not a person who stands at the center of the crowd.


 So when I saw Minamiyama joining the normie group, I was really shocked.

 He was definitely a mob character.
His face was not good, his studies were not good, he was not athletic, his stories were not that interesting, and he had a bad personality.

 But as soon as he became an adventurer, he became a member of the normie group.


 Frankly, I thought it was amazing.

 Seeing this, Higashino and Nishida seemed to feel disgust and anger toward Minamiyama, but I, on the contrary, felt respect.

 I felt anger, of course, but on the other hand, I also felt respect for that guy who had broken through his natural tendency to be a mob character.

 Then I realized something.

 I am not dissatisfied with being a mob character.
However, I had a longing to be a normie.


 So I decided to give it a try.

 For the first time in my life, I decided to try my limits and see if I could change.

 The attempt is still in progress.


 As I thought about this, my eyelids grew heavier and heavier.

 I tried to hold on, but I couldn't seem to stand it.
My consciousness has been flickering since a while ago.

 Shinomiya-san said something, but I fell into a deep sleep without being able to respond.


 “—-It's kind of cool to say something like that.”


 I felt like Shonimiya-san said that in my dream.





[Tips] Beautiful infirmary teacher.

 She does not exist.
Even though there is an old lady infirmary teacher who was probably beautiful in the past, for some reason, students who encountered her in her younger days do not exist.
They appear quite frequently in anime, manga, and movies, so some foreigners think that there are beautiful infirmary teachers in Japan, but they don't actually exist.
Even in this world where fantasy creatures have come to exist, beautiful infirmary teachers continue to maintain their fantasy nature.

 Precisely, that is how school nurses are.




 The safesearch prevented us to find out the translation www↩

 computer game for men featuring beautiful women characters ↩

 I think the last time we mentioned her as a model student, but the correct translation is ‘reader model’ or ‘amateur model’.
Sorry for the miss… ↩

 (young) woman adhering to a fashion trend usually marked by brown or blond-dyed hair, gaudy clothes and accessories. ↩

 Written asマロ ↩

 Kitagawa Utamaro written as 北川 歌麿 ↩

 Kitagawa Utamaro written as 喜多川歌麿.
The given name is exactly the same as our MC. ↩

 Aika (愛歌) and Shoma (昌磨) –> Utamaro (歌麿) ↩

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