Episode 17 A Bad Hunch is Usually Right



 In the morning, when I opened the door to my classroom, I felt gazes that seemed to cling to me.

 I am usually not the center of attention, but almost all of my classmates are staring at me now.


 What is ……, what is going on? 

What's more, it's strange that almost everyone is here even though it's still early in the morning.


 I felt a strong sense of discomfort, but I greeted them anyway.


“…Good morning.”

“Y’know, Kitagawa…….”


 It was the asshole Narikin who called my name without replying to my greeting.


 Narikin said to me with an unpleasant grin on his face,


“An adventurer, I hear you're one~?”


 The gazes of my classmates suddenly became more intense.
I could see that everyone had stopped their private conversations to stare at us.


 ……I guess it’s like that after all.
That Ono told everyone about it.


 I secretly clicked my tongue when I saw Ono looking at me with amusement.

 Probably he's the reason why most of my classmates are already here this early too.
He probably posted on social media yesterday that they were going to see something interesting tomorrow morning.


 I can also see the East-West duo.
They were looking at me with anxious faces.


“Hey, why didn't you say so? Why did you become an adventurer? Oh, are you perhaps pretending to be like Minamiyama and Ono?”


 Narikin's words, which clearly said to make fun of me, elicited “pfft” sounds, especially from his circle of friends.

 The other classmates were not looking too favorably either.


This is bad.

I thought.


 But what's wrong with me? Maybe I'm broken from my encounter with the Pied Piper of Hamelin.


 Even though the atmosphere was like this, like I was on the verge of being bullied, I wasn't scared at all.

 I wasn't afraid at all.

 I was under the pressure that would have made my heart palpitate and my legs tremble in the past, but instead, I felt a strong vitality inside me.


“Heyy, what kind of card do you have? Let me see a bit.”


 Narikin, perhaps thinking I was intimidated since I was silent, reached out his hand to me and demanded.

 I avoided his hand, brought my face as close to his as I could, and glared at Narikin.

 Nalikin was startled by the aggression of someone he had thought was lower in rank than he was.


“Oi, you think you and I friends?”

“Eh, a……?”

“No, right? At least I don't like you.”



 Narikin is a coward.
I'm certain we both know we didn't like each other, but he doesn't have a strong enough core to immediately say anything back when someone tells him to his face that they don't like him.
At least, there is a little hesitation before he says something back.
And that's where I gave the next blow,


“So don’t act like you're so familiar with me.”


 I gave him a hard shove on the shoulder, just like what he gave me in gym class the other day, and Narikin's eyes began to glaze over.

 I was really taken aback that he could be so tough only with really weak guys.


 ……Well, it's the same for everyone, isn't it? Including me.




 I quickly looked around at my classmates.

 Many of them were a little surprised by my counterattack.
Among them, I spotted a less intense boy named Koga, whom I had talked to before, so I asked him,


Who told you that I am an adventurer?”


 Of course, I know the answer.
The purpose of this was to get my classmates to designate the culprit by name.


“Oh, uh, Ono-kun, that…”

“Ono did? What did he say?

“He said on Line yesterday that if I come early tomorrow morning, there will be something interesting.”



 I let out a loud sigh.
I show my dissatisfaction with my whole body.


 “Ono, what is this? Did I do something to you?”


 I made a puzzled face and asked Ono.
I feigned confusion at the sudden malice.


“No, I'm sorry!  I didn't think it would turn out like this.
Yesterday I found out that Kitagawa-kun is also an adventurer, and I was so happy that I spread the word.”


 Ono's response was quick.
He began by apologizing.
He then emphasized that his actions were not motivated by malicious intent.

 Ono, a member of the normie group, is apologizing.
Even though I know that it is 100% not sincere, if I pursue the matter further from here, it means I am being the malicious one.
That's what the difference of the class caste is.


“Well, I'm sure you didn't do it on purpose.
But if somebody is hiding something, there must be a reason, right? If you reveal it to everyone, no one will think it's amusing, you know… Right?”


 I directed the question at everyone.

  Everyone has a secret or two.
It would be a bummer to have them revealed to everyone just because you are in the normie group.

 The reactions of my classmates showed that they generally agreed with me.


“No, I'm really sorry.
I won't do surprises like this in the future.”


 Well, I guess I won the game here.

 I got an apology and a promise from Ono that he would not divulge anymore secrets.

 Now, if he does this to anyone in the future, anyone can bring up this promise.

 I could feel my classmates' eyes saying, [Well done!]


 Ono, however, was not a pushover.

 Ono, who had his head down, looked at me with a smile on his face.


“By the way, Kitagawa-kun, why did you hide the fact that you are an adventurer? I don't think it's anything to hide.”



 This bastard, he's poking me.
He knows very well that's the point I don't like to be prodded the most.

 In fact, I had no intention of hiding it at all, I just couldn't tell anyone because Ono became an adventurer one step ahead of me.
I hope he didn't guess that and come to me like this.


 But what to do? I suppose I could just shrug it off and say I don't want to tell him, but that would be a bit offensive.

 I mean, why is this guy so aggressive with me after all this time?

 I know that guy Narikin is trying to pull me down.
I'm sure it's just an eyesore for him to see me trying to get ahead in life.

 However, Ono is already a member of the normie group.
He doesn't need to kick other people down…


 No, now is not the time to think about that.
I have to respond with something anyway,


I'm still inexperienced and am embarrassed, I think.”


 Ono didn't overlook the coarseness of my words.


“Huh? What do you mean by that?  Are you making fun of us for being inexperienced and embarrassing?



 Oh, shit.
So that's where you're coming from.
It sure sounds like I just made fun of Minamiyama and Ono, two members of the top caste group.


 Because of what happened earlier, Ono didn't make a stern expression, but he started to give off a very tense air.


 …There is no choice.
I guess I'll have to take that approach here.


I said while making an embarrassed expression,


“Ah, no, that's not what I meant.
Sorry for the confusion.
I'm aiming to be a professional, so that’s what I mean by me still inexperienced and embarrassed right now.”



 For a moment, Ono looked genuinely surprised.
My classmates also started to make noises.


 Of course, it's a lie.
You can make enough money from being a two stars adventurer, and there is no need to become a professional at all.
In fact, it would only increase the risk of death.

 But in order to avoid contradicting my earlier statement that I was embarrassed because of my inexperience, I had to cover it up by saying that my goal was high.


“Heh, I see, how amazing.
But Kitagawa-kun, didn't you start at the same time as I did?”

“Well, it's almost the same as Ono's.
I've been at it for about a month.
It's been about a month since I started.

“Isn't it a bit premature to be a professional? You haven't even reached the two-star level yet, right?”


 You're just a fledgling adventurer, but you've got the crazy idea that you want to be a professional.
Ono said with such a meaning in his words.

 As a result, my classmates' gazes started to include the look of bitter taste in their eyes.


……This is it, I have to play my cards right here!


 I said with a nonchalant look on my face,


“No, I've already got two-star.”



 Multiple astonished voices rose up.


“That's a lie!”


 The one who screamed and stood up was Minamiyama.
Ono who saw that frowned slightly.
……I thought he had been awfully quiet up until now, but did Ono stop him somehow?


“Minamiyama-kun, leave it to me for now.”


“If you're really a two-star adventurer, show me your license!”


 I guess he didn't hear Ono's small voice, because Minamiyama approached me with agitation.


“Oh, sure.”


 I took out my two-star adventurer license that I had just gotten yesterday while being careful not to let out my inner grin.


 Minamiyama snatched it from my hand and froze.


“I-, it's really a two-star license…….”

“Let, let me have a look too.
Ugh, it’s real.
And, and you even have a track record of subjugating an irregular encounters!?”



 Ono's startled voice, which he raised unintentionally, caused the classmates to murmur.

 Irregular encounters.
There was no one here who did not know the name and the threat it posed.

 The horrific incidents that irregular encounters had caused in the past have appeared many times on TV and in textbooks.

 Even if it was the weakest irregular encounter that came out of an F-rank dungeon, the fact that I had defeated one was enough of a foil.

 That was enough to persuade them that I was aiming to become a professional.


 I held out my hand with a thin smile on my face, and Ono returned the card with a twitchy look on his face.


heh, I won.


“Yaah, you're a great person, Kitagawa-kun.
I'm an adventurer myself, so I feel it's all the more impressive.”


“Well, it's partly thanks to coincidence, though.”


“No, no, no, luck is also a part of one's ability.
But I envy you.”


“Hmm? What?”


 When I tilted my head, Ono grinned.


“It’s just that, you must have a very strong card if you were able to get two stars in such a short period of time, right? I really envy you, having parents who understand you.
As for me, I bought my card with the money I saved from my part-time job, so it's weak, so weak.”




 Ono's words changed the way our classmates looked at me.

 From being the classmate who aims to become a professional adventurer, to be the adventurer who are just doing well from their parents' money.


 In an instant, I felt my impression in their eyes switch.


 If this goes on, the impact of both the two-star license and the irregular encounters will be drastically different.


“If you don't mind, can I see Kitagawa-kun's monster card?”


 Ono's pursuit was intense.


 This is bad……
right now, no one who look at Renge and the others will think that I got them on my own.
If you were to buy Renge at a store, it would cost tens of millions.
There is no way a fresh student adventurer could get such a card.
I'm sure they will think that my parents are rich enough to buy it for me.

 How many people would believe the excuse that I won it in one shot with the 1 million card-packs? At least I won't…….

 Is there any way to turn things around from here…..?

 ……………………N, no.
I can't think of anything……


“Hmmm? What's wrong?”



 When Ono smiled and looked at me with triumphant eyes,



“————Marocchi did part-time jobs and saved money.”


 Such a voice cut through the silence.


 I looked over.

 The voice belonged to Shinomiya-san.
She was leaning her elbows on her desk, looking at me.


“It was about six months ago, I think.
I saw him working in the supermarket, sweating every day.
Right, Shizuka?”


 Shinomiya-san asked Ushikura-san next to her.


“Un (nodding), I think he really worked every day, because the days I didn't see him were few and far between.
I would go there anytime from after school to closing time randomly after all.
I thought he was struggling to make ends meet, but I guess it was all for his dreams.”


 The air in the classroom changed dramatically at the words of these two girls, who had a strong influence on all the girls in the normie group.


“Ha, haha.
Shinomiya-san and Ushikura-san really know a lot about Kitagawa-kun.
Could it be that one of you is dating him?”



 What came back to such bitter teasing was a look of absolute coldness.


“Ono, that kind of joke is boring.”


 For a split second, Ono's expression became severely distorted.


 What? Did the word “boring” offend you so much?


“Or rather….
I think Ono is the one who bought your card with your parents' money instead of working part-time, right? You were always hanging out with someone after school.”


“Uh! W, well, maybe it looked that way because I was working mainly on holidays and summer vacation.”


“Hmmm, well, whatever.
But, you should stop pulling down those who are making an effort.
That kind of thing really annoys me when I see it.”


 After saying that, Shinomiya-san began to fumble with her smartphone with an attitude of not caring anymore.


Right, I got all worked up halfway through.  I'm sorry, Kitagawa-kun.”


“Ah, yeah.”



 I managed to nod to Ono, who bowed deeply.

 My mind still hadn't returned to normal because of the sudden change in the situation.


 Did I manage ……
somehow, or what? Did Shinomiya-san helped me?

 That Shinomiya-san? The top of the gyaru group, with idol-like looks, and a magazine model, she ……
helped me?


 It somehow didn't seem real and it didn't click with me.


 When I was just confused, Ono suddenly said, raising his head,


“————By the way, Kitagawa-kun, you're aiming to become a pro, does that mean you're going to participate in that tournament?”


 “That tournament?”


 Ono looked at my puzzled face and made a surprised expression,


“What, you didn't know? Next Christmas, there will be a MonColo tournament for students only.
It will also be broadcasted on TV.”


 Saying this, Ono operated his smartphone and showed it to me.


 What what? [Assemble, student adventurers! Who is the Supernova?!]

Um, supernova means the moment when a star dies.
……Oh well.

 There are two divisions: [college students] and [high school students and younger].
Both are only for amateur class, three stars and below.


 The rule is the standard three-on-three rule? The event will be held for 3 days from December 21 to the 23rd.
The video edited for Christmas will be broadcasted as Moncolo Christmas special edition.

 The deadline for registration is one week before the game.
They plan to gather the entries until the very last minute.

 The participation prize is a potion, and the top four players will receive a D-rank card.
As for the prize for the winner, it is—


“A C-rank card, a vampire.
And it's a ……
girl monster card!”


 On the card was an illustration of a bewitching female vampire with black hair and a dress.


“Look, isn't it great? A female vampire, a female vampire! I want one so baa-d.”

“Ye, yeah.”


 I want it for sure.
But so do others.
There will be student adventurers from all over the country.
Some of them must be in the three-star class.

 It would be extremely difficult to survive and win among them.
One might even lose their card.
Is it necessary to take such a risk to participate in ……?


“Of course you will participate, right, Kitagawa-kun? If you're going to be a pro, you'll want at least one C-rank card.”


My classmates are looking at me.

I guess…
I can't say I'm not going to join in, huh?

 If I do, then what was the point of wanting to be a pro?

 In fact, I definitely want the first place prize badly.
Just being in the top four is a big bonus.

 At the very last minute, Ono stabbed me right in the heart.

 Oh well.
If I am about to lose even a single card, I'll just abandon the game immediately.


“Yeah, of course…….
I'll participate.”



 My classmates cheered.

 Ono laughs, saying he got my word for it.


“Yaah, I'm looking forward to it!  We'll all get together for Christmas and cheer you on! Ah, but by then, the game will already be over, haha!


 Ono didn't seem to think I'd win, not in the slightest.

 He probably even wishes I would lose my card in the process and cease to be an adventurer anyway.

 But ……
this is an opportunity.
For sure, it is tough, but if I can overcome it, I will be able to climb up in the class caste!

If I can make a solid achievement here, I'm sure to join the normie group.


 This is a rare chance to participate in MonColo too, which was originally not possible without becoming a 3-star adventurer first.


 I'll go as far as I can!


 I was secretly burning with fighting spirit.



[Tips] Monster Colosseum

 A new form of entertainment where you can watch adventurers fight each other with their cards.
There are various contents such as death match in which professional adventurers fight each other until one's card is lost, catfights with only girl monsters, battle royale in which multiple adventurers fight until there is only one left, and legion battle in which dozens of adventurers are divided into red and white armies.

 Despite criticisms that it is cruel and against humanity, it is clear to anyone who looks at it that the Monster Colosseum has sparked a boom in adventurers.

 In this age of boredom, perhaps the people were still in search of a spectacle.

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