Episode 14 Cheeky little devil



 The next day, our dungeon exploration had come to a complete deadlock.


“Hmmm, that's strange.
Why aren't there any stairs?”


 I muttered, scratching the back of my head.


 Even if I look at the app's map, the map is completely filled.
Due to the system where you enter the dead-end yourself, the possibility of a dead end due to mistake is not zero.


 However, I was confident that there were no input errors or mistake because I typed into the app after seeing the wall properly.


 There are two other possibilities.
Either there is a secret path, or there are multiple corridors.

 If it was the former, it would have been fine to carefully go around this floor again, but if it was the latter, it would have been the worst.


 Multiple corridors refers to a structure in which the floor branches off to multiple routes in the middle of the floor.

 It is as if a single dungeon contains multiple dungeons, and in that case the capture time increases dramatically.
I've also heard that in high-ranked dungeons, there are gimmicks such as the route to the boss won’t open unless the monsters at the innermost end of all the corridors are defeated.
This is said to be the main reason for the slow progress of the high-ranked dungeons.


 However, this dungeon is only E-rank.
Multiple corridors in such a dungeon? It doesn't sound right to me.

 On the other hand, I also think that since this is a guild's test, it wouldn't be strange if it included various cases…


 In fact, the monsters that appear in this dungeon are very wide-ranging.

 From 1st floor to the 10th floor, F-rank monsters appeared, but the monsters were as diverse as the compilation of the F-rank dungeons we had traversed so far.


 If that's the case, wouldn't it be possible that there are a few traps and gimmicks in place?

 Am I thinking too much?  No, but it makes sense if you consider that all information about this dungeon is blocked in order to let us gain such experience.


“Even if you keep thinking, it can't be helped.
For now, let's just go around this floor one more time and check every nook and cranny.
If it doesn't work, try again upstairs.
Apart from that, even if you fail this time, you can try again and again, right?”


“Mmm, ha……, that's right.”


 The deadline for this test is set at one month, but the number of times you can try is not set in particular.


 ……It’s certainly as Renge says.
Let’s try with the feeling of trial and error.


 At times like this, I was grateful for Renge's personality that would pull me forward with a jerk.


 We returned to the entrance of this floor and we started to make another round of the floor around the right side.

 The monsters in the rooms we had cleared once had already reappeared, so we had to start from scratch, but we decided to fight them, seeing it more as an opportunity to gain experience.


 And when we opened the door to the sixth room….


“Hm? Oh, oh, oh, oh!”


 My eyes widened at the sight of one of the monsters in the room.

 There were three monsters in the room.
Two of them were the now-familiar hellhounds.
The other one, however, was a small girl about 10 centimeters in height.


 Her small body, brown skin, and bat-like wings ……
made it clear that she is an imp!


 I couldn't contain my excitement at the first E-ranked girl monster I'd encountered since becoming an adventurer.


“Woah!! Go! Defeat it! Get that imp at any cost!”


 Renge said to me in amazement,


“What are you so excited about? We've encountered imps before, haven't we? They drop cards, didn’t they?”


“You idiot, they are men! A girl is a completely different story!”


“……Well, I'll take it down.
But don’t expect too much.”


 With a sigh, Renge fired a bullet.
That was the signal for the start of the battle.

 First, the two hellhounds are to be cleaned up.
They had fought them many times before.
Yuki and Eliza beat down the black dogs with swift movements and chewed off their necks.

 The imp was casting magic while flying around the room in all directions, but they were blocked by Renge's magic, and the imp was forced to flee to the middle of the room.


 The troublesome thing about this little devil is its evasive ability, and its small size makes it difficult to hit it.
When we first met an imp, we had a hard time defeating it.

 Now it’s just a little thing that I know how to deal with.


 I put on my mask, evacuated the others behind me, and sprayed it with tear spray.


 The imp fell to the ground like an insect exposed to the insecticide.
Its pretty face was streaked with tears and snot, and it was writhing around.
Then, Yuki's paw swung down mercilessly, and it simply disappeared.

 Yuki, who had raised her paw, said,

“Ah, Master! An imp card has appeared!”

“What?! Seriously, that's great!”


 I ran over and picked up the imp's card.

 Inside the card was a silver-haired girl with a cheeky smile on her face.


Is her outward age about the same as Renge's?  She is a beautiful loli girl who would make Nishida cry in envy.


“Uoooh, seriously, a girl monster card can fall!”

“Of course, all cards are like that.”


 Renge said with cold eyes.
I explained to her, suppressing my tension a little,


“No, it’s just, I thought that since we didn't encounter too many girl monsters and a very small number are on the market, they must have been produced somewhere.”


“Of course that’s impossible.
So, are you going to use it? It's an E-rank, though.”


“Hmm, let’s see…”


 In response to Renge's question, I put my hand on my chin and thought about it.


 Sell it or use it? Selling isn't so bad.
The purchase price of an E-rank card is 10,000 to 100,000 yen.
Since this imp is a girl monster card, I’ll get at least 50,000 or 60,000 yen.


 But that is only if I sell it to the guild.
In the case of girl monster cards, there was a way to sell them directly to adventurers, not to guilds.


 The guild does not prohibit the exchange of cards between individuals.
It's just that they don't do anything about the problems that might arise from that.

 In fact, I hear that individual trading has a very high incidence of trouble.

 However, I feel that it is not difficult to avoid trouble if the seller is in control of the transaction.


 If the payment is made in cash only.
If the transaction is face-to-face, there is little chance of developing into trouble.
After all, there is no fraud or deception on the part of the seller, which is the biggest cause of trouble.

 Let's look at the card again.


[Race] Imp

[Combat value】65

[Inborn Skills]

・Devil fairy

・Elementary wizard apprentice

[Acquired Skills]

・Little devil's heart

・A single-minded heart


 I looked up the skills on the application and found the following:

 [Devil fairy]: A demon fairy.
Not a fairy-turned-demon, but a fairy-like existence within the race of demons.
Positive for magic.

 [Elementary wizard apprentice]: Can use some elementary offensive, restorative, auxiliary, and status ailment magic.

 [Little devil's heart]: A devilish personality.
Ignores commands on a whim.
Positive response for free action.

 [A single-minded heart]: Has a single-mindedness towards the person it loves.
Strong positive response for behavior toward love interest.


This is not bad skills, is it?

 It is low in combat power, but that should be a charm for those who want this kind of card.


 I have a slightly negative impression of it ignoring orders due to whims from [Little devil's heart], but the [A single-minded heart] compensates for that.
You need to make the imp fall in love with you, but many guys say that's where they burn.
If that happens, its personality from [Little devil's heart] should become irresistible.


 If sold well, it will likely sell at a price equal to or higher than the market price.
At least 400,000 yen is solid …….

 Combined with what I've made in the last month, I can pull another card pack……


 The devil's temptation crosses my mind.

 My intense experience of success made me captivated by the gacha.


 On the other hand, I also wanted to use this card myself.

 It was not because of its skill, but because it was the first monster girl card that I got myself.


 I want to use it myself…
However, it is only an E-rank……, which is much lower than the average combat power of our party… No, it’s still attractive since it can use all kinds of magic, and above all, there is one spare summoning slot.
But what if when I use it…
it just becomes rowdy? Is it better to just sell it?


 The two thoughts conflicted in my head.

 I agonized and agonized and agonized and decided.


“For now, I'll try using it.”


 I chose to put it on hold.

 I can always sell it if I don't give it a name.
In that case, I thought it wouldn't be too late even after using it for a while.


“Wow, then it's a new companion! I'm looking forward to it.”

“Since it’s our junior, let’s be stern and make sure we don't get looked down on.”



Looking at Yuki who was innocently happy, Renge with a daring smile, and Eliza who was expressionless but somewhat cheerful, I thought to myself,


 Eh… is this card can no longer be sold carelessly?

 Well, let's just call it out.


Imp, come on out!”


 The card glows, and with a pop, a small figure appeared.


“Ta-da-da-da-da! Imp-chan here! Above!”


 The little girl, the size of the palm of my hand, appeared cheerfully.
She looked around and stopped to look at me, then began to stare at me from the bottom to the top.




No, I guess 70 points including the bonus!”



 What? A score? Don't tell me it's for my face or something?  That score is no different than what I’ve been getting by human standards, too!


“Is that considered good or bad?”

“It's not a failing grade, there's room for improvement.
Take your pick.”


 The Imp smiles, showing slightly pointed canine teeth.
It was a cute, hateful, and devilish smile.

She asked,





“I’m~ telling~ you~ What about me? How am I? Pass, fail? On point, miss?”

 The Imp asked this with a quick approach to me.
I looked at this doll-like little devil.


Hmmm …….


 Her skin is a healthy brown and her hair is shiny silver.
Her hair is a side-length bob that falls forward, fashionable like a magazine model.
Her eyes are blue like sapphires.
Her eyes are blue like sapphires and a little cat-like.
She wears only a thin camisole-like one-piece dress that reveals her long, slender legs.

 In conclusion, I would give her a hundred points for appearance alone.
Personally, though, I prefer women with bigger chests.



“90— no, I'd say 80 points.”

“Eh? Why did you lower the score by ten points?”


 The Imp pouted in displeasure.



“Y’know, future potential.”


 The Imp widened her eyes a little at my answer, which was an act of revenge for her earlier comment.


“Good! I like that answer! I’ll give you 5 more points.”


 She said with a big smile on her face.
Finally, she showed an innocent expression of her age.
It seems ……
that I managed to get back at her least a little bit.


“Thanks a lot.”

“So you guys are my friends?”


 The imp turned around to face the others.


“…My name is Eliza.”

“I'm Yuki.
Nice to meet you.”


 First Eliza, then Yuki came forward to greet her.
Finally, Renge confidently introduced herself,


“And I am Renge.
Don't drag our feet, newcomer.”

everyone has a name…”


 The Imp muttered and turned to me.


“Hey, what's my name? I want the cutest one!”



 For some reason, the first to react to that was Renge.


“It's impudent for a newcomer to have a name! Say it after you've been more active!”


“Huh? What is that? What does that have to do with you?”


“Haah? I'm your senior!”


“So? You've been annoying since a while ago.”


“What the hell, you!”


 Renge reached out her hand to the Imp, but it was easily evaded.
Yuki stepped up,


“Okay, calm down, both of you.”


“Aaah? Whose side are you on?”


“Both sides.
Aren't we comrades?”


“Comrades? No, I don't approve of her.
She has no respect for her seniors!”


 Renge pointed at the Imp and yelled.


is surprisingly noisy about hierarchical relationships.
Well, that's the way it is with delinquents, isn't it?

 While I myself disobey my parents and teachers, the hierarchical relationship between seniors and juniors is absolute, it seems…….


“Whatever, I don't need your approval.”


 The Imp, on the other hand, didn't seem like the type to care about that.

 She played with her hair with disinterest, looking very much like a modern gal.


 Seeing that, Renge glared at me with her face bright red.


“You know what I'm talking about, don't you? If you give her a name so easily, I won’t accept it!”


“I know, I know.”


 When I quieted down Renge by saying so, the Imp complained to me this time,


“Eh? Why? Give me a name too~ Isn't it cruel to exclude me from the group?”


 I guess if you stand on this side, you can't stand on that side.
Well, this time I'm on Renge’s side.
It's still not good to give her a name.


“Give me at least some time to come up with a name.
In the meantime, Imp, please do something that everyone will recognize.
In fact, there was a certain amount of drama before I named them.”


Well, that's okay.
Come up with a good one…
better than that one over there.”


 After saying that, Imp lightly jumped onto Yuki's shoulder.

 It seems that ……
she recognized Yuki as her protector.
Speaking of which, Yuki is a friend of the fairies.
To the fairy watchdog coosie, the Imp may have looked like an object to be protected as well.


 Renge seemed unamused that her sister had been taken away from her.

 The eyes of the two meet.




Their tongue-clicking was really in sync with each other.



[Tips] Card Prices

 The higher the card's rank, the lower the drop rate, and the fewer people who can obtain it, the higher the market price.

 Cards below D-rank cards are too many, so the purchase price is low, at a constant 10% of the market price, but starting from C-rank cards, the purchase price of the guild shoots up. For this reason, many D-rank cards are sold to other adventurers instead of to the guild, but this has caused many troubles.

 The guild is tacitly accepting of such private transactions, but on the other hand, does not intervene in any troubles.

 In addition, cards purchased from the guild can be claimed as an expense on the year-end tax return, but cards purchased from other adventurers cannot be claimed as an expense.
The same goes for magic tools.


#A-rank, Market price: Not available for purchase by the general public.

 Purchase price at guilds: None.
Direct negotiation with the government.
Drop rate: Unknown 

#B-rank, Market price: 100 million to 10 billion yen.  

 Purchase price at guild: Auction style.
Drop rate 0.05% 

#C-rank, Market price: 10 -100 million yen.

 Purchase price at guild: 50-80% of list price.
Drop rate 0.1%

#D-rank, Market price: 1-10 million yen.

 Purchase price at the guild: 100,000-1,000,000 yen.
Drop rate: 1%

#E-rank, Market price: 100,000-1,000,000 yen.

 Purchase price at the guild: 10,000-100,000 yen.
Drop rate: 5%

#F-rank, Market price: 10,000-100,000 yen

 Purchase price at guild: 1,000-10,000 yen.
Drop rate 10%

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