Chapter 1

Can Even a Mob Highschooler Like Me be a Normie if I Become an Adventurer?



————I think the guy who first came up with the idea of school caste was smart.

The caste system, which represents social status, and the power relations within the class are surprisingly similar.

Probably the first person to come up with this was a guy in the lower or upper middle class.

A guy in that position can see well above and below.

Most of the guys in the class probably thought they were in the middle group or a little lower, and that's why the term ‘school caste’ was so widely accepted.


In reality, however, it is impossible to know where you are.


Even if you think you are in the middle group, you may actually be looked down upon by everyone in your class.
When you go to the bathroom for a minute, your friends who were just laughing with you may be talking bad about you, and on social networking sites, groups have been created without you…


While fighting such fear, everyone desperately tried to maintain their own class caste.

Or maybe, if you work hard and even get to the top, you won't have to worry about such fears.

I don't really know, but the view from the bottom looked much more spacious and comfortable.

But if you try to join the ranks of those above you and fail…
it will be disastrous.

The top of the class caste is pushing each other to the bottom of the class caste, and those in the bottom of the caste will never allow you to escape to the top of the caste.

To begin with, there is a reason why the top caste is the top caste.

Communication ability, appearance, athleticism or brains—the wall of innate talent.

We who don't excel in any of these areas, are still stuck being mobs today as well.

In class, we smile amiably at the not-so-funny jokes of our friends, mechanically send stickers on the class’s line, and likes on Twitter.

That's how I thought I would spend my three years in high school.

But what if a way to rise to the top opened up in front of me?

Not appearance, not athleticism, not sense of humor, but a whole new way to rise to the top which I can work my way up with time.

After much worry and agonizing, I made up my mind.

It's risky.
It costs money.
I may lose my precious youth.

Even if I worked that hard, it might be in vain.


Still, I…




When I opened the door to the classroom, I felt gazes gather on me for a moment.
But that was really only for a moment, and the gazes soon disappeared.


“Good morning.”


There was no particular response to my greeting, and only two or three people who met my eyes raised their hands slightly.

Such a usual scene was firmly burned into my eyes.

This is who I am currently…
Utamaro Kitagawa's position in the class:

Neither liked nor disliked…
Almost makes no difference whether I’m here or not.

I quietly reconfirmed that and headed to my seat by the window.

My friends Higashino and Nishida were already there, sitting across my seat and chatting.

Higashino is short and thin, and Nishida has very normal features, except for his slightly overweight glasses.
…… In other words, they are at the same level of appearance as I am.


“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”


We exchanged greetings as I take my seat.
Nishida immediately spoke up.


“Hey Maro, listen to me.”


‘Maro’ is my nickname.
Basically, we call each other by our last names, but I was given such a nickname because of my distinctive name ‘Utamaro’.


“What is it?.”

“Yesterday, Higashino lent me a monster movie.
It’s all about girl monsters, and it’s full of sexy scenes.
I was already looking forward to it before I got home.
When I got home, I immediately took off my pants and played it.”


“You want me to know about the pants-removing scene? I don't want you to make me feel uncomfortable in the morning.”


I was imagining it a little.
I frowned.


“Sorry, sorry.
They are all definitely girl monsters.
There were plenty of sexy scenes.


At that point, Nishida sagged in disappointment.


“They are all hags…”




“I see, that's a shame…”


“Don't say bad things about them! They were not old ladies at all.
They are all older sisters in their twenties!”


Higashino said indignantly.


“Is that so?”


Even in the dense forest, it's a popular work with 5 star reviews.
I'll lend it to Maro later.
Because there are quite a lot of big breasts.”


“Seriously?! I'm counting on you.”


Friends are what you should have.

As I was grinning, the resurrected Nishida interrupted me.


“No, no, no, no, wait a minute.
Twenty-somethings are old women, right? How many years have passed since their prime?”


“It hasn't passed at all.
Rather, it's the best time to be eaten.
It's my dream to lose my virginity to an older woman someday.”


After 12 years old, they are already old hags.
If I'm going to lose my virginity to a hag, I might as well go for a witch.”


“Die, you lolicon.”


“What are you talking about? I’m telling you, they are not little girls anymore.”


“You guys!”


I hurriedly entered between the two.


“You’re arguing about something stupid.
Give me a break this morning.”


I sighed as I said that, and the two of them gave me blank eyes.


“Maro is good, huh? Your strike zone is wide.
If they have big breasts, you don't care about age.
You can go for Lolita or older sisters, can't you?”


” You have a fifth-grade sister back home, too.
Ai is so cute.
I can't believe she's Maro's little sister.
Do you take baths together or something?”


“Higashino aside, Nishida! You, if you do something to my Ai, I'll seriously kill you!”


I threw serious murderous intent at the disgusting pig who was a potential sex offender.

Inviting him to my house was the biggest mistake of my life when I didn't know about his propensity.

When I once went to a bookstore with this guy, he saw the lolicon comics on display and said, “Comic L* is the Bible.” I will never forget that line.


“Ah, I want a monster card~.
Real women become old hag when they get old, but monsters don't get old.
Seriously, they're eternal lolitas.”

“Certainly, I also want an older sister monster who will pamper me no matter what.
An older sister who treats me like a boy younger than her, whether I become an old man …it’s the best.”


It's lust all over the place, these guys.

 Yet, their words were also what men all over the country desired, except for their propensity.


 The dream of a girl monster of your own, that was the dream of every man in the world.


“If that's the case, why don't you become an adventurer? Then you might get one someday, right?”

” How far ahead are you talking? It costs more than a million dollars just to become an adventurer.”

“Even if you become an adventurer, the price of girl monsters is extremely high compared to other monsters of the same rank~”


“It will be a routine of failure.”


While talking nonsense, the topic shifts to adventurers and girl monsters, and at an appropriate point, they gave up.

There was no deep meaning in the content of the conversation.
It was just a lubricant to avoid not having a conversation in the small world of the classroom.  

And that's when it happened.
The door to the classroom was opened with a bang.


“Good morning!”


A confident and energetic greeting.

Standing there was a boy of medium height and medium build with short, lightly coiffed hair.
His face was more of a lower …class.
The scattered acne scars and upturned pig nose were pushing down his facial value by about ten points.

 At first glance, he looks like a mob character like us…
but our classmates reacted differently.


“Oh, good morning!”

“Minamiyama-kun, you're late today.”


Both boys and girls smiled towards him and greeted each other openly.

Minamiyama responded with a smile, saying, “Haha! I just missed the train.”


Suddenly, our eyes met.


“Good morning”



When I greeted him as a courtesy, he responded briefly and immediately averted his eyes.
It was like he was not interested.

Just like that, Minamiyama approached the group occupying the desks in the center of the class and sat down on a chair.



“Oh, Minamiyama.
You're late.”

“Hey hey, how was yesterday's MonColo? from Minamiyama-kun's point of view?”


The people who greet Minamiyama with a smile were the upper caste members of this class.


The ace of our school's baseball club, which was known for being a strong school, Takahashi.

The chubby Ono who had the best sense of humor in the class.

Shinomiya-san, the most beautiful girl in our grade who was a model student.

And then…
Shinomiya-san's best friend, Ushikura-san, who had an attractive motherly chest.


 Minamiyama, who entered without hesitation into their somewhat sparkling and shining midst, began to talk somewhat boastfully.


“Yesterday's MonColo was between a Centaur and a Dullahan, wasn’t it? Hmmm, to be honest, from my point of view, it wasn't good enough.
The one who won was the Dullahan, but I'm disappointed that it was a power push.
I feel that the result would have been the same even if I had used it now.
On the other hand, I was impressed that the centaur was doing well.
The live commentary was praising the Dullahan, but that Ana wasn't a former adventurer, so she doesn't know much about it, and I guess you have to be in the know to understand that part of it.

“Heh~~ So that’s how it is.
From my point of view, I just thought monsters were amazing.”


Shinomiya-san let out a voice of admiration at Minamiyama's quick commentary.


“I didn't know anything about Dullahan, either.”

“Minamiyama-kun, you really do sounds like an adventurer.”

“What do you really mean?”



Higashino, who was watching their excitement, muttered,


he has changed.”

“Ah, it seems like he have joined the ranks of the Normie group.”


The two of them seemed to have lost their excitement…
I heard their suppressed voices and closed my eyes lightly.

…Nowadays, Minamiyama is a well-known top caste member, but until about half a year ago, he was a mob character who was mingling with us.

When we entered high school, we started hanging out just because our seats were close to each other, and since there weren't any club activities that we wanted to join, we spent our days wandering around casually.

Reading through the comics brought by someone and getting excited about the story, going to the game center and holding a fighting game tournament, and holding a video viewing party of MonColo, —- Monster Colosseum, that was posted on the Internet…

It wasn't anything to ignite youth, but it was fun days in its own way.

What changed that was Minamiyama's sudden revelation.