zing the half with a smirk.

”No, not just because you are American. Its because you are gay, you don get our jokes and….your American ” Said Kram.

”I get your jokes. You just aren funny and what does being gay have to do with anything, you
e gay too. ” Shot back Xavier laughing.

”True but for me, it isn a superpower, ” Kram replied.

”Wait, wait does that make you Super Gay? ” Chimed in Love. who quickly had to dodge a smack to the back of his head from both Kram and Xavier.

Ok, Ok Ill be Captain America ” Said Xavier but who is Love.

”Vision ” Said Tan and Kram at the same time.

”He can find you anything, hes full of useless information, is surprisingly deep, but awkward at social gatherings. ” Tan and Kram took turns listing Loves attributes.

”That just leaves you then ” Said, Love.

They all looked at Kram.

”Me? Im obviously Dr. Strange. Mysterious and full of wisdom. ” Said Kram.

e full of something alright, ” said Noh.

”Definitely cocky enough. ” Said, Love.

”And absolutely Strange. ” Added Xavier.

”Wheres your cape? ” Asked Tan narrowing his eyes as though he were looking at an imposter.

”First of all, its a cloak! I won tell you where I keep it, is private information. Kram said in mock indignation.

”Alright, alright enough, what do you think Noh? Is there another angle we are missing or do you think we missed something with the boyfriend? ”Asked Kram.

Noh took a sip of his beer, sitting quietly for a few moments before speaking, the whole table sat in silence waiting to hear his thoughts.

”I agree with Kram. No one else had the motive. The boyfriend has a history of violence, thats why his first wife left him. What really bothers me though is how calm he is. We interviewed him twice and hes not angry or upset hes confident like he knows we can catch him. Thats what makes me feel like we are right. ” He yawned.

”Come on guys thats enough for tonight, we need to have clear minds and fresh eyes in the morning and at this rate all we are going to have is hangovers. Get some rest and Ill see you early. ” Said Noh.

With that, they all stood up stretching and groaning, keys jingling as they dug out their wallets and phones to pay the bill. One by one the team went separate ways, taking cabs back to their homes. It was late most of them would sleep but Kram would put on a fresh pot of coffee and think, obsessively running through the details once more. When something held his attention sleep was elusive till he solved it like picking carefully at a complicated knot till all the strings unraveled.

Were they being biased? Were they looking for ways to make the boyfriend fit because they wanted him to be guilty? Kram sipped his coffee and looked over the board he had built at home. One of the teams rules was to follow the evidence and facts no matter where they led. They had to be clear and clinical like a surgeon cutting out cancer wherever it spread they had to follow despite any personal feelings.

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