You would think that after my last hangover I would quit drinking altogether, but I never learn. Thats why I had to sit here and suffer with an uncomfortably sharp pain in my head and a dry mouth for the last hour because I was too lazy to peel myself out of bed. Whos bed is this anyways? I sat up and peered around the unfamiliar room. Oh, yeah we ended up spending the night because we didn have a D.D.

To my left, Leah was asleep and snoring adorably with half of her body hanging off the edge of the bed. I wonder if she fell asleep around the same time as me or if she stayed up making bad decisions without me.

I groaned and climbed out of bed to collect my things and walked downstairs to see who else was still stuck here. Ryan was among the other people who fell asleep on the floor. At least the rug kept him warm last night. I went to the kitchen and Zane was bent over rummaging through the fridge, making a mess of everything.

”Morning, Tiny, ” I smiled and poked at his bareback.

He flinched before twisting to face me. ”Don sneak up on me like that I couldve hurt you. ” I laughed and pulled a glass from the cabinet and set it on the counter.

”What are you even looking for? ”

He slammed the fridge causing my head to pulse. Fuck I didn miss this feeling at all.

”Easy on the slamming things I have a headache. ” I massaged my temples softly while glaring at him.

He hopped up on the counter with a bag of Kit Kats in his hand. ”My bad, V. ”

”Chocolate for breakfast? Why don you make some real food? ”

He threw his head back and popped a few into his mouth, ”Are you gonna be a good friend and make it for me? ” He managed to say through a full mouth.

”Maybe if we were at your house. I don wanna go through some strangers things. ”

”Liam doesn mind. ”

I poured some water into my cup and sat on the countertop beside him. ”So what
e the plans for today? ” I asked while gently nudging him in the side with my elbow.

He dumped a few more pieces of chocolate in his hand and placed the bag back in the fridge. ”I don really have any plans, so I was gonna chill in the house and maybe catch up on some homework or play some COD. ”

”Alright, Ill be there later. Im just heading home to freshen up I feel gross. ” I downed my water and climbed off the counter to smooth down my dress.

”Get home safe. ” He pulled me into a hug before diving back into the fridge in search of more food.

I went to the living room and pulled on my heels when I saw Ryan watching me from where he lay on the floor. He climbed to his feet and walked over to me. ”Where are you going? ”

”Home. ”

”I can take you just let me get my shoes. ” He turned to walk away and I caught his arm to stop him.

”Im fine getting home by myself, you can go back to sleep. ”

He furrowed his brows but didn fight me on it. I walked out to my car and he followed beside me. ”You
e gonna be at Zanes later? ”

”Yes. ”

It was silent before he spoke again. ”Promise? ”

”Yes. Try not to miss me too much. ” I flashed him a smile and climbed into the car.

When I got out of the shower I threw on an oversized t-shirt and some biker shorts. Ive been home for a few hours now and every second I stayed here, I didn feel like leaving.

The air conditioner felt too good. I couldn wait until summer was over and winter was here.

I climbed into bed and scrolled through my Instagram feed on my laptop. There were a few cooking videos and funny skits, and then I landed on a picture that Leah posted of Zane and Ryan from the party last night. Maybe this was a sign?

I swore my stalking days were behind me, but I couldn help it. I unblocked him and started scrolling through his page. He had so many pictures.

Once I started scrolling, I didn stop until I was years in.

I came across an old picture of him posing with his mom and dad. It made me wonder what happened that was so bad that his family split up. When I was around they were always happy and got along. His mom was his number one fan and would never just leave him because of marriage problems.

I sighed and shut my laptop before climbing out of bed to head back to Leahs house.

”What the hell are you wearing? ” Zane stared down at my outfit as I walked through the door. I didn feel like changing, so I just came over wearing what I originally had on along with my hot pink platform crocs.

”Im assuming you think I only have on a shirt but- ” I pulled up the bottom of the shirt revealing my biker shorts that were hidden. ”Bam! Now you can close your mouth. ”

I said hey to all of his friends and ran upstairs to Leahs room. When I entered the room she was lying on her stomach watching tv. ”Whatcha watching? ” I sat on the bed beside her.

She rolled over onto her side and rested her head on her palm. ”Im catching up on The Vampire Diaries. You know, the show you promised we can watch together on facetime. ”

”You kept putting it off to watch other things, so don go pointing fingers. ”

”Yeah, yeah. ” She waved me off. ”I have to pee but when I get back we
e watching it together. ”

I climbed out of bed and went back downstairs to get snacks for us. Zanes friends were huddled on the couch watching him play some basketball game and making a lot of noise. Boys and their games.

I walked into the kitchen, grabbed some chips and cookies from the cupboard, and searched for drinks in the fridge. I wonder if they even go grocery shopping there was barely anything in the fridge or freezer.

I took two cans of Pepsi. When I turned around Ryan stood there leaning against the counter.

”You guys having a party up there or something? ”

”Netflix and chill, ” I replied. ”You
e welcome to join if you want, but Im not sure you would even like what we
e watching. ” I walked past him back up to the room.

”What is he doing here? ” I turned around and Ryan was close behind me.

”I invited him up here, but I didn think he would actually come. ” I laughed and placed the snacks on the bed.

”He doesn watch this. ” She sat there confused and then a smile stretched across her face. ”Oh, I see. You
e not here for the show. ”

I glared at her and mouthed for her to shut up to which she just laughed and slapped the spot beside her. ”Well come on and make sure to shut the door, those loud losers downstairs don have any respect. ”

Ryan closed the door and I kicked off my crocs before climbing into bed next to Leah. Ryan sat beside me and I had to stop myself from resting my head on his lap. It used to be an instinct.

Im not sure how long weve been watching the show, but it was getting late and I noticed Leah was fast asleep halfway through the episode. Who in the hell falls asleep on The Vampire Diaries? I looked over at Ryan and his eyes were still glued to the TV.

I paused the show and climbed over Ryan to get out of bed. I cracked my back and slid my crocs back on.

”You going home? ”

”Yeah, its getting late, and I could use some sleep, ” I responded and gathered the trash on the floor.

”Come on its not that late you can stay and chill with me and Zane ” He followed after me, down the stairs.

I looked over the railing into the living room where Zane danced around with a blunt between his fingers.

I pulled my keys from my pocket and shook my head. ”Judging from the sight in front of me hell be knocked out soon and I wouldn be much fun in this state. ”

”Then let me take you this time. What kind of person would I be if I let you drive home late and half asleep on top of that. ” He stuck his palm out in front of me.

I laughed and turned to walk off.

”Im serious, Violet. Let me drive or Ill force you to stay and you know I will. ” He followed me out the door.

I snickered and glanced back at him over my shoulder. ”Oh, yeah? And how will you do that? ”

”Get in that car and youll find out. ”

A part of me wanted to push him tonight just to see what he was capable of, but I really wanted to go home so I dropped the I can take care of myself act and followed him to his truck instead with a huge smile on my face.

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