satisfaction, then handed Ye Huan a signature pen, “Sign it, my name is already signed, now It’s your turn.”

Tong Ling took back the contract in Lu Yue’s hands and waited for Ye Huan.
After signing it, she carefully put it back in the bag, “You keep the other contract, if Mrs.
Shen asks about our relationship, you will first demean me and ridicule me and then let Mrs.
Shen discover this contract inadvertently, so that It’s almost there.”

Ye Huan was moved by Tong Ling’s words again and while promising Tong Ling, his eyes became firmer: “I will never let you suffer these grievances in vain…..”

Tong Ling felt in her heart, It’s very beautiful.
She not only passed the plot but also created benefits for her work.
If she hadn’t been able to stay in this small world only for three years, she would have wanted to continue doing her stand-in career persistently!

“I will be able to live a life of earning money every month from now on, hee hee.” Tong Ling sighed at the system: “It’s really good to make money as a stand-in, can the next world continue? Not only can I replace their girlfriend, I will also be able to fool the male protagonist, for her childhood sweetheart, for her future mother-in-law…..”

M577 quickly interrupted Tong Ling’s delusions: […..don’t think about it anymore, there are not so many stand-ins for you.】

Tong Ling was disappointed: “That’s such a pity.”

M577: [……..]

“Stand-in……” Lu Yue witnessed such a transaction with his own eyes and his mood was not uncomplicated.

He knew that this idea must be proposed by Yu Yurou, otherwise Ye Huan would not behave like this.

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Anyone who sees his girlfriend willing to be a stand-in in order to stay by his side will be convinced of the other party’s feelings.
This woman Yu Yurou……brought him too many surprises.

“Do you also think this is a good solution?” Ye Huan slightly said: “This time, no one can separate me and Yurou.”

Lu Yue’s eyes couldn’t help falling on Tong Ling again: “Indeed It’s a good way.”


8:00 am Country Y

Yu Yurou didn’t sleep well this time.
She didn’t know if she couldn’t adapt to the new environment.
She just moved to the new house, and she always felt that this house made her feel uncomfortable.
It’s a little suffocating.

 She changed her clothes, opened the curtains and when she saw the bright sunshine pouring into the house, the lingering feeling of suffocation dissipated a little.

Yu Yurou was actually not surprised that Shen Man would send her abroad.
With that woman’s desire to control, she would not be willing to put her by Ye Huan’s side.
She doesn’t have a good family background.
No matter how affectionate Ye Huan is to her, he still can’t give her any protection.
She might as well plan for herself more when she can put forward conditions.

Shen Man is a generous woman.
As long as she agrees to leave Ye Huan, she can get a sum of money and the resources provided by Shen Man.

This is a sure once-in-a-life deal.
She can rely on the resources given by Shen Man to enter the best foreign academies for further studies.
A few years are enough to build her identity.

She will have the best education, the best connections and the best prospects.
And this only requires her to disconnect from Ye Huan, which Yu Yurou thinks is worth it.
She would separate when her feelings for Ye Huan were the deepest, so that what she left in Ye Huan’s memory would be all good impressions.

Not contacting Ye Huan does not mean that she will let go of Ye Huan, the blue-chip stock.
She invested too much in Ye Huan, how could she let go easily.

Yu Yurou knew all Ye Huan’s friends and she put in a lot of effort just to integrate into their social circle.
She learned to ride horses, learned to play golf and attend banquets with those rich people.
She finally won the recognition of those people.
Now the time for those hard work has come to pay off.

Yu Yurou believed that even if she was not by Ye Huan’s side, the group of people beside Ye Huan would be in front of him, constantly reminding Ye Huan of her existence.

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No woman can take her place.

Yu Yurou was convinced of this.

But all this can only be achieved under the premise that she keeps in touch with her country.

When Yu Yurou turned on her phone and found that her phone had no signal, at first she thought it was a network problem.
Soon, she realized something was wrong.

Her phone card is useless!

No matter what method she uses, the function of the mobile phone card is completely ineffective!

Can’t use the phone, it’s no different from going to her half-Life.
She wanted to re-issue a mobile phone card but she couldn’t re-issue a domestic card number abroad.
In the end, she had to buy a new card.
After completing the package, she hurriedly wanted to log in to her account and connect most of the people who are connected on her social accounts.

Worse things happened.
All social accounts show wrong passwords and her account has been stolen!

Yu Yurou felt a chill in her heart, who would do such a thing?

A woman’s arrogant face appeared in her mind, only she, only Shen Man, could do things like this!

Shen Man wanted to cut off her connection with the country by this unpopular means? Yu Yurou gritted her teeth with hatred, she would not give in! She has to think about who to turn to for help…..

When Yu Yurou was facing a problem, the first person that came to her mind was Ye Xu.

Therefore, she dialed Ye Xu’s number without hesitation but the phone was hung up after a few rings.
When she dialed again, her number was blocked!

Yu Yurou: “……”

How could she forget that Ye Xu never answered unfamiliar calls.
Without social account contact, with her new number, she is afraid that many people will treat her as a harassing call…

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