Yue instantly get goosebumps, which made him feel sick to his stomach.

Tong Ling accepted such an enthusiastic male protagonist well.
Ye Huan, who was bored alone in the hospital after she went out for a few hours, would miss her even if it was to pass the time.

She doesn’t know if the cannon fodder female supporting role who fell in love with the male protagonist in the plot also has the same mentality as the male protagonist at this time.

“Guess who I met on the way?” Tong Ling handed the lunch box in her hand to the nurse to heat it and put Lu Yue in front of her.

When Lu Yue saw Ye Huan, most of his body was bandaged on the hospital bed and his legs were in plaster cast, his expression was full of surprise, “Ye Huan, your look… is quite unique.” 

Ye Huan just wanted to laugh but there was a dull pain in his chest, which made him glare at Lu Yue angrily and cursed, “I think you deserve to be beaten!”

“Haha, that’s just you, I’ll let you move both hands to beat me!” Lu Yue walked over to the hospital bed and found a chair at random to sit down and said, “Why are you in this state?”

“Don’t mention it, it’s an accident.” Ye Huan looked at Tong Ling, “Why did you bring him here? Have you brought him here for me?”

“I’m afraid you’ll be bored in the hospital and just happened to run into Lu Yue, so let him come over and make you happy.” Tong Ling did not refuse Lu Yue to come over, except that Lu Yue was not easy to pass up, also because Lu Yue Yue’s identity is different from the other two spare tires.

Lu Yue was Ye Huan’s good buddy from childhood to adulthood and the Lu family and Ye family were family friends and just based on this friendship, the relationship between the two has always been strong.

What Lu Yue was thinking was unclear, Ye Huan really regarded Lu Yue as his brother, so Ye Huan was very relieved about Lu Yue and Yu Yurou’s relationship.

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———Unfortunately, he was relieved too early.

Ye Huan thought that Lu Yue would not hook up with his woman and thought that Yu Yurou would not be interested in Lu Yue, who was romantic by nature.
How could he expect that the two people he valued most would get along so ambiguous and harmonious behind the scenes.

From this alone, it can be seen that Lu Yue is full of wickedness and his mentality of playing life seems to have never really taken people to heart.

“I don’t think he’s here to make me happy but to piss me off.” Ye Huan said he was disgusted but he was actually quite energetic when he chatted with Lu Yue.

In addition, Lu Yue was originally a social expert.
When he wanted to make friends with people, no one would dislike him.

Tong Ling put fruits and flowers aside and listened silently to the conversation between the two.
Here, she discovered a new feature of Lu Yue—when she was too lazy to communicate with Ye Huan, she could call Lu Yue to accompany him to chat.

Ye Huan will be hospitalized for at least two months.
As a qualified girlfriend, how could she keep Ye Huan in a happy mood? Is there no solution?

Soon the nurse brought over the hot lunch box, Tong Ling asked Lu Yue to help set up the medical table on the bed, put the meals on the table one by one and scooped a bowl of chicken soup for Ye Huan, with a gentle expression: ” I’ve counted the time, you should be able to eat.
Are you hungry? I wonder if the food I brought suits your taste…..”

Ye Huan looked at the sumptuous dishes, and his heart was full of tenderness: “This is the food you made, why wouldn’t Ilike it?”

Ye Huan’s heart became even sweeter when he thought that his girlfriend was still busy for him in a place he couldn’t see.

“Drink the soup first,” Tong Ling urged: “This pot of chicken soup has been boiled for several hours and it is the most suitable for nourishing the body.”

“Okay.” Ye Huan raised a smile and praised while drinking, “Your soup is really good!”

Tong Ling smiled shyly: “As long as you like it.”

M577 was shocked: [How can you admit that this is the meal you made and the soup you simmered?! Lu Yue, the person who saw you stuffing the lunch with his own eyes, is still standing beside him!]

M577 has never seen such a person who lies in front of someone who knows, he has a feeling of panic that this will be exposed at any time: [Where is the character you are proud of? Does this even cover up?】

“Don’t worry, he won’t tell.” Tong Ling said nonchalantly, “If it was someone else, I would definitely hide it but if It’s Lu Yue,then I don’t need to.”

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“This kind of ‘little secret’ that only he knows, How could he expose it?”

“He only wants have fun.”

As soon as Tong Ling finished speaking to the system, Lu Yue laughed out loud.

Looking at the “sweet” scene in front of him, Lu Yue remembered Tong Ling’s serious expression when she packed the lunch box and felt that the deceived Ye Huan was tio ridiculous.

He was amused, so he just laughed.

Ye Huan didn’t know what was going on with Lu Yue, so he asked in confusion, “What are you laughing at?”

Tong Lingan looked over quietly and joked with the system: “Well, I’m wrong, he is clearly happy.”

M577 : [……..]

“It’s nothing.” Lu Yue restrained his smile.
Originally, he really wanted to keep laughing.
He even wanted to tease Ye Huan on purpose and pretend to be robbing him for food.
This young master will do something more stupid for a restaurant’s most common packaged meals.

But as soon as his eyes saw Tong Ling’s plain watery expression, his smile disappeared.

He finally found out this time that the other party never seemed to worry that he would expose her.
She showed these unusual behaviors in front of him.
What was it……What happened?

Did she guess he wouldn’t say anything or was all her past behavior a hoax? Is this the real Yu Yurou, he knew in front of him?

Lu Yue couldn’t see through her.

Tong Ling blinked lightly at Lu Yue and said to the system: “Look, since we met until now, he has looked at me for the first time.”

“He doesn’t know, when people are sometimes too curious, it is not necessarily a good thing.”

            (End of this chapter)

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