“I didn’t expect you to look at me like this.” Tong Ling burst into tears, her voice extremely aggrieved, “What do you think? What does it have to do with me? Obviously I only care about you but you treat my feelings for you as worthless, thinking that I am a person who will be with other men casually……”

“I’m sorry, I was wrong.
“Ye Huan admitted his mistake softly, he knew that he could never make excuses at this time.

Only then did Tong Ling take a breath but there was still some unhappy expression in her expression, “I fainted after you entered the operating room.”

“I fell in the bathroom alone for half an hour.” Tong Ling was cold Glancing at Ye Huan coldly, “When I woke up and dragged my body to the operating room, Ye Xu saw me and told me, ‘If I don’t take care of myself, Ye Huan will be worried’, and I have a high fever at that time, so I went to the ward next door to rest.”

“He said that you will notify me as soon as you wake up.
I just got out of the hospital bed, changed my clothes and took care of myself, just because I don’t want you to worry about me.
I think you don’t care about me at all, all you care about is yourself.”

Tong Ling’s brows and eyes were a little tired, “Forget it, what’s the use of me saying these, people who don’t believe will never believe it.”

Ye Huan’s heart was shocked, he felt a deep regret and started blaming himself.

He didn’t know why! Yes, isn’t that abnormal flush on her body the result of a high fever? Her nasal and hoarse voice, her eyes covered with water mist…..
This is all because she is ill! Why did he associate this woman who was full of eyes with him in that unbearable direction?

Suspicious neighbor stealing axe, nothing more than that.
What a fool he is!

Ye Huan said embarrassingly, “It’s me who thinks dirty.
I’ll never doubt you in the future.
Just forgive me this time, okay?”

The eldest young master of the Ye family bowed his head in front of a woman for the first time, just for the sake of asking for an understanding.

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Tong Ling broke away from Ye Huan’s hand and said coldly, “you have a good rest, I’ll go first.” 

Ye Huan was afraid that Tong Ling would never come again after leaving, so he lowered his breath and said a lot of apologies.

Until Tong Ling put her hand on his head lightly and rubbed it lightly twice.

At this moment, Ye Huan was even a little flattered.

The woman in front of him once again showed him a sweet, soft smile.

“You did this to me just because you decided I wouldn’t be mad at you, didn’t you?” the woman said angrily and glared at him angrily.

Ye Huan couldn’t help curling the corners of his mouth, his eyes filled with love, “No, I won’t make you angry anymore.”

M577 can’t stand it anymore, Tong Ling’s skill at this is just too…..!

The male protagonist who was aggressive just now is now being trained like a dog!

Presumably, Tong Ling said in front of him that she was cheating, and the male protagonist wouldn’t believe it……

A misunderstanding that is not solved is a disaster and it is sweet when it is solved.

Ye Huan had never felt that his heart was so close to Yu Yurou.
Even if he just looked at this woman silently, he would not get bored.

But Ye Huan didn’t expect that Yu Yurou would be willing to pay so much in order to be with him…

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“What are you talking about?” Ye Huan couldn’t believe his ears.
“You said…..you want to be a substitute?”

Tong Ling once again brought out the omnipotent reason for “my sister went abroad in place of her” and analyzed Ye Huan.
Said: “Now Mrs.
Shen thinks that I am abroad, that means I can’t be in China, otherwise Mrs.
Shen will not let me stay.”

“So…” Tong Ling paused, “I figured out a way to keep me by your side reasonably without causing Madam Shen’s dissatisfaction.”Tong Ling said affectionately, “As long as I become Yu Ling.”

“Because I like you…….
So I came to take care of you after seeing you in the hospital and you treated me as a substitute because you liked my sister.
You asked me to imitate my sister’s every move, so that I would be similar to ‘Yu Yurou’.”

“We can sign a stand-in contract to show that this relationship is just a transaction.
In this way, when Mrs.
Shen sees me, she will only treat me as your entertainment.”

Tong Ling said with some pride.
Ye Huan blinked, “How is it? Isn’t this method of mine particularly powerful?”

” but isn’t that too wrong for you?” Ye Huan thought this method was very whimsical at first but after thinking about it carefully…..
This method still works and there are really no flaws.

As long as Yu Yurou changes her identity, then she can stay by his side well! During this period, he could find a way to gain power and completely get out of Shen Man’s control.

When he has enough ability to protect Yu Yurou, then he can reveal her identity and propose to her!

Tong Ling stroked the male protagonist’s dog’s head lightly and said with a smiling face: “For you, I’m not wronged at all.”

M577 was flicked to the waist by Tong Ling’s coquettish manipulation and he kept mumbling: [Good guy, you leave me alone.
Matryoshka dolls here!】

Tong Ling pretending to be the real Yu Yurou and then fake Yu Yurou pretending to be the real Yu Ling, who could have imagined this!! 

            (End of this chapter)

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