Replace Your Life (5) How dare you be so blatant…..

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The male lead woke up so soon?

Tong Ling’s face twitched, as if a social animal heard that the boss is not on holiday today.
But her good professionalism made her face have a very surprised expression and said hurriedly: “Ye Huan is awake? Great! I’ll go see him now!”

Ye Xu grabbed Tong Ling and saw Tong Ling was so concerned about Ye Huan’s appearance and his heart became more and more uncomfortable, “Don’t worry, he just came out of the operating room, because he is still a little drowsy because of the anesthesia reaction.”

Tong Ling was worried on the surface but cheerfully said, “Then When will he recover? His injury is so severe, it must be very difficult…..”

“Ye Huan’s physique is relatively good and the fractures are only minor injuries.
He will be cured in the hospital for a while.” Ye Xu tried his best to keep Ye Huan’s state a secret.
Lest the woman in front of him have to worry again.

“By the way, don’t tell anyone about Ye Huan’s car accident.” Ye Xu said with a serious face: “I have blocked the news of the hospital and no one will spread it out.
I asked someone to drag the car Ye Huan drove back that day.
I also took care of the side.
He could not control the speed of the car because of the rain, which caused him to hit Ye Huan who was walking alone on the side of the road at the turning intersection.
After hitting someone, he rushed him to the hospital.
From start to finish, he only saw Ye Huan.”

How could Tong Ling not understand Ye Xu’s meaning? Ye Xu completely took her out of the car accident.
Tong Ling was very moved and then decided to use this tool well and never let Ye Xu waste his talents!

“Isn’t this a lie……” Tong Ling said hesitantly, “Ye Huan got out of the car after seeing me, I…..”

Ye Xu held Tong Ling’s shoulder and those deep eyes stared straight at each other : “You’re abroad now and the car accident has nothing to do with you.
I’m not asking you to lie and deceive people, you just don’t say anything.”

“But, what if someone saw the scene of the car accident.” Tong Ling moved slightly.
Eyelashes raised, looking very uneasy, “Although there are no pedestrians on rainy days, the surveillance at the intersection is still there…..”

Surveillance? right! The problem of monitoring should also be solved! Ye Xu almost missed this key but fortunately, he noticed it in time, his thoughts changed and he made up his mind.

Seeing Ye Xu calm down, Tong Ling knew there was nothing to worry about about this matter but she pretended to say, “Actually, there is no need to be so troublesome, there is nothing to hide about this matter.”

“Fool, that Mrs.
Shen, if she finds out that you have something to do with her son’s car accident, she will definitely deal with you.” Ye Xu lowered his head and put his forehead on Tong Ling’s forehead.
The nose tips of the two touched each other lightly and while breathing intertwined, Ye Xu’s originally indifferent face slowly emerged with a shallow smile, “Listen to me, ok??” 

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It  was as if she was shocked by Ye Xu’s actions, Tong Ling first maintained a stunned look, then slowly blushed and nodded again and again: “I, I understand.”

“Little brother…..” Tong Ling twisted her body, her eyes looked around erratically.
Going to the distance, “Why are you so close?”

“Checking your temperature.” Ye Xu found a reasonable reason for his sudden approach to Tong Ling, he let go of his hand and stroked Tong Ling’s hair very naturally, “It seems that your body temperature has indeed dropped but a cold is not a good thing for a day or two.
Take medicine and take care of your body these days.”

Tong Ling looked at Ye Xu’s stern face and delicate face, she sighed at m577, “Did you see m577? He’s so coquettish.”

What new attributes did Ye Xu have to stimulate her? How dare he seduce her so blatantly.

M577 looked away, unable to say anything in his heart: [Ye Xu in the plot is obviously a character who rarely shows his emotions and gives silently……]

“Hee hee, this one is more exciting now.” Tong Ling said with an innocent look on her face.
While chatting with m57, she said with the tone of an old driver: “I just like spicy ones.
He Isn’t open enough.
What kind of man is a man if he doesn’t take the initiative?”

M577: [……….]

M577 said with great difficulty: [Enough is enough, Now the focus is to follow the male lead in the plot……..]

Tong Ling recalled the plot from her mind and looked at it.
The plot of the hospital is very simple and can be summed up in a few sentences.

 ——After discovering that the woman he bumped into was very similar to his girlfriend who went abroad, Ye Huan went to the hospital to visit the woman from time to time with a crooked mentality.
When the woman expresses her love to him, he proposes that the other party can be his lover, provided that the other party must imitate Yu Yurou’s appearance.
When Yu Yurou returns to China, the relationship will end.
To this end, a contract was also signed, indicating that the relationship between the two is purely transactional.

Oh, what a scumbag! No wonder the female protagonist Yu Yurou has a spare tire, these two really match in heaven!!

After Tong Ling sighed with emotion, she was full of enthusiasm and wanted to devote herself to the work.

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“Which ward is Ye Huan in?” Tong Ling asked Ye Xu, “I know he is sleeping, but I want to accompany him .”

Ye Xu wanted to stop Tong Ling from visiting Ye Huan but he had no position, he can only remind: “You know it’s risky for you to accompany him, right? Ye Huan’s car accident won’t be hidden for a long time, you’d better leave him after watching him.
Otherwise, wait for Shen Man to come over and see you here, I’m afraid that she won’t let you go easily after being tricked by you.”

Tong Ling thought for a while and seemed to have made up her mind, “I know the best way is to leave him but I can’t bear it.
Ye Huan needs someone to take care of him.
How can I leave? I’ll find a way to stay.”

Ye Xu turned his face down, the person who was tender just now turned cold,”You can’t let him go like this? Or you don’t worry about me and think I can’t take good care of him?”

“How come!” Tong Ling hurriedly reassured: “How could I worry about you? I think it’s too much trouble for you, you still have so many things to do, I can’t let you waste your time on such trivial matters!”

Ye Xu said seriously: “For me, your affairs are never trivial.”

Tong Ling pretended to be ashamed and lowered her head silently.

Ye Xu was the first to compromise.
Ye Xu sighed, as if there was nothing he could do about her: “I will ask a nurse to take care of him, you can also stay to see him, if Shen Man comes over, I will tell you in advance.”

Tong Ling took a peek at Ye Xu, stretched out her hand and hooked Ye Xu’s pinky thumb, “Don’t be angry, okay? I know I’m too self-willed, I’m sorry…..”

Ye Xu was confused by Tong Ling’s little gesture, for some reason it became increasingly difficult for him to remain calm in front of the other party.

 “Don’t be angry, little brother.” After Tong Ling hooked Ye Xu’s fingers, she began to scratch Ye Xu’s palm again, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry……”

The itch in the palm spread to the top of his heart, so Ye Xu quickly grabbed Tong Ling’s chaotic hand and asked in a complicated way, “You do this to others too? Just touch a man’s hand casually?”

Tong Ling glared at Ye Xu angrily: “You just touched my head just now.
Why can’t I touch your hand? And why do you say I’m casual, I only do this to you alone!”

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Tong Ling turned around after speaking, “Hmph, I’ll never touch you again!”

Ye Xu’s heart melted like honey, he quickly grabbed Tong Ling’s wrist, “I touch you and you touch me have different meanings.”

Tong Ling raised her eyebrows: “What’s the difference?”

Ye Xu’s eyes suddenly became dangerous, he wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist, leaned down and approached little by little.

Tong Ling’s body trembled and she said stiffly, “You, what are you going to do…..”

Then the unspoken words were interrupted by a HOT kiss.

Ye Xu’s kiss was fierce and warm.
He tore off the gentle mask of the past and kissed the woman on the apex of his heart strongly and affectionately.
Before the woman wanted to push him away, he held down the back of the woman’s head and bit the other’s lips and the tip of his tongue also took advantage of the situation to push in slightly, greedily chasing this hard-won sweetness without any skill.

The hearts of the two of them were pounding wildly and Ye Xu saw the woman in her arms closing her eyes tremblingly, her long eyelashes fluttering slightly, this delicate and powerless look would only make him want more……

At the end of the kiss, Ye Xu wiped away the tears from the corners of the woman’s eyes with his hands.
With a little contentment, he panted lightly and said in a slightly hoarse voice in Tong Ling’s ear: “Don’t forget, your little brother is also a man.”

Tong Ling gasped and opened her eyes, she took two steps back in shock and shame and ran away like a rabbit without saying a word.

But after dozens of seconds, she ran back again.

“That… Where is Ye Huan’s ward?” Tong Ling asked timidly.

Ye Xu was immediately pissed off.
Even at this time, this woman hadn’t forgotten her damn boyfriend.

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 “Come with me.” Ye Xu didn’t continue to approach Tong Ling, he led the way at a distance and before Tong Ling entered the ward, he stared deeply at the other party: “Don’t be afraid of me, I will never hurt you.”

Tong Ling lowered her head and said “um”, and quickly walked into the ward.

In the ward, the man sleeping on the hospital bed opened his eyes instantly when he heard the door open.

Ye Huan’s body was weak and tired.
He wanted to fall asleep but his mind could not be calm.

He remembered that the first person he saw after being pushed out of the operating room was Ye Xu.

Ye Xu said that Yu Yurou called him because he couldn’t find anyone else to sign the consent form for the operation.
Said that he had blocked the news, so that he could call Shen Man and find an excuse to leave for a while.
It’s as long as you can hide the car accident.
Don’t let Shen Man discover Yu Yurou’s existence…

Of course Ye Huan knows what Ye Xu means.
These words don’t need Ye Xu to remind him that he wants to protect his girlfriend more than himself!

Although Ye Huan already knew that Ye Xu was her friend and at that time the smartest choice was to find Ye Xu but Ye Huan was still annoyed by Ye Xu’s attitude of taking care of his girlfriend as a matter of course.

He didn’t want to see Ye Xu’s face at all, he just wanted to see the woman he loved the most!

So Ye Huan was waiting for Yu Yurou to appear.

Yu Yurou did not make Ye Huan wait long but looked at the woman in front of her with her eyes covered with water mist, her lips were red and swollen and her whole body was full of a sweet smell that was loved by others.
Ye Huan’s mind couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious.

“Your mouth… why is it broken?” Ye Huan has never been a forbearer.
He stared at his girlfriend, trying to find an answer from the woman’s face, “Did something happen?”

            (End of this chapter)

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