Replace Your Life (3)

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“Why are you soaked all over?” Ye Xu asked with concern.

He had never seen Yu Yurou look so embarrassed.
The rain soaked the woman’s long hair and the water droplets slid down the messy hair drop by drop and gradually penetrated from the neck to the thin dress.
The woman’s body was carrying damp water vapor and the clear and cold touch was transmitted to him through this too intimate hug.

She was clinging to him like a weak vine.
When Ye Xu saw the pale and pretty face, a feeling of love rose in his heart and he just wanted to take good care of her in his arms and not let her suffer any of the wind and rain.

“I accidentally got caught in the rain on the road before.” Tong Ling raised her head, her eyes were a little red and there was a layer of water in her eyes.
Tears were about to fall in her eyes and she looked very pitiful.

It seems that the car accident really freaked her out.
Ye Xu thought so and his arms tightened a little.

The hug didn’t last long and Tong Ling felt that it was almost done, so she took the initiative to leave Ye Xu’s embrace.
No way, with Yu Yurou’s character design, although she can hug him when she is emotional, she is still Ye Huan’s “girlfriend” after all, so she still needs some restraint.

So Tong Ling showed a shy and embarrassed expression at the right time, “I, I got your clothes wet… I’m sorry!” 

The embrace was suddenly empty and Ye Xu’s heart also seemed to be empty.
This was the closest time he was to Yu Yurou and the feeling of being fully depended on by hugging that petite body made him a little addicted for no reason.

“Don’t say sorry, you and I don’t need to be so unfamiliar.” Ye Xu took off his suit and put it on the other side.

 “Yeah.” Tong Ling wiped away her tears and answered naturally: “We are friends!”

The sweetness of the hug turned bitter in an instant, Ye Xu’s expression remained unchanged but his tone became cold: “Friend…”

“Best friend!” Tong Ling buried half of her face in Ye Xu’s suit jacket, grabbed Ye Xu’s arm and shook it, “You are my forever little brother!”

Tong Ling’s voice was soft and sweet, her misty eyes were fixed on Ye Xu, her eyes were full of trust and attachment to Ye Xu.

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 “Little brother…” Ye Xu’s thoughts drifted to his childhood.
In that unforgettable memory, the little girl who shared candy with him called him so sweetly.
Since he and Yu Yurou reunited, it was the first time he heard this title.
A warm emotion enveloped him, the indifference in his eyes disappeared and the sense of distance that lingered around him completely disappeared.

“Ah,” Tong Ling covered her mouth with a little annoyance: “Why did I say what I said in my heart? It must be strange for me to call you that!”

Ye Xu looked at Tong Ling tenderly, and smiled: “It’s not surprising, you…….
You can always call me that.”

Tong Ling stretched out her hand and touched the corner of Ye Xu’s lips with her long fingers.
When the man was in a daze because of her sudden action, she raised her eyebrows and said, “Little brother looks so good when he smiles!

” When you laugh, no one will hate you!” The cute little girl with a double ponytail held her face and giggled at him, “Like when I saw my little brother, I felt so happy!”

 “So, Don’t you hate me?” Xiao Yexu clutched the corner of her clothes nervously, “Everyone said that I have a dead face and they hate it when I look gloomy.”

“Of course not!” The little girl took out a bag from her pocket.
The colored candy paper was handed to Xiaoye Xu: “Look, I will give you my favorite candy and we will be friends in the future!”


The pure and beautiful woman in front of him overlaps with the image of the little girl in memory.
Together, the person in that memory never seemed to change.

 After many years, Ye Xu once again felt the initial pounding feeling.

 He couldn’t help holding the woman’s wrist, trying to express his feelings but the woman who had just been intimate with him looked at the operating room with worry.

 “Ye Huan…” Tong Ling whispered the name of her “boyfriend” and confirmed to Ye Xu with a sad face: “He’ll be fine, right?”

Ye Xu felt as if someone had poured a basin of cold water on his head and his heart ached for a while.

That’s right, the woman he loves still loves another man and that man is none other than his biological brother Ye Huan!

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Ye Xu felt that his heart was being eaten by jealousy.

Unlike him who had no father or mother since childhood, Ye Huan was born in the best environment.
He has a mother who loves him and a father who accompanies him.

Even if Ye Huan was unwilling to inherit the company, the woman Shen Man still firmly controlled the equity and wanted to hand over everything she owned to her son.
However, Ye Xu had to do his best to get his due status and rights and he couldn’t even publicly express his affection for the woman he liked.

Why does Ye Huan exist! Ye Huan is clearly inferior to him!

Seeing Ye Xu’s eyes getting colder and colder, Tong Ling suddenly sneezed, recalling Ye Xu’s thoughts.

“Did you catch a cold?” Ye Xu hurriedly reached out and touched Tong Ling’s forehead and found that Tong Ling’s forehead was hot and even the little face buried in the clothes was blushing morbidly.

“I’m fine.” Tong Ling pretended to be strong and smiled but her body shook twice honestly.

She’s been in the rain for so long, but it finally came to fruition.

 Ye Xu bent down directly, put his arms through Tong Ling’s knees, supported Tong Ling’s back and hugged her, “You have a fever, you must go to take medicine and rest.”

Tong Ling exclaimed in a low voice, she grabbed Ye Xu’s shirt tightly with both hands, “I…I still have to wait for the results of the operation, I want to wait for Ye Huan to come out…”

 “I’m watching here and I’ll let you know if there is any news.” Ye Xu couldn’t bear it.
He said with a beak and then found a doctor and sent Tong Ling to a separate VIP ward.

The unfortunate driver, who was left alone at the door of the operating room, watched the backs of the two leaving and his heart was desolate.

“Take care of your illness, if you don’t take care of yourself, Ye Huan will be worried when you wake up.” Ye Xu knew that using Ye Huan as an excuse to make Yu Yurou obedient was the most effective but when he said this, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit a tingling in his heart.

“……I see.” Tong Ling nodded obediently, very satisfied with Ye Xu’s informed proposal.

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 She didn’t want to stand stupidly outside the operating room and wait for a few hours.
The next plot node of the cannon fodder female supporting role will not continue until the male protagonist wakes up.
She is free during the period before the male protagonist wakes up.

Tong Ling decided to improve her quality of life.
After Ye Xu put her on the bed, she asked, “Can I take a bath here, I want to make myself look cleaner.”

“Of course, you can.” Ye Xu very thoughtfully arranged everything for Tong Ling, “You can wash your clothes when they are delivered and you can ask for anything you need.”

“Then can you reissue a calling card for me?” She didn’t use the idea and when he put forward the conditions to Ye Xu, she was not polite at all, “Actually… in order to stay in China, I gave all my ID and phone number to my sister at that time and she went abroad instead of me.
Now it’s gone.
It’s very inconvenient…”

“Sister?” Ye Xu knew that Yu Yurou had a sister but because Yu Yurou seldom mentioned her sister, he didn’t care about her sister.
I don’t understand at all, “She will not be discovered when she goes abroad for you?”

“My sister looks a lot like me!” Tong Ling looked very relieved, “She will imitate me since she was a child and no one will see it.
Come on! Madam Shen just believed that my sister was me, so she didn’t notice that I was secretly staying in the country.”

Ye Xu now understood the reason for Yu Yurou’s stay but he didn’t expect that the other party had someone who looked similar to is her younger sister.

 “You are really clever.” Ye Xu patted Tong Ling’s head: “Everything you want will be delivered to you.”

Tong Ling looked at Ye Xu with a moved face and said sweetly, “You’re right, little brother.
You are so nice.”

Ye Xu’s heart was warm, even if it was just for the “little brother”, he was willing to do anything for her.

Ye Xu had a few more chats with Tong Ling in the ward.
Seeing that Tong Ling insisted on joking with him, his heart softened even more.
When his subordinates brought clothes and daily necessities, he told Tong Ling to call him anytime if there was anything and then walked out reluctantly.

As soon as Ye Xu left, Tong Ling immediately picked up the clothes Ye Xu gave her and looked at it.

As expected of a wealthy person, the clothes she bought looked higher-end and extravagant than the dress she was wearing.
His fashion taste is quite good!

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At this moment, m577, like an eggplant hit by frost, asked feebly: [How did you do it…]

Tong Ling: “Huh?”

[How did you make Ye Xu so obedient? 】m577 can’t understand the plot at all, 【He has never taken care of Yu Yurou himself so carefully! Why does he believe whatever you say, without even a basic judgment! 】

 “What’s so difficult about this,” Tong Ling curled her lips, “As long as you find the weakness, you can naturally ask for anything from him.”

 M577: 【Weakness? ]

“Hasn’t he always regarded those childhood memories as treasures?” Tong Ling said slowly: “That memory has been beautified by him and he doesn’t know how many layers of filters have been added.
In his heart, there is nothing better than that.
Girls are more beautiful but the reality is… the little girl has grown up and the little girl who grew up may not be as perfect as he remembered.”

 “Do you think his feelings for the heroine are love? He just wanted to just look for the comfort of the past from the heroine.
In the end, he is a man who lacks love and this kind of man is best to kill.”

M577 was not very happy with Tong Ling’s casual attitude and muttered: “You again It’s not the real heroine, that little girl is not you, Ye Xu’s attitude towards others is very cold, in case of being discovered…]

“Oh, don’t say I won’t be discovered, even if I am discovered, so what??” Tong Ling walked to the independent shower room in the VIP ward with her clothes in her arms, “No one can better meet his expectations for the dream than me.
If someone pierces this dream, do you say he hates me or the one who pierced him? What about the dreamer?”

M577 shivered when he heard it: [Host, you are so scary! 】

“What are you talking about!” Tong Ling giggled: “But I really should thank the mistress, I remember an old saying, what is it called – the predecessors planted the trees and the later generations enjoyed the shade, this sentence is really good!”

 M577: [……………]

 M577 has never seen anyone more shameless than Tong Ling!

            (End of this chapter)

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