Replace Your Life (2) What a nice tool man…..

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 Ye Huan’s injuries in the car accident were not minor.
He broke three ribs, damaged his internal organs and fractured his calf.
He was even in a coma because of a cerebral hemorrhage and needed surgery as soon as possible.

 The unlucky driver was crying and begging to the doctor: “Please, doctor!! Please help him!!”

 Tong Ling wiped her tears silently, her thin body seemed to fall down at any time…

 M577:” ………”.
There is nothing to say about Tong Ling, who was distraught.
It hasn’t forgotten how Tong Ling dodged with a strong body when the car rushed out.
If it wasn’t for this driver, who looked innocent at first glance.
I have to wonder if the two colluded to create such a car accident!

“Don’t worry, who is the patient’s family member? The patient’s condition is very serious and needs the signature of the family member to perform the operation.” The doctor in the white coat was accustomed to this kind of crying scene and asked calmly.

Tong Ling hurriedly said: “I’m the patient’s girlfriend, can I sign it?” 

The doctor shook his head: “No, this type of surgery must be signed by the immediate family members.
You should call the patient’s family members quickly.”

Tong Ling committed a crime.
It was difficult, Ye Huan’s biological father died and he couldn’t see his biological mother.
If Shen Man knew that she was by his side when her son had a car accident, she would be finished.

After thinking about it, the only remaining candidate was Ye Xu.

Ye Huan’s mobile phone was secretly in her hands when she got into the ambulance and Tong Ling just looked through all the information, phone calls and chat records in it.

The technology level of this small world is far behind that of the U-A78 galaxy and the information security technology is like paper.
Tong Ling obtained a lot of useful information from Ye Huan’s mobile phone.

The relationship between Ye Huan and Ye Xu was very cold, apart from the polite exchange of contact information, the two rarely communicated in private.
Although they are not familiar with each other, the heroine Yu Yurou has a close relationship with Ye Xu.
In the plot, Ye Xu is Yu Yurou’s guardian.
Whenever Yu Yurou needs help, Ye Xu will appear.
He can be called the most dedicated and affectionate second male lead.

Ye Xu will fall in love with Yu Yurou because of a period of redemption in his childhood.

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At that beginning, Ye Xu didn’t have the identity of the heir to the wealthy family.
As the illegitimate child left by Ye Huan’s father, he was sent to the local orphanage after his mother died.
Due to his withdrawn personality, he was very ostracized in the orphanage.
Not only was he often reprimanded by the dean but other children would also trouble him.

 Just when Ye Xu was the most lonely and pitiful, Yu Yurou appeared.
Perhaps it is the inertia of the plot.
The heroine will always meet some important characters at the right time.
The young heroine met Ye Xu who had sneaked out of the orphanage.
During that encounter, the heroine comforted him.
Then the little Xiaoye Xu shared his candy with each other.

It is easy to add icing on the cake but it is difficult to send charcoal in the snow.
Ye Xu remembered that encounter deeply in his heart, until he was recognized as a wealthy family and met Yu Yurou again at a dinner party.
At that time, Yu Yurou was accompanying Ye Huan and his beloved girl became his brother’s woman.

 Yu Yurou also recognized Ye Xu, the little brother she met in her childhood and the two became friends who “talked about everything” since then.

After recalling the plot, Tong Ling’s eyes became more interesting and she directly dialed Ye Xu’s number with Ye Huan’s mobile phone.

Ye Xu was a little slow to answer the phone and it took more than 20 seconds for the phone to be connected.

“Is something wrong?” Ye Xu sounded like he was doing business as soon as he said it, “Mr.
Shen has already told me that I can take over the acquisition plan that you are not willing to take charge of.”

“…It’s me.”

Tong Ling said to Yu Yurou’s voice was so well-tuned that almost as soon as she opened her mouth, Ye Xu’s attitude changed.

“Yu Rou?” Ye Xu’s deep voice became much gentler unconsciously but when.he thought that Yu Yurou was calling him with Ye Huan’s mobile phone, his mood instantly deteriorated, “Why are you using Ye Huan? Where is your phone? Are you together?”

Ye Xu knew the news of Yu Yurou going abroad earlier than Ye Huan and he even knew why Yu Yurou was sent abroad by Shen Man.
Shen Man’s precious son’s girlfriend has a good relationship with him.
Regardless of whether Yu Yurou has other intentions or not, Shen Man will not allow Yu Yurou to stay by Ye Huan’s side.

Ye Xu didn’t stop this, he had his own selfishness.
With Shen Man’s resolute attitude, he would definitely not let Yu Yurou and Ye Huan contact him.
Although the two separated involuntarily, the relationship will fade over time.

But now Yu Yurou is holding Ye Huan’s phone, what does this mean? Did Yu Yurou sneak back home?

 Before Ye Xu could analyze the reason, he heard a heart-wrenching choking sound coming from the phone.

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“Ye Xu, I, I really don’t know what to do…”

Ye Xu habitually reassured: “Don’t worry, what’s the matter? Take it slow.”

Ye Xu in the past has always acted as Yu Yurou Trouble-solving characters and this time was no exception.
For him, the more Yu Yurou asks him for help, the more dependent she is on him.

He doesn’t mind Yu Yurou relying on him a little more.

 The woman’s crying voice was still sweet: “What should I do, Ye Xu, Ye Huan…the car accident, it’s all my fault, shouldn’t I stay, I should go abroad, not stay here secretly, all Blame me!”

She didn’t go abroad? Was the news about going abroad fake? Shen Man’s people didn’t watch her? Ye Xu first raised a series of questions and then extracted the key points from Yu Yurou’s confusing sentences: “The car accident is serious? Do you need me to come and deal with it?”

“I…” The woman felt guilty and panicked, “The operation requires family members Signing and I can’t find anyone else…”

Ye Xu couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth, his words were as calm as always: “It’s alright, send me the hospital address, I’ll come right over.” 

The woman whispered: “…Ye Xu, thank you…..”

Ye Xu didn’t say anything more.

“Doctor, family members will be here soon!” Tong Ling hurriedly told the waiting doctor and driver the news after hanging up and then walked out as if she couldn’t bear it, “I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

 “Alas, Don’t worry too much.” Seeing Tong Ling’s appearance, the doctor couldn’t help but relieve a few words.

Tong Ling pretended to walk slowly at first and when she got out of the doctor’s sight, she immediately flew out of the hospital.

 【What are you doing! 】 After being silent for a long time, m577 can’t hold back anymore: 【Do you want to run away? If you hadn’t put the male protagonist in the hospital, why would you need such trouble now! You even dragged Ye Xu in, so you are not afraid of overturning! 】

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【As long as the heroine calls him, your lies will be exposed! 】

 “Who said I was going to run away?” Tong Ling didn’t look sad at this time, “I just need to do more preparations before Ye Xu arrives.
As for the heroine… There is an 8-hour time difference between foreign countries and China.
It’s time for Yu Yurou to take a beautiful sleep.”

“When she’s finished sleeping, it’s enough for me to arrange things properly.”

Tong Ling sent Ye Xu the hospital address and hired a taxi to go to the nearest mall.

Tong Ling’s purpose in going to the mall is very simple.

She wants to dress herself up.

Before time was running out, even if she had a face that was very similar to the heroine, her disguise was too rough.
Tong Ling’s professionalism made it absolutely unacceptable that she went out to meet people with flaws all over her body, she had to be more perfect.

Tong Ling went shopping very fast.
According to Yu Ling’s memory, she bought a few kinds of waterproof makeup cosmetics at the counter and went to the women’s clothing store to choose a long skirt that was the same color as the skirt on her body and matched Yu Yurou’s temperament.
And finally, she bought the most common scissors at the jewelry store and then she found a bathroom at random and trimmed her hair in front of the mirror.

The small scissors seemed to have an afterimage in Tong Ling’s hands, but within a few minutes, Tong Ling’s hairstyle was completely new.
It took a little extra effort to make up.
This was the first time she tried these cosmetics.
Apart from being a little uncomfortable at first, she quickly found the trick and put on a pitiful fake makeup according to Yu Yurou’s appearance.

 “Finally looks like it.” After dressing up, Tong Ling took a good look at herself in the mirror, “The tools here are really simple, there is no bio-simulation chip and bionic skin and we can only use basic makeup techniques to simulate the shape.”

 [Enough…I think even their own parents can’t tell the difference…] m577 didn’t expect Tong Ling to have such superb craftsmanship, if he hadn’t seen Tong Ling dress up with his own eyes, he would have thought that Yu Yu was so soft! Originally, Yu Ling’s face was remarkably similar to Yu Yurou’s but now it’s exactly the same, even more similar than twins!

Tong Ling herself was not satisfied: “The difference in body shape can’t be changed for the time being, Yu Ling is really too thin.”

 Fortunately, Tong Ling has many reasons to cover up this problem, such as depression leading to body weight loss is a good excuse.

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 【Why do you do this? Why play Yu Yurou? 】m577 cautiously guessed: 【Is it to avenge the cannon fodder female supporting role? 】

“You have too many questions.” Tong Ling put away the tools at hand and sneered at m577’s guess, “There is only one reason for me to do this, that is, I am happy.
I just do it when I think it is interesting, don’t take me for it.
That kind of idiotic plot has  full sense of justice.”

M577 was confused again, it couldn’t understand Tong Ling at all.
If Tong Ling wants to replace Yu Yurou just because it is fun, then this woman is too uncontrollable.
It would rather the other party seek revenge for the cannon fodder female partner, at least that is a normal person…….

M577’s complicated mood was ignored and during the time when he was in a trance, Tong Ling had already returned to the hospital.

Before returning to the hospital, Tong Ling deliberately drenched in the rain again and then she walked slowly to the door of the operating room like a ghost.

At the door of the operating room, Ye Xu was standing there.

 As the pedestrians passing by here, they can’t help but glance at him.

This is really a man with outstanding looks.
He has an extremely delicate face, slightly sharp eyebrows and somewhat deep black eyes.
Mixed with the cold aura of his body, he is isolated from other people, which is also a special appeal.

 Tong Ling’s face control attributes were suddenly aroused, her eyes slipped quietly over Ye Xu’s tall and straight body and thin waist and her interest rose from five points to seven points.

 What a nice tool man! Tong Ling, who was so emotional in her heart, had tears in her eyes, bit her lip lightly and rushed into Ye Xu’s arms quickly.

 “Ye Xu…” Tong Ling reached out and hugged the man’s thin waist, leaning on the man’s strong chest and sobbing softly: “Fortunately you are here, otherwise I really don’t know what to do…….”

 Ye Xu’s eyebrows Immediately stretched out, he gently embraced the woman in his arms and said gently, “It’s alright, don’t be afraid, everything is up to me.

 ” The two then embraced each other tightly ” and m577 only felt that the male protagonist had a green light on his head…..

            (End of this chapter)

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