Replace Your Life (1) Don’t worry, I’m not a good….

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The weather in summer can change as soon as it changes.
The sun was still shining just now, but it was suddenly covered with dark clouds.
Bean-sized rainwater poured down, accompanied by the howling cold wind and soon there were not many pedestrians on the road.

 Tong Ling is standing on the side of the road at this time and in three minutes, a passing Maybach will slam into her without a long eye, thus starting her sad life as a stand-in.

The number m577 system bound to her has sent her the story of the small world and the memory of the cannon fodder female supporting role and it has raced against time to pick out the key points.

 [Next, the male protagonist Ye Huan will send you to the hospital for treatment after hitting you.
During the days you spent together in the hospital, you fell in love with that handsome and extraordinary man but the male protagonist only regarded you as Yu Yurou’s stand-in.
While Yu Yurou goes abroad, you have to go on a three-year stand-in plot.
After the plot is over, the system will issue you a job reward】

“How can I confirm that I have completed the plot? Our contract said that they would give me the greatest autonomy and let me play at will.
You wouldn’t want me to follow the plot step by step, would you?” Tong Ling frowned slightly and her voice was soothing and soft, clearly speaking strong but revealing a lovable taste: “I don’t want to be hit by a car…” 

The m577 system will naturally not be too embarrassed for this host who has carefully selected and made a fate contract.
It quickly said: [Each small world has a fixed plot node, as long as the general direction remains unchanged, there will be no problem]

 M577 said and put a green eye-protecting display screen in front of Tong Ling’s eyes: [This is a device for detecting plot nodes.
When the plot deviation is less than 30%, it is considered qualified]

 Tong Ling looked at the device whose plot offset was displayed as 0, her eyes flashed: “It was detected by a machine, I understand.”

 Due to the urgency of time, Tong Ling hurriedly removed the memory from the one she carried with her as soon as she finished organizing her memory.
She took out her phone from her bag and turned on the front camera to take a picture of heeself.

 This is the first time she has used this kind of antique-like equipment.
Fortunately, she has the memory of the female supporting role and she does not feel uncomfortable when using it.

 The name of the substitute female partner is Yu Ling.
The female partner can be the substitute for the heroine and her natural appearance is very similar to that of the heroine.
Even the front camera can see that this is a beautiful and lovable face.
Unfortunately, the original owner of this face did not take good care of herself.
The long bangs covered the pair of watery almond eyes and pale skin.
Bloodless, dry and peeling lips, thin and malnourished.

 What’s more, the current female supporting actress was soaked by the rain, her black hair was sticking to her cheeks and her thin dress was clinging to her skin.
At first glance, she looked like a water ghost salvaged from the water.
With a look of despair all over her.

 Who would have thought that such a supporting actress and the heroine are actually a pair of sisters.
After all, the heroine Yu Yurou is beautiful, generous, cheerful and gentle, while the supporting actress Yu Ling is timid and unremarkable.

 “She doesn’t even take care of her skin, it’s too rough to live…” Tong Ling complained, but she didn’t care too much.
Although she had a good life before binding the system, she climbed up from the bottom.
In the beginning, she was not as good as Yu Ling.

 Yu Ling’s condition is much better than her past.

 Tong Ling pushed aside the wet bangs with her hands, revealing her plain white face, then licked her dry lips in the rain and adjusted her facial expression to face the camera.

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 Why do some people look alike but look completely different? It’s nothing more than the difference in temperament and demeanor.
One’s aura will affect the perception of others.
There is a saying that beggars don’t look like princes wearing dragon robes.
The reason is that beggars don’t have that kind of extravagant aura.

 Whether it is temperament or aura, it is something that can be cultivated artificially.

 The heroine Yu Yurou has a gentle and sweet temperament, which makes it easy for people to let go of their guards in front of her.
She is the Bai Yueguang of the male protagonist and the hearts of everyone.
She is pure and beautiful and looks very clean.
Tong Ling recalled Yu Yurou’s image and when her eyes rolled around, her demeanor and Yu Yurou completely overlapped.
There was no trace of her original body left on her body, as if she was like this before.

 [Host, this is…] m577 doesn’t quite understand Tong Ling’s actions, it just subconsciously feels that something is not right, [This plot is very simple, you just need to wait on the spot to get to know the male protagonist, don’t worry too much.

 Tong Ling wiped the rain off the phone and stuffed the phone back into the bag, “Since it’s work, we can’t do it perfunctorily.”

 “For our performance, I will work hard.” Tong Ling tidied up the skirt , with a smile on her face, she took a step towards the middle of the road.

 M577 was instantly moved by Tong Ling’s serious work attitude.

 It is not easy to find someone to take on the job of supporting female cannon fodder.
With the gradual development of the small world, some characters in the small world have gradually awakened their self-awareness.
When a character awakened to consciousness finds that he/she is only an anchor to stabilize the world and must follow his/her predetermined destiny, it is easy to have a rebellious mentality.
Especially when he/she is destined to be a tragic character, it is not uncommon to choose to escape.

 This is the case with the cannon fodder Yu Ling in this small world.
After she woke up, she felt world-weary on the spot and disappeared after a while.

  The operation of each small world must follow certain rules.
Although the female supporting role is not the protagonist, it is of great significance to the emotional development of the male and female protagonists.
Her disappearance directly affected the stability of the small world, so under the arrangement of the Lord God, they systematically searched for spiritually strong souls who could invest in each small world, signed a contract with them and reached a mutually beneficial relationship on the premise of paying (Cooperation intention).

 M577 had taken several hosts before and those hosts were only willing to be temporary workers and they all slapped their ass and left after working in a world or two.
When I met Tong Ling this time, the other party was willing to bind it permanently.
In addition to being happy, m577 was a little bit cautious about deceiving the newcomer…

 It is precisely because the new host is easy to talk to that ma577 will give Tong Ling the greatest convenience in the contract, after all, it is not a devil!

 Tong Ling is very clear about the system in her mind.
In her opinion, this intelligent program that can bring her from the U-A78 galaxy to other worlds is very interesting.
This kind of product is beyond the times, if you can’t control it In their own hands, it is undoubtedly very dangerous.
However… She has time to get along with it slowly and I believe that one day she will be able to thoroughly study this high-tech product.

 Three minutes passed in a blink of an eye and as soon as the luxury car that would appear at the plot node appeared, the system sent a reminder to Tong Ling.

 Tong Ling has already posed at the moment, she stands gracefully in the most conspicuous position, her face is slightly sideways, her eyes are a little confused and sad.
The luxury car that was supposed to hit her at the plot node stopped steadily in front of Tong Ling this time.

 Without waiting for the man in the driver’s seat to get off the car, Tong Ling turned around and left, her steps staggered slightly, she seemed to recognize the person in the car and just wanted to escape quickly.

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 Ye Huan is very irritable.
He has not contacted Yu Yurou for two full days.
Since his mother knew of Yu Yurou’s existence, Yu Yurou unilaterally cut off contact with him and he just got a message – Yu Yurou has gone abroad.

 Ye Huan recalled the last meeting with Yu Yurou two days ago, the look in Yu Yurou’s eyes before she left… Damn! At that time, why didn’t he ask clearly, why did he let her go!

 Because he was in a bad mood, Ye Huan couldn’t help but feel a little emotional while driving, until just now, he saw the woman at the intersection.
The hazy figure in the rain and fog, like a quietly blooming white tea plant, calmed his mood all of a sudden.

That woman must be beautiful.
As soon as Ye Huan thought about it, he saw the woman’s face.

 How could he forget that face! Ye Huan felt that the surprise came unexpectedly and a fiery emotion exploded from his heart.
Before he had time to think, he quickly opened the car door and chased out.

 “Yu Rou! Yu Rou!”

  Upon hearing Ye Huan’s voice, Tong Ling walked faster.

 Ye Huan’s mind is now full of Yu Yurou.
He is not an emotional person.
Even with Yu Yurou, his emotions have always been very flat.
Who would have thought that he would lose his demeanor this time and his heart seemed to jump out of his chest.
In general, the heartbeat is loud.

 “Yurou, don’t you even want to see me!” Ye Huan grabbed the woman’s arm and asked eagerly.

Tong Ling stopped just then, turned around and glanced at Ye Huan with a sigh of relief.

 What words should I use to describe this look? Is it sad, is it complaining? Or reluctance and love? Ye Huan’s heart began to beat wildly again uncontrollably.
He just wanted to hold this woman who worried him into his arms and he did.

 “Don’t go, don’t you know me…” Ye Huan tightened his arms, this was the first time he had expressed his feelings so frankly, “Do you know how much I care about you, why didn’t you reply to me? Why did the text messages and phone calls suddenly disappear?”

 Tong Ling lowered her eyes, covering her eyes.
Only the male protagonist will not care about her different outfits nor the difference between her and Yu Yurou.
It seems… It’s time to move on to the next step.

“Ye Huan, let go.” Tong Ling spoke coldly in Yu Yurou’s voice.
She turned her face away, as if she didn’t want to see Ye Huan at all, her body was full of resistance.

How could Ye Huan not see that it was “Yu Yurou” who was hiding something from him, “Did my mother look for you? What did she say to you?” 

“No, Mrs.
Shen didn’t say anything, I just… …” Tong Ling sighed lightly: “I’m just tired of the relationship between us.”

M577 was confused about the development of the situation, it could only shout at Tong Ling: [Host! What are you doing, host! ]

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Tong Ling completely ignored m577’s shouting and still focused on playing with the male protagonist: “Ye Huan, I’m just tired with this relationship, so let me go.”

“…Am I so unworthy of your trust?” Ye Huan frowned, To the arrogant him, he couldn’t help but get a little more angry at this moment, “Is there anything we can’t solve together?”

“Resolve?” Tong Ling motioned in her tone, obviously wanting to get angry but she couldn’t restrain her whimper, “I know I’m not worthy of you, I know our identities are different, I’ve decided to leave, but why are you here? Why don’t you let me go?”

 Ye Huan felt the trembling in his arms, he saw tears falling from “Yu Yurou’s” eyes, she was so aggrieved and hurt, her face was pale, as if she had experienced a torture, the whole person is extremely haggard.
Seeing Yu Yurou like this, even if Ye Huan was angry again, at the moment there was only distress left.

“Sorry, it’s my fault.” Ye Huan took the initiative to admit his mistake and said, “It must be something I didn’t do well that made you feel so insecure.”

It seemed that she was comforted by Ye Huan’s words and the woman in his arms gradually stopped.
Stopped the tears, lowered her head and said, “I should have been abroad but I can’t bear……”

 “What’s going on?” Ye Huan asked.

 “She wants me to leave you.” Tong Ling said bluntly, “Let me go abroad, gave me a sum of money and even found two bodyguards to escort me and watched me board the plane.”

 Of course she didn’t mean anyone else, but She is the mother of the male protagonist Ye Huan and the female president of the Ye Group, Shen Man.
The representative of Bang Da Yuanyang, the little boss in the plot, who is responsible for creating conflicts between the male and female protagonists in the early stage.

Ye Huan obviously knew she could do such a thing and felt more pity for “Yu Yurou”, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

 “What’s the use of telling you?” Tong Ling’s face When it got cold, she stretched out her hand and pushed Ye Huan away, “What can you do now?”

 “I…” Ye Huan was choked and speechless.
Indeed, he is still young and has no words at all in the Ye family.
Not to mention Shen Man, even Ye Xu, the illegitimate son left by his father, is more popular than him.

 In the past, Ye Huan never cared about who would inherit the company but this time he couldn’t even keep the woman he loved.
It must be said that he had a huge sense of frustration.

Tong Ling still had a cold face, she shook off Ye Huan’s hand and walked forward quickly.

Ye Huan quickly followed but before he took two steps, a car that didn’t slow down suddenly jumped out of the intersection and hit Ye Huan, who was all focused on Tong Ling.

A sharp pain hit and the only image Ye Huan remembered before he fell unconscious was “Yu Yurou” looking at him worriedly with tears in her eyes.

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Tong Ling put on a frightened expression, watching the driver who hit the car panicked and got out of the car and called the emergency number, while she was talking to the noisy system.

M577: 【Ah ah ah why is this happening! ]

 M577 felt like he was going crazy: [This is just the beginning, the plot collapsed! Didn’t you say we have to work hard, we will be exiled by the Lord God if we fail to complete the work! 】

“Who told you that the work was not completed.” Tong Ling sneered: “Look at the equipment that detects the plot nodes.
The data on the display shows that the deviation of this plot is only 10%.”

[10%? How can it be! ] m577 checked the machine in astonishment and found that, as Tong Ling said, the value display was indeed only 10%, which indicated that the scene just passed the review of the equipment and was a “qualified product”.

“The main point of this episode is – 1) The first encounter between the male protagonist and the female supporting role in the cannon fodder.  2) The male protagonist sees the face of the female supporting role in the cannon fodder and treats the female supporting role as a substitute for the female protagonist Yu Yurou.
3) A car accident leads to the next episode of hospital care plot of the story.” Tong Ling counted her fingers, “Look at these points, I have finished.”

M577: […….]

M577 feels something is not right: [But the male protagonist obviously regards you as Yu Yurou, herself!】

 “He thinks that I am Yu Yurou herself but I am not, so in a relative sense, I am indeed Yu Yurou’s ‘stand-in’.” Tong Ling said.

M577 couldn’t find a point to refute, and got tangled: [The person who had a car accident also became the male protagonist…….]

“Yeah, so the 10% offset falls here.” Tong Ling regretted: “There is no way.
The next hospital plot has to go, I don’t want to be hit by a car, so I can only sacrifice the male protagonist.
Anyway, I will take care of him, I think he will be very happy.”

 M577 felt a chill inexplicably, it trembled and asked: [So, host, who are you??】

The host it selected seems to have a problem!

Tong Ling smiled softly: “Don’t worry, I’m not a good person.”

M577: [?????】

            (End of this chapter)

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