small world, Ye Huan is undoubtedly the best from his family background to his looks.
He’s handsome, with well-defined features and when he looks at people with an affectionate and focused gaze, he’s really charming.

Unfortunately, in Tong Ling’s eyes, this is just a work object with scumbag attributes.
If it weren’t for the fact that the male protagonist was still required to participate wholeheartedly in the future plot, Tong Ling would have extended this hospital plot indefinitely.

“I miss you too.” Although the male protagonist’s wink was thrown at the blind man, Tong Ling was still very professional at work.
While arranging the meal, she apologized a little: “I’m not feeling well during the day, so I didn’t come here, so you won’t blame me, right?”

Of course not, but Ye Huan hoped that Tong Ling could accompany him more, but his girlfriend had paid too much for him.
He will no longer make unnecessary demands on his girlfriend, “It would be great if you could take the time to see me, but I can’t take care of you, it’s your boyfriend who is negligent.”

Ye Huan in the past could never say with such words, as the eldest young master with a golden spoon, Ye Huan has always regarded others’ goodness towards him as a matter of course.

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Staying alone in the ward this time, Ye Huan suddenly realized that his past life was a failure after breaking away from the noisy and impetuous circle in the past.
Apart from his status as the eldest young master of the Ye family, he himself has nothing to praise, not to mention that he has no achievements in his career and he has always been a taker emotionally.

Ye Huan thinks that he should be mature and he can’t do whatever he wants and be too egoistic as before.

Ye Huan’s change made Tong Ling a little more interested, she took the initiative to sit beside Ye Huan, brushed off her long hair and exposed her side neck.

“I’m very satisfied to be with you.” Tong Ling still looked like a model girlfriend, smiling sweetly at Ye Huan.

Ye Huan naturally did not ignore his girlfriend’s movements.
He clearly saw the red marks on his girlfriend’s neck.
This time, he did not suspect anything, but took the initiative to infer: “Yurou, your neck…is it caused by illness?”

“Is it very serious? Or do you want to see a doctor?” Ye Huan asked with concern.

Ye Huan is so sensible that Tong Ling can’t help but sigh to the system: “The male protagonist still finds a reason for me…..”

M577 only felt that the male protagonist was lame: [His eyes are completely broken, need to see an ophthalmologist.]

Tong Ling: “How can you say that, I’ve never thought his vision was so good!”

M577: [Haha…]

While chatting with the system, Tong Ling was still talking to Ye Huan with two things in her mind.

“How did you guess it?” Tong Ling didn’t deny that Ye Huan found a good reason for her, she pulled down her neckline and slipped her fingers from her neck to her collarbone, “It’s a lot of red, when I first saw it, I..I was startled, after all, it looks like a hickey…..”

Tong Ling looked at Ye Huan with a smile: “Ye Huan, why are you not angry?”

The line of the woman’s neck is extremely beautiful and the white skin is printed with speckled red marks, stroked by that beautiful slender finger, it is a very seductive picture.

Her actions are bold, her words are full of teasing, but her eyes are still so clear, which simply interprets what a “pure and lustful” woman means.
Ye Huan had never seen Yu Yurou’s look like this, his eyes flashed with amazement and he was even more amused by his girlfriend’s test in his heart.
” As I said, I won’t doubt you anymore, don’t you believe it?” 

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Ye Huan stretched out his hand to straighten Tong Ling’s collar, and said indulgently, “Or are you deliberately seducing me?”

As a white-lotus character, when she heard this sentence, immediately blushed and backed away, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Ye Huan’s heart was filled with tenderness and sweetness again, “When I’m healthy, I’ll give you a good hug.”

Tong Ling had no interest in Ye Huan.
Seeing that the atmosphere was almost brewing, she said, “I can come to see you tomorrow but the day after tomorrow… I don’t have time to come.” 

 “Why?” Ye Huan said the most every day.
What he is looking forward to is waiting for his girlfriend to come and see him.
No matter when Tong Ling comes and how long she is here, it’s good to see her one more time.

“Have you forgotten who I am now?” Tong Ling squinted at Ye Huan charmingly, “I’m Yu Ling and I have to go to college.
I have to live on campus at that time, so I can only come out to see you during the break.

“You want to go to college for your sister?” Ye Huan frowned, “Even if you become a ‘substitute’, you don’t really have to take on your sister’s life.
Not to mention that you have to imitate another person to get in touch with a brand new environment.
Getting in touch with new people…how can I make you do such a sacrifice!”

“It’s hard work, but my sister has studied abroad for me and I can’t let her not even get her diploma after returning to China.” Tong Ling He repeated the excuse that Lu Yue had used before.

Ye Huan pondered for a moment, “Although I can’t let you get a diploma directly, I have a way to save you from going to school.”

 “I will find someone to go to your sister’s school to complete the formalities for your sister to leave school for an internship.
When the internship expires, you can go back to school and get your diploma.
As for where to go for an internship….”

Ye Huan quickly made a decision: “Just go to Lu Yue’s company, he already knows your situation very well and I’m relieved to have him take care instead of me.”

Tong Ling wanted to laugh when she heard it, Ye Huan was indeed a good brother who played with Lu Yue from childhood to adulthood and even this brain circuit was exactly the same!

M577 was even more stunned.
He had never seen a male protagonist who was so eager to cuckold himself.
Seeing Tong Ling’s joyful expression, he blurted out: “Is this all calculated by you, host!?

Tong Ling is extremely innocent: “What nonsense, how could I know that Ye Huan would have this idea.”

“But… since he let me go, it would be bad if I didn’t go.”

            ( End of this chapter ) 

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