Replace Your Life (12) Bad Puppy….

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M577 is feeling desperate.

He doesn’t know why things have turned out this way.
Because he is equipped with the harmony shield produced by the main god, he can’t see anything.

Even if he can’t see the picture, he can still hear the sound.

M577 felt like he was going deaf.

Wait….What the hell are you doing, host?!


The most incomprehensible thing for m577 is why this is the case and the plot offset has not changed!!

“I have completed the hospital plot ahead of time.
Before the next plot point of the female supporting role for cannon fodder comes out, this is all free time.” Tong Ling explained to the collapsed system: “Why are you not professional at all as a system?”

M577 put on a mask of pain: [Blame me?]

M577 was suddenly startled: […why are you free to chat with me?!]

Tong Ling sighed: “Ah, I’m a little tired, so I’m just chatting with you.”

M577 screamed: [No! I do not want to hear!!]

When the phone suddenly rang, Tong Ling got up, this time she

gave Song Xingyi enough sweetness, she believed he would never forget her for a while.

Song Xingyi didn’t answer the phone, Song Xingyi looked at Tong Ling with tears in his eyes and his voice was a little cautious: “Still… continue?”

M577 expressed his disdain for the fallen male supporting cast: […continue? Keep your head up!]

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Tong Ling put aside the inexplicably irritable system, stood up and asked Song Xingyi, “Who called you?”

Unlike the gentle sister who was just now, his sister has become colder now.

Song Xingyi felt nervous, glanced at the phone and said anxiously, “I don’t know that number.”

“Don’t know?” Tong Ling picked up Song Xingyi’s phone and opened the call record, “At 3:00 in the morning, this number was redialled.”

“I don’t know!” Song Xingyi hurriedly explained, “I was sleeping at that time, so how could I be talking to someone in the middle of the night? Sister, look, it was a missed call!”

He had been dreaming all night, how could he have the spirit to answer a strange call?

“So Xing Yi didn’t contact other women outside?” Tong Ling’s tone was a little slower.

Song Xingyi couldn’t wait to swear to God, “There is absolutely no other woman!”

“Then block this number.” Tong Ling handed the phone to Song Xingyi, “Block the information too, I don’t like seeing someone disturb you at this time.

Song Xingyi hurriedly blocked the number and then obediently put the phone in Tong Ling’s hand: “Sister, you can check my phone at will, the information inside is very clean!”

Tong Ling waved at Song Xingyi, “I’m going to the bathroom, get up by yourself.”

Song Xingyi’s face blushed suddenly, he quickly packed his clothes and stood up.

Recalling that last night was still delusional in his mind and today there is actual progress, Song Xingyi pursed his lips and snickered but he was a little worried.
Worrying that all this is like a dream, worrying that those tenderness will disappear at any time.

Thinking of this, Song Xingyi hurriedly walked to Tong Ling’s side, timidly apologized again: “I’m sorry, sister.”

Tong Ling was carefully washing her fingers and she gave Song Xingyi a look.

“Sister, you won’t ignore me, will you?” Song Xingyi really wanted a guarantee.
He knew that this time he was completely impulsive and his mind was full of those things, making those prayers again and again.
Song Xingyi’s face was about to smoke when he recalled how he couldn’t stop tangling with Tong Ling.

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Tong Ling didn’t give a definite answer but said, “I like obedient people.”

Song Xingyi immediately replied, “I’ve always been obedient!”

“Really?” Tong Ling picked up the towel on the side, “There is one puppy that likes to spin around in circles.”

Song Xingyi blushed and lowered his head, “I am not a puppy….”

“I like puppies.” Tong Ling’s mouth curved slightly, “Puppies are the cutest.”

Song Xingyi couldn’t hold back when he saw this smile and shouted, ” Wang”.

Tong Ling motioned Song Xingyi to lower his head and in the second when the boy bent over, she placed her lips on the small pear vortex at the corner of Song Xingyi’s lips.

“It’s so cute.” Tong Ling said softly.

 Song Xingyi’s eyes were shining brightly.
He restrained his shame and shouted wang wang a few times in a row.

Then he brought his face closer, his eyes filled with anticipation.

“Bad puppy.” Tong Ling said, holding up Song Xingyi’s face and kissing it again.

Song Xingyi shouted a few times and she kissed a few times and the number was exactly the same.

Seeing that Song Xingyi wanted to shout again, Tong Ling immediately covered his mouth with her hand, “Okay, it’s not cute if it’s too noisy.”

Song Xingyi only felt sweet bubbling in his heart, if love has color, it must be Pink!

The puppy is getting more and more clingy.

Tong Ling pushed Song Xingyi, who was almost clinging to her side, to one side and complained impatiently with a cold face: “Can’t you just sit on the side without disturbing?”

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“I…” Song Xingyi wanted to move but he couldn’t help it! As long as he sees Tong Ling, his eyes and his footsteps follow involuntarily, “Can’t I stay by my sister’s side?”

Song Xingyi said a little aggrievedly, “I just want to see my sister more.”

” Tong Ling smiled meaningfully.

“I’m tired, I want to sleep for a while.”


Song Xingyi’s brain exploded again.

Why is my sister still able to sleep peacefully in front of him under such circumstances?

Song Xingyi’s heart was in a mess.
For a time, he felt that he was not hated by his sister, because his sister trusted him.
For a while, he felt that his sister did not take him seriously, otherwise how could she let him stay alone as a man without any scruples?

Song Xingyi did not dare to get too close to her sister. 

After thinking about it, he simply sat on the ground, his eyes facing the sleeping face of the woman and he didn’t look at other places that should not be seen.

He could hear his sister’s shallow breathing as she fell asleep.
Her long hair was draped softly behind her and a small tuft of hair fell on her cheek, trembling slightly with her breathing.

 Song Xingyi’s heart was itchy when he saw it, he then reached out his hand and gently brushed her hair aside and inadvertently touched the woman’s soft cheek with his fingers.

“Xing Yi, what are you doing?” Tong Ling’s eyes were sober and she was pretending to be asleep just now.

Song Xingyi was startled, now he knew why Tong Ling was sleeping in front of him.
This is testing him! But he….

“You’re really not good.” Tong Ling snorted coldly, “I thought you would be obedient, but you still want to do bad things!”

Song Xingyi was at a loss for words.

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“Puppies that are not well behaved should also be punished.” Tong Ling gave a short command: “Now, turn around, face the wall and don’t move!”


Just as Song Xingyi was about to explain, he was interrupted ruthlessly by Tong Ling: “Don’t make me angry.”

Song Xingyi walked to the wall dejectedly.
He felt that he was wronged.
Isn’t it too much to punish him before he touches her…

“Xingyi, are you blaming me?” Tong Ling walked behind Song Xingyi.

She wrapped her arm around the boy’s arm, “Didn’t you come to take care of me today when I am sick? But what have you done to me? You are so bad!” When he got entangled, it dissipated and his heart melted when he was blamed so softly by the woman.

“I was wrong.” Song Xingyi obediently admitted his mistake and this little punishment became sweet in his eyes, “It’s my fault.”

Tong Ling stood on tiptoe and whispered in Song Xingyi’s ear,” Is Xingyi a bad puppy?”

Song Xingyi trembled, with a blushing face and replied in a weak voice, “…..Yes.”

M577: […..]

M577’s eyes are dead: [Please,host.
I’m still a child, Why are you showing me this!]

Tong Ling smiled and said to the system: “In the plot, Song Xingyi is the heroine Yu Yurou’s dog licking, licking the heroine is fine but biting people randomly, don’t you think he is very bad?” 

[Host, please stop making excuses, you’re just playing tricks and playing with a boy’s heart!]

Tong Ling was surprised: “You have seen it through, m577, you have really grown up.”

M577 hurriedly said, [No!! I don’t need this kind of growth!!]

            (End of this chapter)

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