Replace Your Life (11) Help Me, I Can’t Help…..

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Song Xingyi woke up very early.

When he woke up, he felt that his pants were sticky and uncomfortable.
When he knew what happened, he rushed to the bathroom as if his butt was on fire.
He took a cold shower and changed into new underwear early in the morning.

When he came out blushing, Song Xingyi’s expression was a little unnatural.
He felt that he was too unpromising and he didn’t know what he was thinking about in the dream.
It wasn’t that he never got along with Yu Yurou before, so why was his mind full of strange thoughts this time.

After finally clearing his mind, Song Xingyi stood in front of the mirror and began to think about the outfit for today’s date.

The youth in the mirror has light chestnut curly hair, three-dimensional features and a bit of mixed blood.
In the deep eye sockets, a pair of amber eyes are extremely clear and there are small pear eddies at the corners of the lips.
Even with a straight face, it looks very harmless.

Song Xingyi has always been dissatisfied with his image.
He hopes that his eyebrows will be sharper and his appearance will be more mature and stable but no matter how he makes expressions, the young man in the mirror still does not have the kind of maturity that makes people blush and heartbeat at a glance.

He tried to scratch his hair and found that the naturally small curly hair could not enhance his momentum, so he simply took out a can of disposable hair dye and applied it to himself and only after dyeing a silver hair, he accepted it with satisfaction.

 Then he put on a black punk T-shirt and the latest cool black sneakers, feeling more handsome than usual, so he raised his eyebrows at the person in the mirror.

“Today, I must show my most manly side to Sister Yurou!”

Song Xingyi didn’t forget that Yu Yurou was still ill.
He checked the guide on the Internet and knew that what a sick person needs most is the care of others.
For this reason, Song Xingyi went to the pharmacy to buy a bunch of cold and fever medicine and asked the chef at home to make a pot of healthy porridge to take away.
After being fully prepared, Song Xingyi drove his favorite supercar and rushed to his destination.

When Song Xingyi was downstairs, he realized that he had arrived too early and there was still more than an hour before the appointed time.
He was too excited to forget this.

It was boring and anxious to wait.
Song Xingyi checked the time from time to time.
When ten o’clock arrived, he quickly pressed Yu Yurou’s phone to notify her of his arrival.

Yu Yurou’s voice was soft and waxy, as if she had just woken up and was still a little confused when she spoke.

“Xingyi, you’re here so early.” The woman yawned lazily, “Huh, I didn’t have time to dress up, maybe because of the cold, I always feel a little sleepy…..”

Song Xingyi hurriedly said, “It’s okay, I can wait, Sister Yurou, when do you think it’s suitable for me to go up.” 

The woman immediately chuckled: “How can you be so obedient, Xingyi, you will make me feel like I’m bullying you.”

“Come straight up and I’ll open the door for you.” The woman said, “But you mustn’t dislike me for not being good-looking as usual.”

Song Xingyi would not care about this but since Yu Yurou said so, Song Xingyi is still mentally prepared and he must be there.
In any case, Yu Yurou is regarded as the most beautiful person.

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Hearing Tong Ling’s remarks on the phone, M577 just wanted to say that his host had a deep routine, that she didn’t dress up when she woke up, this guy got up at 8 o’clock and got dressed, washed and styled!

Although the hair is a bit messy, it looks fluffy and supple from any angle, the eyelashes are curled, the makeup is clear, the face is painted with powder blush and there is no trace of blemishes.
And she dared to say that she just woke up?

No matter how much m577 wanted to complain, Song Xingyi, who was standing at the door of the room, looked straight at Tong Ling.

It turns out that Sister Yurou just woke up like this…..It’s exactly the same as Sister Yurou in his dream! No, it’s even more beautiful than in his dreams!

She was wearing a silk pink and white suspender skirt, revealing her fair and slender calves.
Perhaps because she was afraid that she was not solemn enough, she wore a small black suit over her suspender skirt, which just covered her bare neckline and shoulders.
The delicate collarbone is looming and this body has the softness of a small woman but also brings a bit of the sassy and sexy of a mature woman.

Seeing him look over, the woman’s eyes raised a faint smile.

“Come in, how stupid.” Tong Ling turned her body slightly, did not let go of the narrow aisle at the door but bent down and took out the men’s slippers from the shoe cabinet.

“I bought new slippers for you.
Do you wear them properly?”

Song Xingyi put on the slippers specially bought for him and followed Tong Ling lightly as if stepping on cotton.

On the road from the entrance to the house, because he was a little close to Tong Ling, Song Xingyi could vaguely smell the fragrance from the woman.

 This kind of fragrance is faint and if there is nothing lingering on the nose, Song Xingyi smells the top of his heart and feels a little more itchy and always feels that there are some unwanted thoughts coming up – if he can get close and smell it, Just smell it.

Tong Ling could feel the scorching gaze of the young man behind her.
From the moment she entered the door, the gaze never moved away from her body and this was exactly the effect she needed.

Just thinking of Song Xingyi’s style, Tong Ling wanted to laugh.

Song Xingyi is really going on a date, not going to some underground rock festival? If it weren’t for that face looking good enough, she wouldn’t be able to stand this toss.

“Is this the welcome gift you brought me?” Tong Ling looked at the medicine bag and a large heat preservation bucket in Song Xingyi’s hands.
This kind of meeting gift is really not romantic at all.

After putting these things aside, Tong Ling glanced at Song Xingyi complainingly, “I thought you would bring me a bunch of flowers….”

Song Xingyi’s ears went soft when he heard this coquettish complaint.
Not wanting to, he turned around and was about to go out, “I’m going to buy flowers now!”

Tong Ling grabbed the boy who said that wind is rain and inadvertently swiped her finger on the boy’s wrist, “I don’t want flowers, I want only Xingyi.
You only have something.”

Tong Ling’s eyes fell on the face of the handsome young man, “Will Xingyi give it to me?”

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The woman, who he liked, watched him with such a dedicated gaze, Song Xingyi’s heart seemed to be scalded by flames.
With that, his face flushed red, “What, what do you want?”

Song Xingyi began to think wildly again and he saw the woman’s gaze fall from his eyes to his nose and finally to his lips.

This made him involuntarily turn his eyes to the woman’s rosy lips…..

Could it be what he thought? As in a dream, ask him for…..

“I want to have Xingyi’s smile.” Tong Ling smiled sweetly and said, “It only belongs to me.”

Song Xingyi is full of loss, just a smile? Isn’t this requirement too….
pure! Why was he thinking about it from the beginning to the end! This made Song Xingyi feel bad and also had a feeling of depression that couldn’t be vented.

Of course he wouldn’t express dissatisfaction with Yu Yurou because of his unhealthy thoughts.
He obediently followed the woman’s request and showed his brightest smile.

Tong Ling’s eyes lit up.

Song Xingyi’s smile just hit Tong Ling’s cuteness.

She likes this kind of obedient puppy who will wag its tail at her!

Tong Ling raised her hand involuntarily, put her palm in Song Xingyi’s soft hair and patted it twice softly.

Song Xingyi’s eyes widened and after a brief moment of being stunned, he was embarrassed.

He wanted to scold the other party loudly, what did she take him for? But before he could speak, Tong Ling opened the bedroom door.

“Come in.” Tong Ling instructed: “Lock the door.”

“Lock, lock the door?” Song Xingyi was hanged in one breath, “Isn’t this not too…..”

Tong Ling tilted her head in surprise, “What are you thinking? I’m afraid that my parents will come back suddenly.
It’s not easy to explain when I see you.”

M577 is like seeing an abductor who is talking nonsense with her eyes open and his heart is full of sympathy for the male supporting role: [….Don’t be deceived by her, who the hell is afraid of being discovered and brought to the bedroom!】

But Song Xingyi believed it.

Even if you don’t believe it, a normal, tempted man, who wouldn’t want to lock the door?

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As the door was locked with a “click”, Song Xingyi’s whole body was tense.

He saw the big bed in the middle of the bedroom.
He had watched yesterday’s small video countless times and he had a wonderful sense of familiarity with this bed.

Remembering what happened on this bed in his sleep, Song Xingyi quickly turned his eyes away and looked at the other furnishings in the house.

This is a woman’s room.

He clearly recognized this.
In this room, there is no trace of male existence and all the accessories are decorated in the style that girls like.
Here, it seems that even the air is sweet.

Is he the first man to come to this room? Has Ye Huan been here before?

Song Xingyi couldn’t help thinking about this question,l but he soon got the answer.

“Ah, I forgot that no one else has been in my room, not even a chair…..” Tong Ling seemed to have just discovered the problem, and then waved her hand indifferently: “Forget it, Xingyi, you can just find a place to sit down.”

Looking for a place anywhere? Is there any other place to sit here?

Song Xingyi looked around, only two choices, one was to sit on the ground, the other was to sit on the bed.

On the ground….Who would sit on the ground, that’s weird! Sitting on the bed? It doesn’t seem normal…..

Just when Song Xingyi was struggling, Tong Ling was already sitting by the bed and beckoned to Song Xingyi.

“Xingyi, do you want to watch movies or listen to music?”

Yu Yurou is a person who enjoys life very well.
The room is well-equipped, including a rear-projection TV and a CD player.

“Or…..let’s play games?”

These options will quickly let people off guard.

 “Games!” Song Xingyi walked quickly to Tong Ling’s side this time, and looked at Tong Ling with bright amber eyes: “Sister Yurou, can you play chicken? My marksmanship is very accurate and can protect you!”

“Play Chicken?” Tong Ling didn’t know anything about the game in this small world and the confused expression on her face was very real, “I’ve never played…Is it difficult?”

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 “It’s okay, I’m here.” Song Xingyi patted his chest, confidence was found in an instant.

He naturally sat beside Tong Ling and picked up Tong Ling’s mobile phone to help her play the game.

As a game novice, Tong Ling always likes to ask Song Xingyi for advice when learning games and after a while, the two of them are side by side, leaning on each other intimately.

“Well… If I’m dragging your feet, Xingyi, will you leave me?” Tong Ling blinked her eyes.

“No, if you are gone in the game, I will end the game soon and have the next round with you.” Song Xingyi assured.

Tong Ling smiled, knowing the rules of the game, the game in this small world is not difficult for her at all.
She can play games better than anyone else but her purpose is not games, her purpose is Song Xingyi from beginning to end.

So as soon as she entered the game, Tong Ling stumbled.
Like Song Xingyi said, she followed him firmly but she always turned to have a lunch box early because of various accidents.

“Xingyi, why is there always someone ambushing me!” Tong Ling angrily poked the buttons on the screen and said angrily, “It’s all my fault, I’m holding you back again!”

Absent-minded, the woman was unconsciously so close to him that as soon as he turned his head, he could touch each other’s cheeks.
The fragrance of the woman filled his nose, causing his body to undergo indescribable changes.

Tong Ling’s small black suit jacket slipped off her shoulders at some point.
At this moment, she only had a thin pink suspender skirt, revealing a piece of snow-white skin.
Song Xingyi just glanced at it and his breathing became rapid….

 “Xing Yi,” Tong Ling pretended not to notice the boy’s strangeness

 and leaned half of her body on the boy’s arm, “Continue to the next game?” 

The next game? Who cares about the next game now? Song Xingyi is going crazy!


 Before Tong Ling could continue to approach, Song Xingyi turned around and pressed the woman who kept seducing him under him.

“I’m sorry, Sister Yurou.” Song Xingyi’s eyes were red and while apologizing, he buried his head in Tong Ling’s shoulder, “Help me, I can’t bear it anymore.”

 “Huh? Help for what?” Tong Ling ran her hand across Song Xingyi’s back, “You don’t make it clear how I’m going to help you?”

 “Anything is fine, as long as it’s you, as long as it’s you…..” Song Xingyi murmured and stamped his lips on the side of Ting Ling’s neck.

“Change my name.” Tong Ling lowered her hand slowly and said softly in Song Xingyi’s ear, “Call me sister.”

Song Xingyi forgot everything, as if brilliant fireworks exploded in his mind, absentmindedly, He called out loudly: “Sister, elder sister…..”

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