ime, Lu Yue didn’t wait any longer.
When he drove away, the smile on his face never faded.


Tong Ling walked into the bedroom from the balcony, threw herself on Yu Yurou’s big bed and started to process a lot of information in the social software.

The nutritious circle of friends had posted a lot of comments underneath.
Tong Ling randomly picked a few people who had a good relationship with Yu Yurou to reply and then concentrated on chatting with Song Xingyi, the second spare tire……

No.1 spare tire, Ye Xu, he is not a person who likes to use social softwares.
He uses phone calls most often and rarely sends messages.
In addition, the relationship between the two had just broken through, so Tong Ling decided to be awkward for a while and then contact him when the time was almost up.

No.3 spare tire, Lu Yue, had just been sent away.
Tong Ling didn’t plan to keep in touch with him for a long time like Yu Yurou did before.
Anyway, her “true face” was exposed and he was fine if she was cold.

Only Song Xingyi, this young man, was totally focused on sending her a message.

Open the chat page and there are dozens of messages from him alone.
Not asking her if she is ill but asking her to pay attention to her body and hope she can recover as soon as possible.

The message is very sincere but no matter how you look at it, there is a dullness to it.

No wonder Yu Yurou despised Song Xingyi for being naive and clingy.
What’s the point of such dry text messages?

Tong Ling didn’t dislike Song Xingyi, because this kind of message didn’t bother her at all.

She has been busy all day and she needs the little milk dog to decompress.

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Tong Ling: [Xingyi, thank you for your concern, I feel much better~]

As soon as Tong Ling’s news came out, Song Xingyi replied in seconds: [Great! Sister Yurou…..Are you still in the hospital?]

Song Xingyi really wanted to go to the hospital to see Yu Yurou, even if Yu Yurou didn’t tell him the address of the hospital, it was not difficult for him to find an address.
But Song Xingyi still forcibly endured it before he got consent.

In front of Yu Yurou, Song Xingyi was always obedient.

Tong Ling: [I’m discharged from the hospital, I’m home now.]

Tong Ling clicked the video button, took a video of her hand stroking Yu Yurou’s powder puff on the soft sheets and sent it directly to Song Xingyi.

Tong Ling: [My bed is more comfortable than the hospital’s.]

Song Xingyi was stunned when he saw the video and then blushed.

It was the first time he saw what Yu Yurou’s bed looked like.
Just as he imagined, it was the kind of bed that exuded the sweetness of a girl.
Just from the video, you can feel the softness.
The woman’s fingers are white and long and the rustling sound when rubbing the edge of the quilt is especially prominent in the quiet night.

 Song Xingyi couldn’t control his thoughts and focused his eyes on that hand.
This quilt is really white, no, this hand is really soft….
Wait, wait! Song Xingyi patted his head hard and looked away from the small video with difficulty.
How could he think about those things in front of Sister Yurou’s hand, he was too much!

 Song Xingyi glanced at the door with a guilty conscience and was relieved to find that his door was tightly locked by him.

This is not a paid movie, so what is he nervous about with such a pure picture.

 Song Xingyi calmed down, remembering that tomorrow is the weekend, he should be able to ask to meet during his justifiable holiday and hurriedly asked: [Tomorrow, can I come to see you?]

Tong Ling: [Come to my house to see me?]

Song Xingyi immediately denied it, of course he knew that that kind of private space would not be freely accessible: [No no no, that’s not what I meant.]

Song Xingyi: [You can go wherever you want, I can accompany you.]

Tong Ling didn’t expect the little milk dog to be so pure: [But my body is not in good shape, so I don’t want to move very much.]

Song Xingyi was suddenly discouraged, was he rejected again?

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Tong Ling: [So, come to my house.]

 Tong Ling: [Location, xxxxx]

 Song Xingyi:!!!

The surprise came unexpectedly, Song Xingyi replied with the fastest hand speed: [Okay, okay!]

Tong Ling: [You can come after 10 o’clock, call me when you arrive.]

Tong Ling: [See you tomorrow, Xingyi ^_^]

Song Xingyi: [See you tomorrow!!]

After sending the message, Song Xingyi still couldn’t get back to his senses.
He read the chat record again to confirm that he really had an appointment with someone.
He picked up the quilt excitedly and started rolling.

After rolling, his fingers involuntarily poked the small video.
When he fell asleep, there seemed to be some charming dreams in his sleep…….

Tong Ling was preparing for tomorrow’s date.
She opened Yu Yurou’s wardrobe, picked out a few sets of pajamas and looked into the fitting mirror to compare.

“Hmm…..Which one looks better?” Tong Ling with silk pajamas on her body, “This one looks very smooth.”

M577 was shocked: [You…what do you want to do! Why choose pajamas!]

Tong Ling is speechless: “What should I wear if I don’t wear pajamas at home?”

M577 always feels that he is not at ease: [Are you going to dress like this when you meet Song Xingyi?]

Tong Ling smiled but said nothing.

M577 plopped down to his knees: [Please….let go of the child.]

Tong Ling: “What kind of children are adults, I don’t have such a big child.”

M577: [………]

M577 is autistic again.

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