Chapter 5: Fan Group

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The head teacher of class 12 of senior high school, surnamed Zhao and called Zhao Yan, was a woman in her early thirties.
She and Zhou Hai had an office in the academic affairs office, right across from each other.

When Lu Tong stood in front of Zhou Hai, Qin Chu was being criticized by Zhao Yan.

“You said before that you had just returned to China and that you were not familiar with our domestic teaching methods.
Let’s take a look at how many points you scored on this monthly exam?”

Lu Tong glanced at it quietly.
The score on the test paper looked like a hundred or so.

He thought to himself: not bad.

It was not bad to be able to know a few Chinese characters when you’re a transfer student from abroad, so a score of more than a hundred in one subject was not bad.

Zhao Yan patted the test paper on the table: “All nine subjects add up to 102 points?! Did you take the test with your eyes closed?!”

Lu Tong: …

Forget it.

Qin Chu’s voice rang lazily: “I can’t do it.”

“If you can’t do it, don’t you know how to learn in class? Don’t think that I don’t know that you skip school all day to play games.
Qin Chu, I’m telling you, if you don’t study hard, I will call your parents to come to school.”

Qin Chu didn’t care: “Please do, I’ll admire you if you call them.”

“Lu Tong, please enter the results of our class.”

Zhou Hai’s voice interrupted Lu Tong’s thoughts.

He nodded and sat on Zhou Hai’s desk.
Without saying a word, he began to enter the results of class 1, second year of senior high school.

Zhao Yan had scolded Qin Chu enough, and finally was willing to stop and have a rest.

Qin Chu gave her a cup of tea and made a very gentlemanly “please”: “Lao Zhao, drink tea, don’t die of anger.”

Zhao Yan drank two sips of tea and glared at him.

If it were any other student and they scored a little over a hundred in all nine subjects, it was a lost cause, Zhao Yan wouldn’t even bother to care.

But Qin Chu was different.

There was some kinship between them –  Qin Chu was a child entrusted to her by her brother-in-law’s relatives.

Zhao Yan’s sister’s husband and Qin Heng, Qin Chu’s father, grew up together.
Qin Chu’s father was the chairman of Central Control Ocean Group, who was busy every day and always away from the country.

Qin Chu’s mother was British.
She died of illness when he was ten years old.
Qin Chu studied in England and was raised by his dad for ten years or so.

Last year, Qin Heng married Qu Shaoning, the youngest daughter of the head of Eisen Group, and took Qu Shaoning and her daughter Qu Muyao back to China, and incidentally, Qin Chu, who was studying in England, also returned home.

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At first, Qin Heng planned to bring Qin Chu back to B City to study.
As a result, his good friend found out about it.
He spoke directly to Qin Heng and said that his wife’s sister worked in the Education Department of Provincial No.
1 High School, so he simply let Qin Chu go to Provincial No.
1 High School to study.

In the past two years, the ranking of Provincial No.
1 High School among domestic high schools had been rising, second only to North No.
12 High School, and ranked second in admission rates in the country.
When international students like Qin Chu returned home to study, they usually took the route of exchange students, and only private high schools were able to enroll them without reason.

Qin Heng considered the situation.
Instead of sending Qin Chu to a private high school, he might as well directly let him study hard in Provincial No.
1 High School.
After all, most of the private high schools in B city were filled with rich second generations and children of government officials who didn’t like studying and whose roads were paved for them by their families.
Qin Heng was very strict with his son and didn’t want him to be such a person.

However, generally speaking, the more Qin Heng hated something, the more Qin Chu wanted to antagonize him.
He was a notorious rich second-generation gang leader who bullied cats and chased dogs, skipped classes and fought, doing all kinds of evil.

At his age of sixteen or seventeen, he was just in his rebellious period, fighting wits with the old man, not hesitating to joke about his future, quarrels with a girlfriend being the biggest issue.
In short, he was carefree and had nothing to do with his body full of energy.

With no place to vent the energy, he turned rebellious, which was a pain.

When Zhao Yan received the hot potato that was Qin Chu, she almost hanged herself – Qin Chu was simply the most difficult student she had ever seen.
He refused to learn and study properly.

His family was rich and powerful, with a political and business background.
He didn’t lack anything.
He couldn’t even drink the chicken soup of “studying to change his fate”; he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, what fate could he change by studying?

She sighed and saw the results entered by Lu Tong.
The first one was himself.

Lu Tong, class 1, year 2, total score: 712.

” Zhao Yan covered her heart: “I had a heart attack.”

She opened her eyes and pointed to Qin Chu: “look at yourself, look at Lu Tong, why did you score so low in your test again?! Why can’t you just score a fraction of his grade!”

Qin Chu licked his lips and followed Zhao Yan’s line of sight to look at Lu Tong.

Lu Tong’s skin was pale, and when the incandescent light in the office hit, the veins on his neck were clearly visible.

It just so happened that Lu Tong was also looking at him.

Qin Chu looked somewhat mixed, but the mix wasn’t particularly strong.
In his words, the hybridization was not obvious, so Qin Chu didn’t let others call him a mutt.
Whoever did would suffer.

His father’s genes obviously had an overwhelming advantage, which made Qin Chu look similar to most Chinese people, but at most he was a little more handsome.

Only that pair of eyes, very light in color, appearing a bit silver-gray, were quite stunning.

This also led to Qin Chu’s eyes looking thin and cool no matter who he looked at, showing a hint a of rebellious appearance.

Although both of them were often mentioned on the campus forum, today was the first time they met face to face.

Lu Tong pretended not to see him and quickly turned his head to do his own business.

“Look, look, you still have the face to look at others!” Zhao Yan covered her forehead and scolded again.

Qin Chu covered his ears and said speechlessly, “Lao Zhao, my ears are deafened by you.”

Zhao Yan grabbed his test paper and complained bitterly for a long time.

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After Lu Tong finished his grade report, he stood up and said, “Teacher Zhou, it’s done.”

Zhou Hai, who was watching the lively quarrel between Qin Chu and Zhao Yan, returned to his senses and said, “Okay, thank you for your hard work.
By the way, you’ll go to the printing room to print out a copy of your monthly physics test paper and send it to the class, so that they can revise it first according to your test paper.”

Zhao Yan asked: “Lu Tong got a perfect score in the monthly physics exam again?”

Zhou Hai said, “Not bad.
This boy didn’t embarrass me.”

Zhao Yan listened to Zhou Hai’s deceitful attitude and wanted to roll her eyes at him, but with students present, she held back.

When he left, Qin Chu took another look at Lu Tong.

Zhao Yan looked at his test paper over and over and said, “I’ll find you a tutor.”

“No.” Qin Chu refused outright.
“The teachers at Provincial No.1 High School cannot teach outside, Lao Zhao, don’t get yourself into trouble.
Besides, you’re an art teacher what can you tutor me about?”

Qin Chu now lived in Zhao Yan’s house.
Zhao Yan lived on the second floor and he lived on the third floor, located next to the Civic Center building, which was a good location.

The subway had opened not long ago, and taking the subway from school, it took three or four stations to get home.

Zhao Yan: “This is something I’ll worry about; you just need to mind your own business.
Don’t let me catch you bullying other students, I watch everything on the campus network, so pay attention.”

Qin Chu was not happy to hear that, “Whatever, I don’t want to learn anyway.
Let’s go.”

He picked up the test paper on the desk and walked to building D without looking back.

Zhou Hai looked at Qin Chu’s back and spit the tea leaves in his mouth back into the water cup*: “What do you care about this rich second generation? His father has plenty of money, does he lack this achievement?”

(* TN: this sentence literally said that.
I wasn’t sure if it was like an idiom or something, so I looked it up but couldn’t find anything about it so I assume he’s literally doing that? lol)

Zhao Yan: “it’s not that I want to take care of it.
It’s his parents who came to greet me.
In the way of my sister’s kindness, can I ignore it?”

Zhou Hai: “How are you going to tutor him?”

Zhao Yan: “Find a tutor, so that he can at least get the minimum admission score in the mid-term exams.
I can’t ask too much of him.”

Zhou Hai was originally leaning on a chair, and when he heard this, he straightened up: “Who are you looking for?”

Zhao Yan: “I know a few teachers from outside schools…”

Zhou Hai: “Teachers from outside schools are not allowed to open tutoring classes outside, right? I’ll recommend someone to you.”

Zhao Yan looked at him.

Zhou Hai said: “What do you think of Lu Tong? It’s more than enough for Qin Chu’s tutoring.
I think he’s guaranteed to go to Peking University, and it’s not a big problem to teach first year students at the bottom.
Moreover, mainly they are both students, and it is convenient for them to communicate.
They have their own way of teaching, which is more effective than ours.”

Zhao Yan was a little surprised: “How did you think of him?”

Zhou Hai paused for a moment: “Lu Tong’s family does not seem to be very well off.
I saw him working as a waiter in a restaurant during the summer.
I didn’t have the heart to ask him, so I inquired about it with his classmates and found out that he often works part-time outside.”

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Zhao Yan: “Is that so? Lu Tong does not look like he comes from a poor family…”

“Children, they all want to save face, even if you see through them, they won’t say it.”

Zhao Yan nodded: “Okay, I’ll do as you say.”

Lu Tong sneezed in his seat.

He Nian finished his English homework and didn’t want to write his physics paper, so he turned his head and asked him, “Copy physics for me.”

Lu Tong: “On the table, get it yourself.”

“Did you do it so fast?”

Lu Tong rubbed his nose: “I have to hand it in before class on the third evening, so hurry up and copy it, don’t waste my time.”

He Nian frowned: “What are you afraid of, doesn’t Xu Shan like you? Tell me, can she remember your name?”

Lu Tong suddenly stopped writing and spoke, “I met Qin Chu in the office just now.”

“Holy shit?” He Nian stared at him fiercely: “Met him in person? Did you get into a fight?”

Lu Tong: …

“No, didn’t say a word.”

He Nian fished out his cell phone clamped between the two exercise books in the compartment under the table: “Did you take his picture?”

“Is it possible.” He glanced at He Nian, “What are you doing?”

“Can’t you see, I’m rushing to report.
Big things must be shared.”

Alarmed, Lu Tong grabbed his phone, “Who are you sharing it with?”

There was a group chat on the screen.
The group’s avatar was a photo of Qin Chu stolen from somewhere and the group name was: Innocent Female High Schoolers’ Study Group.

He clicked in to have a look and saw that He Nian had shared the news that he had just met Qin Chu.
As if swiping the screen, a row of screams slid past.

Lu Tong was speechless: “This is your study group? What do you study? Fangirling? Where did you join it?”

He Nian grabbed his phone back: “On the campus forum.
I saw that they had opened a discussion group related to Qin Chu, so I joined to see.
As the saying goes, know yourself and your enemy, and you win a hundred battles.
As your first military adviser, it is necessary to understand the opponent’s situation! Not to mention Qin Chu, in fact, you also have a group, which is basically all Omegas.
They sell your homework books and draft books in the group, and I also joined it; I can earn some extra money in my spare time.
Let me show you ah… “

“… extremely ridiculous.”

“Extremely ridiculous!!!” Qin Shiwu almost jumped up from his seat.

Guapitou yanked him down: “what are you doing? You’re still in class.”

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The deputy head teacher, Ami, knocked on the desk at the podium: “What’s all that noise, be quiet.”

Qin Shiwu sat down, incredulous: “You also have this kind of group? Just get together and discuss what Lu Tong does every day?”

Guapitou was speechless: “You just bothered me for a lesson and asked me about this and that about Lu Tong.
I’m not one of Lu Tong’s stalkers.
If you want to know about Lu Tong’s news, just join the group.
I have to help Brother Gu copy the homework, be careful not to have your phone taken away.”

Qin Shiwu stared at the discussion group on the mobile phone screen.
Its name was: LuLu Embassy Office of Provincial No.1 High School in China…

He gritted his teeth and thought: I haven’t even joined my mother’s real fan club after 16 years, and now I’m reduced to chasing idols with female high school students!

I won’t allow it!

A minute later, Qin Shiwu quickly joined the “LuLu Embassy Office of Provincial No.1 High School in China”.

At the same time, in the back row of the classroom, Qin Chu grabbed Ji Rang’s back collar and dragged him over.

Ji Rang was suddenly strangled by fate and reflexively knew that the ancestor in the back row had woken up and had something to say.

“Qin Chu, just talk, don’t grab my clothes.”

Qin Chu plopped down on his desk.
“Do you know Lu Tong?”

Ji Rang raised his eyebrows at him: “What are you doing? He has robbed you of your love again and you finally can’t help but kill him?”

Qin Chu: “if I ask you something, don’t change the subject.”

Qin Chu chattered and was not afraid of Ami.
Ji Rang was not so bold.
He pretended to open a book, pretended to do his homework and said in a voice: “how could I possibly have his contact information.”

Qin Chu frowned and said, “Then who has it?”

Ji Rang raised his eyes and looked at Ami.
For fear that Ami would find him talking, he was in a hurry to solve Qin Chu’s trouble.
He whispered, “Ask others for it.
Aren’t there many groups on the campus forum that specialize in asking for Lu Tong’s information? Go and buy it.”

Qin Chu seemed to understand and listened.

After releasing Ji Rang, five minutes later, he added a discussion group called “LuLu Embassy Office of Provincial No.1 High School in China” to his mobile phone.

Qin Chu found it by searching the key words directly from the campus forum.
This group should be the most active group with the most students.

He hesitated for a moment and clicked to apply.

In less than two seconds, he joined the group.

The ” LuLu Embassy Office of Provincial No.1 High School in China” discussion group welcomed two new members at the same time.

Welcome user “900 million girls’ dream lover” to the group.

Welcome user “QC” to the group.

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