Just when Lu Tong finished dealing with the matter of heat on his side, Qin Shiwu finally woke up from the bed.

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The mother and child were connected by the heart.
They were connected from far away places and their connection stepped across space, time, and skin, making him instinctively feel that Lu Tong was in a trouble today.

He raised his hand and glanced at his watch.
It was 2 pm and the second period in the afternoon had already started.

After Qin Shiwu crossed over, he has been following the work and rest pattern of the original owner.
Attending classes and going to school depended on his wake-up time.
The time when he wakes up was the time when he goes to school.

Last night, he couldn’t sleep all night.
He was at a loss all night, thinking about which passerby would have a good relationship with Lu Tong, and couldn’t fall asleep till 5 in the morning.

Qin Shiwu had passed US time.
So after waking up, he was not in a hurry to go to school.
After slowly changing into his school uniform, he set off from his house and wandered into the school.

He was occupying the skin of the “Qin Shiwu” who used to be chicken-hearted1.
But his mannerism remained unchanged from his own.
In addition to that, he had crossed over and didn’t have any idea about this era.
He swaggeringly climbed over the wall and entered the school.

When he walked into the D building, many people in the corridor constantly looked around at him.

Qin Shiwu had a slight reputation among the high school first years.
Of course, it was not a good reputation.
Rather, it was a bad reputation.

He was a famous straw bag2 who could be bullied by anyone.
Everyone’s impression of him was only loose-fitted school pants and wide glasses.

And now beneath the surface of this brand new Qin Shiwu, who has changed his core and upgraded his configuration, was a school bully who did not shrink from any crime3 and deceived cats and dogs.
On the day of the weekend holiday, he had cut his hair short and neat, revealing a pair of peach blossom eyes.

And that cumbersome spectacles frame was finally thrown into the trash can by Qin Shiwu.
And it was replaced by a pair of contact lenses.

His clothes were a newly bought short-sleeved shirt and it was covered on the outside by a loosely fitted school uniform.
He wasn’t wearing the school pants.
But what he was wearing was ripped jeans.
The pant legs were rolled up twice, exposing his fair and clear ankles.

He looked fashionable as if he hadn’t come there for studying.
But for making his first public performance4.

Qin Shiwu pushed open the front door of class 12 of the high school first years and only a few noticed him coming in.

Few people looked toward him and became stunned for a moment when they recognized that this charming youth was Qin Shiwu.
They immediately whispered it to their desk-mates.

Lin Xiaomian, the mathematics class representative, was standing on the podium and said softly with her voice that wasn’t much louder than a mosquito humming, “Hand over the math homework…….”

There were no results even after yelling three times.
So Lin Xiaomian could only collect the math homework one by one.

She started asking from the innermost row and the first one was Gu Kaifei, a punk in the class.

The seat in which Gu Kaifei was sitting wasn’t his seat.
Rather it was Qin Shiwu’s seat.

Lin Xiaomian walked up to his side and asked in a small voice, “Gu Kaifei, did you hand over the math homework…….”

Gu Kaifei, “Didn’t write.”

Before Qin Shiwu could enter, the head of Gua Pi suddenly appeared and took him outside, taking advantage of the chaos in the classroom, “You shouldn’t go in.
You just skip the class.
Gu Kaifei wanna beat you.”

Half of Qin Shiwu’s foot had already stepped into the classroom.
But he was stupified when he was dragged out, “Who is Gu Kaifei?”

He pondered in his mind for a while, and from the memory of the previous Qin Shiwu, he found a sporadic impression of Gu Kaifei.

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This person was a sports student and got into the Provincial No.
1 Middle School by spending money.
As he would soon enter the provincial team, he didn’t care about his academic performance at all.
Every day he took pride in forming groups in the classroom and bullying small and weak classmates — With Qin Shiwu as his main target of bullying — And made it his own duty.

And as what they did wasn’t too much, the teachers turned a blind eye to it5.

Gua Pitou asked, “Isn’t it because you have been running away from him for the past few days? Didn’t Brother Gu ask you to go to the basketball court to deliver water to him? Why didn’t you go?”

Qin Shiwu licked the back of his molar with the tip of his tongue and said with his eyebrows raised, “Is he going to beat me just because I didn’t deliver water to him?”

Gua Pitou, “It is not just about beating you.
He will definitely trouble you if you go in.
You should ask for leave today.”

Qin Shiwu, “I’m used to him.
The brother have grown up so much that I don’t look at others faces[footntoe]Cause he doesn’t care about them.[/footnote].”

He pushed Gua Pitou away and stepped into the classroom.

Gu Kaifei pushed Lin Xiaomian away impatiently, “You don’t understand human words, do you? Can’t you understand that I didn’t write it? Collecting you mother……6”

Lin Xiaomian was petite and wasn’t as big as Gu Kaifei.

“But Teacher Qian said today that those who have not handed in their homework will have to stand in the corridor.”

“You gonna fu*** write down my name?”

Gu Kaifei took out a maths booklet from his schoolbag and threw it on Lin Xiaomian’s desk, “Help me copy the Qian Xiaofei’s math homework before the class.”

With tears in her eyes, Lin Xiaomian sat down and picked up a pen.
But as soon as the nib of the pen touched the booklet, the booklet was pulled away.

Qin Shiwu took away Gu Kaifei’s mathematics booklet and said, “What are you copying? Don’t copy it.”

Gu Kaifei clicked his tongue, “Are you courting death ah, Qin Shiwu?”

Qin Shiwu took off his schoolbag and threw it into Lin Xiaomian’s hands.
He then caught her by the nape of her clothes and carried her onto the podium like carrying a kitten.

And at the same time, he kicked the pit of Gu Kaifei’s stomach and directly kicked him to the ground, “Can you speak louder? I can’t hear you.”

When Gu Kaifei collapsed with a bang, the tables and chairs fell on both sides along with it.

The whole class was attracted by the loud noise.
Before Gu Kaifei could recover from the pain, Qin Shiwu grabbed the collar of his shirt and dragged him from the doorway of the classroom to the back of the classroom.

The screams of the female classmates were in an upsurge when the table and chairs on both sides were overturned.

Qin Shiwu threw Gu Kaifei into the trash can.
He grabbed a chair in passing and suddenly smashed it on his back.

On the spot, Gu Kaifei’s eyes darkened with pain, and he yelled, “Qin Shiwu, you fu*** idiot!”

All this happened in just a few seconds.

Qin Shiwu inserted his hands into his pockets and said condescendingly, “You fu*** try to sit in my seat next time.”

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Gu Kaifei got up from the ground and roared.

Qin Shishi was experienced in fighting, and beating Gu Kaifei was simply a unilateral killing in a sadistic manner.
As soon as the opponent got up, he was punched to the ground by him and the two trash cans behind the classroom fell with two “bang”s, making the pieces of paper fly.

Everyone reacted and the class monitor screamed, “Stop fighting! I am gonna find Old Zhao!”

“The teacher is coming, the teacher is coming!”

Gu Kaifei rolled on the floor in pain, unable to stand up for a while.

Qin Shiwu walked up to his seat, and the tables and stools were marked with obscene and humiliating language.
This was also a kind of school violence.
But it was a school violence of extremely low level.

The wet stains of the marker were new.
It should have been written by Gu Kaifei when he was bored while waiting for him just now.

Qin Shiwu sneered.
He turned his head and walked toward Gu Kaifei’s seat.
In just a short while, he lifted up his desk, took out all the books inside, and dragged it from the left side of the classroom to the right side.
The chair and tiles made a harsh and unpleasant sound.
But at this moment no one dared to step forward to stop Qin Shiwu.

He looked extremely vicious.

Qin Shiwu dragged the desk in the front of Qin Chu.

Gu Kaifei’s gang of scoundrels had originally sat there.
Qin Shiwu raised his foot and kicked over the original table and chair.
The table and chair collapsed, issuing a loud noise.
He looked around at the classmates who were crowded by the side of the classroom, “Whose table is this?”

A person raised their hand from the crowd, “Mine… …”

Qin Shiwu, “Move it away.
I want to sit here.”

The man hurriedly stood up and silently dragged his desk away.

Qin Shiwu kicked Gu Kaifei who was on the ground, “Get out of the way! You are blocking my seat.”

Several brothers of Gu Kaifei came up from the back.
They supported Gu Kaifei up and the few people retreated to the back of the classroom.

Qin Shiwu arranged his seat and watched with satisfaction as his seat sat in front Qin Chu’s table.

He trampled the floating papers onto the ground with his feet and looked up at the people in the class to ask “Seen enough?”

Noone dared to speak.

Qin Shiwu didn’t have an apologetic manner for even a bit.
He arrogantly said, “I’m sorry for inconveniencing the classmates by overturning your tables and chairs.
Don’t you need me to help you support them up?”

Everyone left one by one and supported up their chairs by themselves.

The movements in the classroom became strangely quiet again.
Just like the countless school violence incidents, the students silently cleaned up the aftermath on their own initiative after the fight.

But it’s just that in normal times, the one who gets beaten would have been Qin Shiwu.

And now, it was Gu Kaifei’s turn.

Everyone couldn’t help stealing glances at Qin Shiwu.
It was unbelievable for them: Is this Qin Shiwu? Is he that Qin Shiwu who only says “yes”? Did he go crazy?

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Qin Shiwu sneered and walked up to the podium with quick steps.
He then pulled apart his schoolbag from the embrace of Lin Xiaomian who had been petrified.

Soon after, Qin Shiwu grabbed the pale wrist of Lin Xiaomian.
The latter was pulled by the former and she rushed forward while stumbling.

Qin Shiwu turned his head and asked, “Where is your seat?”

Lin Xiaomian shyly pointed toward the right.
Qin Shiwu bend his waist and took out all the test papers and textbooks from her desk compartment.
All of it was then stuffed on the side of the seat that he had arranged.

“I will sit outside and you sit inside.” Qin Shiwu stuffed her into the desk by the window and sat down by himself.
He rummage through his school bag and took out his mathematics test papers.

He aggressively placed it on the desk with a bang and almost immediately, he said in fierce yet cute way, “Did you write the homework? Lemme copy it.
Cause I didn’t write.”

Lin Xiaomian thought that she was going to be beaten by him.
But Qin Shiwu said something like this.
So she immediately handed him her mathematics test paper.

Qin Shiwu, “Thank you.
I will cover up for you after you become my deskmate and you should give me your homework to copy.

Lin Xiaomian: ……

Qin Shiwu nimbly opened up the mathematics test paper of Lin Xiaomian and find out that the top student was indeed a top student.
And she was worthy of being the first in the class tests.
There were actually no sketches on the top of the mathematics test paper.

It was impossible for the top student to make sketches.
But it was impossible for him, a slacker, to not make any sketches!

The teacher believed in the former.
But the teacher didn’t believe in the latter!

Qin Shiwu was well versed in the unspoken rules about copying homework.
While quickly filling in the four answers with ABCDs, he circled and drew horizontal lines on the four options, creating a visual effect that he had obtained the answer after careful calculations.

The head of the grade and Old Zhao came late.

“Whoever fought, stand up on your own initiative.”

The head of the grade’s surname was Qian and his exact name was Qian Xiaofei.
He was a fat man who was a little short but had a very serious face.
He looked a bit like Zhang Fei of Romance of the Three Kingdoms7.
So the students were scared of his imposing manner.

When Qian Xiaofei roared this sentence from the doorway of the classroom, Qin Chu was slowly coming after dealing with the matter of Lu Tong.

Just then, Qin Shiwu was immersed in frantically copying the homework.
So he simply didn’t hear Qian Xiaofei’s words at all.

Since nobody stood up in the classroom, Qian Xiaofei glanced out of the corner of his eyes to see Qin Chu and he immediately roared, “Qin Chu! It’s you again!”

Qin Chu, who had just arrived at the door of the classroom was taken aback for a moment.
He pointed at himself, feeling confused, “What’s wrong with me?”

Qian Xiaofei asked, “Just now, did you fight or not?”

Gu Kaifei was supported by a few male students.
After changing his gangster-like mannerism, he was leaning against his arms, as if he was a delicate person like Lin Daiyu8.
His head and nose were bleeding and there were footprints on his school uniform, making it look quite tragic.

Qian Xiaofei knew that this Gu Kaifei was an ignorant and incompetent hoodlum.
In class 12 of high school first years, the only one who dared to beat him was Qin Chu, this prince.
So he didn’t even think about it and asked Qin Chu.

The class monitor raised their hand from the classroom and said, “Reporting to Teacher Qian.
It wasn’t Qin Chu.
It was Qin Shiwu.”

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Zhao Yan folded her arms in front of her chest and asked in a daze, “Who fought?”

Class monitor, “Qin Shiwu?”

Qian Xiaofei didn’t know Qin Shiwu.
So he turned his head and asked the class monitor, “Which student is Qin Shiwu?”

The class monitor pointed towards Qin Shiwu who was sitting by the window while immersing himself in writing at a tremendous speed — He was still writing Qian Xiaofei’s maths homework.

Qian Xiaofei: ……

“He fought?”

It didn’t look like that.

While the entire class was running around to enjoy the busting scene, he was was the only one who was diligently writing his mathematics homework with single-hearted devotion.
What kind of love for learning is this?

It was almost time to carve the word “mature” on the table.

The friends of Gu Kaifei opened their mouths to say, “Teacher Qian, it was Qin Shiwu who fought.
Gu Kaifei didn’t provoke him.
He just came up to hit people.”

Qian Xiaofei scolded, “You didn’t provoke him.
But he came up to beat you.
Call Qin Shiwu to come out with me.
Come with me to the Political and Educational Office!”

Qin Chu saw that it had nothing to do with him.
So he slowly walked to the back door.

Qian Xiaofei suddenly pointed at Qin Chu and said angrily, “And you, Qin Chu! You shouldn’t fish in the troubled water9 for me.
Come with them.
There is a smell of omega pheromones on your body.
Are you scared that others won’t know about your puppy love early in the morning!”




bag made of woven straw/bag filled with straw / (fig.) a good-for-nothing / clumsy oaf


to commit any imaginable misdeed


Like an entertainer


Bullying of any kind isn’t good……


He is swearing.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong 羅貫中|罗贯中, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature, a fictional account of the Three Kingdoms at the break-up of the Han around 200 AD, portraying Liu Bei’s 劉備|刘备 Shu Han 蜀漢|蜀汉 as heroes and Cao Cao’s 曹操 Wei 魏 as villains


Female character in The Dream of Red Mansions, cousin and thwarted lover of Jia Baoyu.


To take advantage of a crisis for personal gain

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