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Guo Jingyu’s mother saw that it was still early, and wanted to bring them to eat a meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken, at this point in time KFC was considered a trendy fast food place, the price wasn’t inexpensive.
Guo Jingyu stopped her, saying: “Ma, let’s not go, it’s both pricy and doesn’t taste good.”

Guo Jingyu’s mother was just feeling a little touched when she heard the stinky brat slap his leg, two eyes glittering, and say, excitedly: “Let’s go eat at Flourishing Spring! That restaurant’s signature secret recipe dish is bone-off chicken feet, one suck and the meat comes right off, it’s stewed to the perfect moment, let’s go let’s go, we’ll go eat that!”

Guo Jingyu’s mother poked his head, smiling: “You and your mouth, just like a gluttonous kitten, whatever’s tasty you’ll eat that!”

They rarely made the trip here, and also brought Li Tongzhou, Guo Jingyu’s mother generously brought them to the restaurant. p4b5l

Flourishing Spring was Furong street’s hundred-year-old established business, located at the tail end of the street in an unremarkable spot.
After pushing the door open and passing through the lobby, they found a private room on the second floor.

Guo Jingyu and his father were both good at cooking, and eating, they loved eating, father and son got together and analyzed Flourishing Spring’s menu for a short period, then ordered a few meat and vegetable dishes in high spirits, Guo Jingyu urging: “Ba, Li Tongzhou can’t eat fatty intestines, don’t order that one.”

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“ Rosy nine turns fatty intestine isn’t the same, how about trying it….”

“Let’s not, why force other people to eat, switch to something else, I think this salt and pepper shelled shrimp looks decent, so just this then.” ZpwaW

Li Tongzhou sat there not saying a word, already properly taken care of by Guo Jingyu, who arranged everything frankly.

As a person he was quiet.
Towards the older generation, if asked he would absolutely reply, although his attitude couldn’t be said to be warm, it was especially respectful.

The Guo family of three was used to joking around every day, especially Guo Jingyu with his transcendental, breaking free of outmoded ways of thinking type, personality.
At home, as long as his mother wasn’t present, then there would definitely be play struggling to be king of the mountain, Guo Jingyu’s mother knew, so usually she would especially appear somewhat stricter.
This time Li Tongzhou shared a table with the family, Guo Jingyu’s mother was embarrassed to be more severe, Guo Jingyu also restrained himself quite a bit, smiling as he served Li Tongzhou dishes, taking care of his preferences.

Guo Jingyu liked to eat bone-off chicken feet, after a little pot was served, as soon as the lid was removed one could smell the rich fragrance, the claws were stewed until they were succulent and tender, the meat was silky, soaked in soup.
Once they were removed the first thing to do was to slurp, tasting a mouthful of the freshness of the soup, then sucking with a little more force, all at once the meat would fall into one’s mouth as well; chewing it was incredibly appealing. vOqN0U

Li Tongzhou tried one.

Guo Jingyu’s father enthusiastically served him some more, halfway there he was intercepted by Guo Jingyu, “Ba, he’ll eat on his own, you shouldn’t keep giving other people things they don’t like to eat.”

“Ah? But you also gave him some just now?”

“That’s not the same, that’s trying it out, give this to me, I like it.” ca1dCP

Guo Jingyu’s father felt it was a little unfathomable, his family’s foolish son was always previously carefree, when did he ever know to take care of a person? He asked: “xiao Zhou, you don’t like to eat chicken feet?”

Li Tongzhou politely said: “Somewhat.”

To one side, Guo Jingyu was incredibly smug, his dad’s understanding of Li Tongzhou was definitely inferior to his.

Li Tongzhou saying “somewhat,” that meant can eat, but doesn’t enjoy. gi3yIj

If he came across something he liked, then it would absolutely be “tasty” “like” that category of phrase, just like the dishes he usually made, Li Tongzhou would systematically nod and approve, and furthermore would eagerly ask him if he was coming over tomorrow to cook or not!

Guo Jingyu ate as he analyzed the restaurant’s secret recipe with his father, he wanted to take this opportunity to steal teachings and learn a few things and go back to make them for Li Tongzhou to eat.

Wasn’t it already said, if one wanted to capture a man’s heart, first capture their stomach.

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Guo Jingyu felt he’d already walked half of the road to success, the following move was to continue advancing, advance his cooking skills to an incredibly awesome level, so when Li Tongzhou ate his food, he would want his person, unable to even leave him for a single step. ghVsdW

After eating, the Guo family and party rested slightly, then headed directly to the electronics mall.

Guo Jingyu’s uncle’s surname was Gu, his name was Gu Benshu, back then grandma Gu found someone to name her children, the older brother and younger sister were named Gu Benshu and Gu Changqing The two siblings of the Gu family both met expectations, they’d both made it into professional training college, were distributed jobs.
Uncle Gu worked for a few years, then, taking advantage of the circumstances surging, he took the plunge and began doing buying and selling, business could be regarded as decent, for the past many years he’d been able to set aside a considerable amount of savings; while Gu Changqing steadfastly worked from the basic level, these past two years had been promoted rather quickly, just when her enthusiasm for work was at a hundred percent.

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If the Gu family’s siblings had anything in common, it would be they both had a good spouse

Gu Benshu’s wife was nimble and competent, Gu Changqing married into the Guo family, her husband relied on her for a hundred things and went along with her in a hundred ways, cooking and child raising without a little bit of complaint, every day he was all smiles and gentle laughter, and it was also because things were like this that she could be at ease and work hard, to get to the accomplishments of today. yz65fN

Guo Jingyu especially liked his uncle, upon meeting there was at once an enthusiastic hug: “da shu!”

Gu Benshu held a cigarette in his mouth as he first hugged him and spun in a circle, laughing loudly as he said: “Good kiddo, you still know to see your da shu, let me see, not bad, grew again!”

Guo Jingyu smugly said: “Right, yesterday I measured one hundred and eighty seven centimeters!”

Gu Benshu was also a tall guy, hearing it he smiled and nodded: “Like me!” DAfPNM

Guo Jingyu’s father followed them over and said in a small voice: “da ge, Jingyu resembles me….”

Gu Benshu grandly waved his hand grandly, “Ai, sister’s son resembles his uncle, what do you know!”

Guo Jingyu’s father: “….”

—- wVgkE1

The author has something to say:
Guo Jingyu’s father: feels like my son’s been snatched away QAQ

T/N: Love Guo Jingyu’s parents’ dynamic as always, malewife ftw, congratulations again to Gu Changqing for finally becoming a named character, and for indirectly making your son kiss Li Tongzhou on the cheek because you didn’t warn his father about the pothole.
Funny how life makes a Rube Goldberg machine out of all of us sometimes.

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