Sacrifice To The Fire god[Auro Of The Nine.]

The dark lines was getting closer and closer and the view of it turning larger and larger. The Linards Mountain was drawing closer with each isle being crossed at each hour or particularly, minutes. Echoes of the isle rumbling and coming off sounded behind them as it was one step away from splitting their own isle into two various halves. Now that they were drawing closer to their target, Blake was now starting to have a high hope that they would not perish on the isle. The isle might be destroyed but not the Mountain. The creature wasn that big to be able to destroy even mountains so his calculations were that, it would be able to destroy other things, creatures even hovering isles.. but it cannot destroy the Linards Mountain.

The Linards Mountain was coupled by a brief history of a hidden being. This hidden being was known as a [Recoperating Spirit] and this spirit was one of the first resemblance of a fallen god. It got its tittle sooner or later called [Indigen of the dark] and now its hidden agenda surfaced. The hidden being was being given a chance toake a certain wish because, even the gods are able to recognize their own kind.. but the hidden being instantly wished for a tall Mountain to emerge deep from within the wnds of the earth and he also stated that the Mountains would be used to imprison gods with no way of getting their desired freedom. The gods were not happy with his wish but knowing that a promise sealed with an oath is to be fufilled no matter what, they granted the wish and the Linards Mountain instantly came to existence.

Its curse still lingered and anyone who has a link with the gods as per lineage is bound to be trapped there and be called slaves but unless, the way to freedom is seeked, will there by a gate.

Blake knew that this was the second to last isle to cross and once they get to the last then, they would be able to get to the Linards Mountain without fearing to be destroyed.

Right now, their lives were at risk. Adding up the dangers, it wasn the awakening creature that would even kill them, it was its destruction. For the fact that the isle were being reduced to granules before the creatures terrifying paw, and then falling over the dark expanse would instantly spell their doom. They haven seen any abominations yet but that doesn mean that the future promised to be so promising. They were still on high alert.

Blake stared at the Mountain and then the isle which was becoming visible. It was the last isle, which means that, they were reaching the end of this one. Was it so easy? The only thing was for them to cross over which would require them to run a spell.

Nonchalantly, Evie stood at the edge of the isle. She opened her palm and several scars of fresh wounds were showing. They have constantly been using the spell Tera started to cross isle to isle that their wrists down to their hand was now ebbed with wounds which seems not to be healing at all.

Seeing her both wrists covered in bruises, Evie had to comment.

”Blake, can you be a little bit caring for once? ”

She showed him her injuries which seems to have been inflicted almost everywhere around her hand that it was as if there was no more room to slice her wrist and Blake without any feeling of pity tched.

”Evie, you know what? ”

”What? ” Evie grumbled.

”A good and caring witch like you would proceed to working the magic instead of looking back like you are doing right now. ”

Blake said and Evie frowned.

”You mean, I should keep cutting myself when we have all of the needed blood in you. ”

Evie stated making Blake to gasp. He would not allow himself to be sliced, no way.

What a looser

Blakes expression turned dark and added.

”Get to work Evie, the goddess of light blesses one for their good work don she? ”

Evie didn respond to him and she turned to face the edge as she proceeded to start the magic.

All of a sudden, a shockwave ruptured the isle and Evie lost her balance.

What just happened?

The question was quick. They were so engrossed in their dialogue that they forgot that they were supposed to be at the other isle by now.

What soccery is this?

Fuck bloody haters!!

Evie who lost her balance was the one at the end of the isle and it was not good.

The whole isle was suddenly splitting in clean halves. The other end of the isle shattered as if being freed from the suspended magic holding it and pack of the sand came flooding up and the spreading around. While the other half was mysteriouly still holding.

Blake saw Evie falling and in ome swift motion, he caught her hand, preventing her from going below the isle. Her body now dangled over, while Blake lay on his stomach with him not performing any action. He realised that if he try to stand up, Evies weight might take him along with her below, so his best option was to remain lying. But if he keeps lying on the floor, eventually the isle would collapse too and all three of them would fall to tjeir doom.

Did Blake suddenly forget that all it takes is one distraction to completely end them. So now, Blake was feeling that his action needed a really good punishment but not death at least. He need to survive, the girls too.

”Pull me Blake, what are you doing? ”

Evie snapped staring at the dark expanse below her right now and she gritted her teeth. Their palm linked together was growing sweaty and slippery and a cold expression appeared on Evies face.

”You seem like you don appreciate ones help. ”

Blake snapped back but Evie didn respond. Blake seemed to be in disarray right now, his arms were stretching and groaning. It was sweaty and slippery. His bones weren resillient enough to hold neighter was his palm stark enough and he was slowly loosing Evies hold. Suddenly Evie sneered because she felt his hold on her decrese.

”Seems like you are doing your best. ”

Blake knew that, that words were to mock him right now but he didn mind. He needs to find a way to get Evie out now if not… ah! He did not even want to say what would happen if Evie happens to fall in.

Suddenly, the isle convulsed one last time and then, shot up as if the pressure submerging it below was way to strong only for shards of sand and dust to go flying in the air. Blake felt it. The hard ground he lay on suddenly disintergrated and he seems to be laying on the air and his wait started bringing them down. But just before the trio would descend fully, a dark all of energy engulfed them. Inside the dark ball, sparkles and shades of silver dispersed all over.

Evie and Blake landed on a flat edge of the ball and Blake was utterly confused. One minute, they were falling below and the next minute, they landed on a flat surface. And then, the answer to his question came because, Tera stood far away from them almost at the center of the ball. Her whole body was glowing so intensely. She was the one who chanelled the dark ball and Evie stared at her through her locks which poured covering her vision only but slightly.

”Shes using the dark witches magic. ” Evie realised, even Blake was stunned for a while as they watched Tera, who looked to be groaning intensely. Her powers were pulsating. She is commanding the ball which obediently moved from its position over the dark expanse to land on the next isle and the instance the ball touched the ground, its light disintegrated and Tera feel limp on the floor.

She just saved them.

”Tera, ” Evie screamed her name as she ran to meet her. Grabbing her arms which lay lax as it was so exerted, Evie sighed in relieve. There were magic one would perform and once it is done, the person ends up dieing because this magic takes everything the soul and the body. Its like sacrificing everything so Evie thought thats what Tera did only to see her chest rising and falling betraying that she was dead.

The goodnews right now is that the Linards Mountain is only a few steps away and the badnews is that, right now the creature is fully awakened. The last isle was bits of its body part and once it rises, this isle would explode in a smash because not only is it obstructing the suspended magic, it is also disembedding the gravitational force which would lead to the isle exploding. Tera couldn even walk and that was another problem. They had to leave and do it fast. So Tera was guided to walk, her hands across their both shoulders and then the walked on. Considerably slow.

Finally, they got to Linards Mountain. Blake stared at the draconian peaks of the Linards Mountain that towered above the isle, submerging it into the their vast deep shadows. They were shrouded in white mist that flowed slowly down the dark slopes and fell into the dark black abyss of the sky below like an endless wall of white swirrling clouds. The image of it was both magnificent and frightening. It was as though the sky itself was slowly being devoured by the lightless void… or maybe invading it.

The isle suddenly shuddered and they knew that they have no time left to admire the Mountain. They both lifted Tera and in no time, they were in one of the Mountains slope which ended in a dark cave. But still in that dark cave, they seem to be an eternal lamp that has been burning for centuries now which suddenly felt intriquing because its lampholders hasn been touched before by anyone except gods… Blake wanted to touch it and see how it would react. But, Tera needs rest right now. Adequate one at that so that would be kept for laters finding.

Meanwhile outside the Mountains crater, the whole place in the outside world came to view. Blake noticed the the spikes rising from the dept and then, wnen it struck the last isle, everything went up in rains of sand as if the isle was just an ordinary sand paper.

A mighty, gargantuan creature emerged from the dept. It was like 120 kilometre long and then had a vast body protruding deep with armour plates and thick versatile scales. Nothing scare him more than just Standing and staring at the calamity before him. With a grim expression on his face, he turned back and headed into the cave and there Evie sat with Tera whos head leaned on the wall as she tried to take a rest.

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