Linards Mountain[Indigen Of The Dark]

Both Evie and Tera stared at each other as they transversed deep into the dark loiys of the cave with Blake coming on behind them. They were so scard of two things, the vile creature which dwells deep and two for the fact that, Blake would be trapped her his entire life untill the Underworld Groove is being breached which isn possible. The thing that was able to happen is witches might try to open the gate which they would be unsuccessful with it. It was only witches who could get in and get out without being trapped in. The reason was because, witches were soft creatures with magic powers from the Goddess of light so anything that is from the light is considered blessed. They might also have the rogue witches whos dark magic comes directly from the god of darkness. The rogue witches would be able to go in but they would never go out that was why, they never tried to test the powers lurking the Underworld Groove. The rogue witches are always into hiding behind the thick bushes In Scarlet Hill and this land is known for the dark witches. Darkness hovers and clouds the land making attacks to the people impossible.

Tera stared at the wall which illuminated brightely. She had worked a spell that left candle lights lit and kept in lines on either side of the Carvarn stretching far as they transversed deeper.

The carvarn looked eeriee and lonesome with the sound of their foot moving on the marble floor. The next minute, Blake unsheathed the [Night Tide] as he balanced himself into battle position. Even Evie and Tera paused at the slight danger that they percieved only to run behind Blake. The atmosphere changed slightly indicating the presence of something so powerful and dreadful, surreal and undefeatable. But Blake stood boldly.

With whatever he had learnt from Jotham, he knew that fear was weakness. Showing fear was like reducing what amount of powers you posses making it possible for the enemies to reduce you to nothing.

The air was becoming heavier and over the end of the cave, a lone figure emerged. It was dark from afar, a blistering creature. The trio moved backwards while the creature slowly came forwards.

If that was a human, then Blake thinks that his own shadow would have been able to scare it like its own was doing to them right now.

”Is it a demon affliant? ” Tera asked only to recieve a glare from both Evie and Blake.

”What can you say about a [Demon Affliant]? ” Blake was the one to ask as his focus continues to land on the creature.. who knows when it might attack.

”Well, they are powerful. They come directly from hell and… looks dark like this one. ” Tera said, ”[Demon Affliants] are from hell yes, but not here. They haven breached the gates of hell or have they? ”

Another topic that seeped fear into their hearts of the gates of hell being breached. ”I pray not! So lets keep our fingers crossed or rather still teleport out so that we don get killed by that thing. ” Blake said and another fear throdded in Tera and Evies heart. He was not a witch so definetely, hes trapped here the rest of his life. The duel here in the Underworld Groove was that when you see a creature, kill it and kill it so as not to let it kill you or else they might end up killing you. You will fight for life being in the underworld untill something bigger than you would be able to kill you and Blake wasn yet aware of what condition his life is in right now. It was truely messed up!

Evie and Tera stared at themselves knowing as they would have to tell him sometime but right now, the creature was coming at them.

”But Blake, if we teleport out of this place, we might run into the heirlocks once again and we need enough energy to work our magic and if that doesn work then how would we escape. I had to combine energies with Teras because looking at her exhausted state, her powers wouldn have been able to contain the three of us. ” Evie said leaving the part of him being trapped for life as she stared at the lingering creature. Behind them, they were slowly getting to the sealed entrance of the Carvarn. And looking in front again, the candle lights were beginning to illuminate the creatures face. The creature had one eye thick black and the other, light red which kept fluctuating from red to black only to maintain the red for a long while. The mouth of the creature was drooling out with blood to show that it had somebody for lunch. And in the Underworld Groove, its hard to find any human in here execpt a few who were brought in here by mistake which Blake was one now. The creatures were vampires and they needed human blood to function and where there is lack of humans spelt doom for them especialky the newly created.

”A deranged vampire? ” Blake asked not sure of what to call it.

”These ones are slow. But super hyper and skyped when they see their lunch. ”

”That means, it hadn spotted them yet. If only they knew, they would have made a run for it. ”

”These Vampires are the newly created ones and they need excess blood to turn normal like other adult vampires. Being born a vampire is different from being created using [Euphorium] so I think his blood drinking mission is yet to be complete. ” Evie said and Tera grinned. ”What to do now? Fight that thing? ” Tera asked and Blakes shoulders sagged, ”of course we fight. Should we allow it to kill us? ” Blake stared grugilly at them and then turned at the creature. Blake noticed the red in its eyes churn with bloodlust. ”Uh oh, I think it had seen us. ”

Immediately, the creature leaped at them with full speed. This concurrent speed and agility that bleaks whenever it sees his food. It is always super active than a normal vampires speed and Blake knew he wouldn be able to keep up.

Blake had dodged upon the vampires sudden attack and immediately, a [Legal Stale] a boot weaved itself into sparks in Blakes feet as he glared at the vampire. Tera and Evie had teleported without him and Blake had to grit his teeth in anger, ”I saved them, and they abandoned me. Damned witches! ”

The [Legal Stale] was a boot enhanced to make its wielder a little bit faster than normal and now, at least Blake was able to keep up with the Vampires quick advances and attacks because he had recieved two scratches on his shoulder which opened the wounds making them bleed even more. Seeing the blood, the vampire became more aggressive as his speed doubled due to its unending hunger to drink more blood. Blake was now having a hard time to keep up.

With the [Legal stale] Blake dodged an incoming slash from the vampires long fingers and then used the [Night Tide] to chop the fingers only that, the creature did not loose its fingers it only rendered a deep cut deep within its flesh.

Blake watched the vampires red eyes fluctuate from red to black and then the red color quenched keeping a permanent black eyes. For now at least. The reason for that was because he wanted blood to have its vampiric traits. But his blood drinking ordeal was being delayed and his body which seriously needed blood was changing drastically… it is like needing air to breath but cannot take it meanwhile its just right in front of them.

The vampire lunged at him with a force of twenty men which knocked Blake to the ground and the next minute, this vampire was on him. Seems like its desperation for blood pushed out his strength and that caught Blake off guard. Now its black.eyes stared into Blakes blue ones, his fangs peeking out and then trying to take a bite but Blake was quick to use his hand as wedge over the Vampire away from his already visible neck. The vampires eyes were already seeing the soft tissues and blood flowing through his veins and seeing it alone made this vampire want to drink! But Blake held its head from moving down further. ”You mother **er, you cannot eat from me! ” Blake snarled as he unbrandished the [Azure blade] only to stab inside the Vampires soft body from behind which penetrated almost immediately and piercing his own skin. Blood seeped out even more from him making the vampire to become more deadly and fierce because the strong smell of the blood waft its nostrills. Blakes hand holding onto the vampire began to groan and there the vampires strength came to key in, its head bending towards Blakes neck, his hand not able to hold for much longer. Blake pulled out the [Azure blade] from the vampires soft body only to stab again making the vampires head to pull up from the pain. Before Blake could even blink, the vampires fangs grazed his neck ready to.puncture it and Blake had to pull him up.again making the vampire to growl in anger for not succeeding to collect blood since he was at his victory. All of its prey wasn as hard as this or was it?

Immediately, positioning himself, the [Night tide] and [Azure blade] were hooked to the ground which helped pull him up throwing tne vampire to the wall close to the burning candles and it flinched. Blake saw the vampire getting up to its feet only for it to recieve a fierce kick on the chest landing him back on the floor right on its back. And then with the [Azure blade] and the [Night tide], he stabbed the right and left chest of the vampire only to pull out and stab again. The vampire shrieked loudly. The [Azure blade] leaving its chest only to pierce it eyes which burst open spewing black blood untill the vampire convulsed and then turning still indicating that it was dead.

As soon as Blake pulled his blades out of the Vampires body, the carvan suddenly turned sullen. Winds began blowing inside making Blake to shudder. He immediately swinged his both blades ready to attack whatsoever that was causing the wind.

All of a sudden, minimalistic radiance gathered he cave and an orthodox crane appeared to view.

[Blake Listerio, you have been given a chance to become an immortal.]

The voice spoke out of tbe orthodox crane. The orthodox crane was the powers of the Underworld Groove …which goes to any mundane humans taken into the Underworld Groove out of sheer mistake. Sometimes the orthodox crane never bless the unlucky few but only few are lucky that including Blake.

The next minute, balls of energy with their different colors glimmering out of it and their hidden potentials, some good some bad. If you choose wrong you live wrong and what ever step you choose on these energies represents what you would be in the real world. After this selection, the Underworld powers will allow the human to roam the underworld battle untill the true nature of the energy he or she choosed is good to be taken with back to earth and if it is not, the unlucky one would remain trapped forever in the underworld with no way out.

Was he supposed to choose one or what? Blake wondered glaring at the energies ruminating excess power. They were four of them hovering. When Blake opened his hands to the energy glimmering with the color gold, it started to lower to him only for Blake to close his palm as he watched the energy take back its position. The energies all looked enticing but really, which one would make him. He might end up with a dangerous power and would end up being trapped in the Underworld Groove for life so what would he do, they were enemies and battles which were laying all in wait just, battle battle battle. When would they all come to an end? Oh right, when he dies from his biggest threat, so ridiculous. Blake stared at the energies once more before trying to make his choice.

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