Honour of the dark [Energies]

Blake stared at the dark sky with clouds gathering and ruminating like it would soon rain, his blue eyes moving here and there at the deep expanse showcasing the emptiness of the forest leading into Blackshire forest. Blake was sitted on the top of a rock as he was at the very climax of the mountain, his movement has been a really harsh one plus his wounds was not healing anymore. The pain coarsing around his body and making him grimace in endless pain. He had recieved countless injuries from the blade he had stolen from the dead Heirlock! Who would have imagined that a human like him was able to kill a beast. The Heirlocks had been in absolute power for so many centuries and now their existence has been a total threat to the lesser creature of the world. Many many decades ago, these Heirlocks had cropped out of existence without even been created. These Heirlocks were the demonic [Corpse eater] which had the irony of being powerful by making themselves inherit the human looks. The Heirlocks were ugly looking creatures and all it took was just a kill of a human lone figure transfering its trait to them, and then adding their garguantic size to make them look busty. And indeed the taste of their first blood made it possible for them to start killing and drinking blood as if they were vampires.

The veins in their body empowers the muscles of their feet and hand because instead of blood flowing through those veins, it was a pytelaphyl fluid called the [Corruption].

The fluid, when exposed to air becomes so bad that the smell alone is able to chase everyone out of the particular town because the stench lingers for long. Now these Heirlocks thinks that they are superior.

Blake stared at the dark clouds which hovered together grumbling indicating that the rain to come would be so harsh. He immediately picked himself off the large rock where he sat and he started descending. Blake had lived a really sad life from childhood to know that even the bruises he got now was nothing compared to being hated by the community back in Liberia. The community hated this family of three that sometimes they beg just to buy stuffs from the main market, how ridiculous. Blake remembered this one time where he and his mother were tagged as witches. ”Pfft. If I was one, wouldn my life have been much better? ”

These community didn spare a chance to criticise them untill one day, both his parents fell ill when he was only ten of years. Blake ran around, begged to earn money from the outskirts of Town R and then return with drugs for Lina and Dave his parents. Only to return to find them dead and turning blue, someone had killed them. Painful memories!

Blake gritted his teeth as he held his bleeding shoulders to prevent blood from flowing out too much. 18 years old of his life now had been from pain after pain, nothing more 4 years of endless torture from Jotham training him and now the heirlocks wanted to end the community of Blackshirers.

Blackshire forest is only a few forest away and Blake felt a soft drissle treakle to his face. The rain was starting!

The next minute, the rain became heavy and the grounds became muddy. Sounds of pitter patter of the harsh rain kept resonating the whole of the bushes. Blake stared at the thick armor he was putting on and as the rain fell more heavily the armor was becoming transparent. The weapons and armors Jotham wielded him with had their own special enchantment. Jotham is the genius that manufactured these weapons and artifacts giving them incredible enchantments.

These strange enchantments are the strange orbitals the witches created that had to posses any weapon. It had magical characteristics and these potions mixed together by these witches were able to make the enchantments more durable. The armor in which Blake was putting on as the only source of clothing for him because Jotham wasn even able to provide him with cloths of his own. And now the enchantment of this armor was to make its wielder become invisible and that, during heavy rainfall.

The rain was like a camofladge for the armor. The armor was an [Obsidian Mallad] of the #4 tier. In less than no time, Blake was totally cladded with a blurry wattery coat from head to toe showing that he was in his camofladge state. The grasses rustled under his feet and so was the rain, groaning and roaring heavily with gust of wind brewering like a wrecking ball.

Blake was in Blackshire forest.

Passing the bushes, Blake suddenly saw Tera and Evie being tied up hands and legs, placed in an old battered wagon and being pulled by a Heirlock. ”He caught them? ” Blake was shocked.

Even in the heavy rain, the girls were tied up and left to soak. Were they not witches? Questions ran past his mind and he just couldn belive it. Maybe he had done something to them, or probably over exerted them to the point of weakness that even their powers wouldn be enough to help them escape plus their hands were tied.

Well, since it is just a Heirlock, Blake thinks he would be able to handle it besides, they don seem to be smart themselves.

Although, the [Obsidian Mallad] did not promise him sure invisibility because they might still be able to see him if carefully noticed the only thing one had to take note of was that right now, Blake was one with the rain so it would be hard to tell.

Blake walked slowly, the sound of leaves rustling and then the hefty Heirlock looked back.

”Hmm, have a good sense of hearing, even in the heavy rain. Not bad! ” Blake commented whilst twisting his lips into thin lines. He continued moving untill he was able to reach the old battered wagon. On getting to it, he reached out for the tyres and unhooked it making the both tyres to roll away.

The Heirlock had gone to pick the rolled out tyres and Blake used that time to untie the girls.

”One of the witches had noticed the blurry and wattery figure and they immediately recognized what it was.

Immediately, they started running away fast, also getting the attention of the heirlock. The heirlock was now able to see the third party running alongside the both girls and the creature brooded its head in anger, it picked his battered wagon with his superhuman strength and then aiming at the runaway people, he threw the heavy wagon which weigh so much that they started wondering what would happen if that wagon hits them with the speed the heirlock had used in throwing it at them. Blake had seen that coming and then asked Tera to duck because the wagon was aimed at her. This creature was really thinking low, he thinks that, if one of the cohorts goes down then the rest would stop… what a low ranking of intelligence.

They kept running for a while practically getting exhausted as they notice the trees pass them by in full speed. And the clapping of the Heirlocks feet indicated that it was still chasing them, closing the distance between them by the second because the clapping of feet on the mud became louder and louder making them to shudder in fear of being captured again.

Whilst running, Tera opened her palm and started murmuring something under her breath although she was being exhausted right now. Weak glow of silvery lights enveloped them which wouldn be able to drive the spell she had wanted because of lack of energy. Immediately, Evie landed her a hand and the silvery simmer grew brighter because of the combined energy and in a blink of an eye, the three of them materialized right inside a certain cave whos entrance was sealed. Both ladies rested their back behind the wall as they tried to catch their breath. Meanwhile, the [Obsidian Mallad] invisibility enchantment was wearing off because of the lack of water on the armor and after sometime, a human figure came to view.

When Blake came to them, they were shocked. They knew about the invisible person that had rescued them from the Heirlock but they never expected it Blake so they were shocked.

”Blake, is that you? ” Tera asked her face still not able to contain the shock she was experiencing now. But Blake didn answer, instead he looked around and asked;

”Where am I? ”

”This is an Underworld Groove! ” Evie was the one to answer him and Blake chuckled bitterly at the thought of this place being an underworld. An underworld isn it a world meant for demons or creatures which aren allowed to roam earth freely? What were they doing in one?

”Underworld indeed! ” He scoffed and Evie stared at him blankly without any expression on her face.

”Blake, I thought you were being killed by another Heirlock? ”

Tera stated and Blake faced the dark walls of the carvarn, ”well actually I was stabbed on the shoulder but that doesn mean I would die!! ” Blake said and Evie stared at him for long and asked, ”don tell me that he left you or did you kill him? ”

”Of course I did, or did you want me to spare the heirlocks? ” Blakes eyes looked bitter at his own response.

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