Battling Heirlock [Improvised doom]

Clanking of metals filled the air and groaning of voices reverberated. The noise of two metals clashing was so intense that anyone around the scene would be affected by the groping pressure. The air around was tense and filled with bloodlust and killing intent. The silhouette of two men appeared to view. One of them looking hefty and well built while the other looked deranged and lean. The deranged[Out of shape] man had unsheathed his sword long ago and had started to rain attacks while grimacing in total pain of being stabbed and sliced at the same time on his right shoulder.

The deranged man was known as Blake Listerio. Blake has been waiting for the perfect opportunity so that he could land his devastating blow. His body was groaning right now as if the bones in his body were about to come off due to the powerful battle which seemed not to be ending anytime soon. This hefty man of the Han-Li clan had been way too strong for him. Being a Han-Li was a form of potraying that he was born a beast. Each attacks he throws was being blocked. The hefty guy came at him with a stupendeous kick on the chest which had him flying almost loosing balance if not for his sword the [Night Tide] rains of more swords attack came and Blake deflected it using his weapon which groaned with creaking sound on the verge of breaking apart. The hefty mans [Azure blade] was much more terrifying that his and on either note his blade had much more tolerance than Blakes.

Blake side stepped a heavy punch that was coming his way whilst using the [Night Tide] to stop himself from loosing balance because this man here was too fast. He was too fast that one mistake from his side was enough to end him completely. The man lifted the [Azure blade] ready to slash but the [Night tide] deflected the movement of the blade only to groan defiantly to the stress of being cornered but surprisingly, it held. But the hefty man did not end there, he immediately raised the [Azure blade] to stab and Blake rolled with the blade piercing the sand close to his stomach.

Blake shuddered and rolled away quickly and the man followed him, his feet padding the soft sand and having it sink in like he was some giant. The muscles of his feet was something no one could withstand once it is placed on you. Rumors had it that once this hefty man steps on you, then be ready to see either heaven or hell as it is said, ”death comes knocking for those who seek, ” but right now Blake didn seek it.

”I am the Battling HeirLock, who are you to stay alive for so long? ” Blake heard him hiss, his feet stomping on the sand getting to him. Blake immediately retreated his blade which was suffering from the intense battle while focussing on his weight hooked on his feet. Immediately, thin long metal thread wraved itself into reality and landed on Blakes palm. He had one more scheme up his sleeves, this time it is not about being powerful but but by being smart. With all of the strength this Battling Heirlock has, Blake was indeed ready to end him. Be the first to make history of the first human ever able to take out a gargatuan Heirlock.

When the hefty man neared him, ready to smash him with his feet, Blake leaped.

He was off the sandy floor using the knee of the man as a boost to agument his speed and then knidding the iron thin thread, he whipped it around the mans neck which at one slash dislodged his head from his body making Blake to fall flat on the floor in victory.

Blake was covered in black blood, the coppery iron scent waft his nos but he didn mind right now. He watched as the hefty man staggered and then fell on his knees and then flat on the floor while convulsing to the last moments of life making Bl

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