Vines came out of the ground and carried the Elementalists to a large, hollow tree that had several windows made out of its bark. The vines put us down and turned into green particles. The lady I assumed was Gaia turned to us and said, ”Morning students, from today till the day you graduate this is where your dorms will be. ”

She walked into the tree bark and went through it. Everyone looked surprised until I walked to it and was hit by it. People were holding in their laughs and I got up and inspected it.

I looked at Rue and asked ”Can you touch it? ”, she nodded her head and touched the tree, and water came out of the ground and formed a door made of water. I touched the knob and I was transported to a room surrounded by ocean water.

There were schools of fish that we were swimming around and it was a small room with a study desk a clothing cupboard and a bed that only had a cover and pillow. Rue wasn there and I started to panic because I thought she was the only way to get out of there.

I walked to the bed and the floor was surprisingly hard, I thought it would be like walking on a wet floor. I saw there was a note on the pillow saying Your Spirit is safe, they are in a special room only they can enter.

I knew she was safe because I would immediately know if anything bad happened to her. I flipped it around and it said Your uniform is in the cupboard wear it then press the button on your table to get out of the room. ” I opened the cupboard doors and I saw there was a plain white T-shirt with buttons, blue pants, a black and blue tie and a blazer with a girl made of water sewn on. I changed out of my adventurer clothes and into my uniform.

I went to look at my reflection in the water and the uniform fit me perfectly. I saw there was something in my pocket so I reached out to get it and it wrapped onto my wrist.

I took out my hand and saw there it was something like a watch but it was flat. It said that the time was quarter to 8 so I went to the desk and pressed the red button that said Exit

I teleported out of the room and into a large room that had several people that were older than me. I walked towards another person and asked ”Hi, do you know where I can find my spirit? ” They looked at me and then looked back to the person they were talking to.

”Thanks for the help, ” I said. A few seconds later the girl I was talking to materialized from green particles, she was her uniform was cyan instead of blue, and was wearing a skirt. I walked towards her and said, ”Hi, Im Iris. ” I put my hand out for a handshake and with her head down, she mumbled, ”Hello, Im Lisa. ”

I never heard her so I said, ”Pardon, ” this time she looked at me and said a little louder ”Im Lisa. ” I guess she doesn talk to people much because she didn seem social at all.

”Do you know where to find our spirits? ” I asked, she shook her head from side to side and I responded saying ”Okay. ” People started appearing one after the other and most of the people were there.

I looked at my wrist and the time was 9 oclock. A large flower shot up from the ground and bloomed. Gaia was in the center of the flower and said ”Well done to all the first years who passed the first test, you will all be teleported to the school hall. I apologize for all the teleporting you have been doing today but I assure you this is the only day you will be teleporting multiple times in one day. For now, all the first years can start socializing with each other. ”

The flower close up and went back into the ground. Everyone started moving around and talking to each other, we were a group of 17 people so the groups were 2-3 people. A boy with a handsome face, brown, silky hair, and hazel eyes came to me and Lisa.

”Hi, I am Luther Auxland, ” he said ”Can I hang out with you guys? ” I was still looking at his face then my mind processed what he said Auxland, I thought, The kingdom we
e in? Why was one of the princes coming to me, a commoner? ”Sure, ” I said, he gave a light smile and waved at Lisa. Her face was as red as a tomato.

My heart was beating and I never knew what to say so we just sat there in awkward silence. ”3…2…1, ” the wristband said and we all teleported out of the room.

We were all separated into different institutions and there were much fewer people than before. The Headmaster appeared saying, ”Morning Students, all the commoners will be taking reading and writing classes this week, next week is when everyone will start with magic classes.

Nobles you can decide to either take the classes with the commoners or learn more about the school. If you never noticed, in your pocket, there is a wristband which is called a Meritus, there is a watch, map, and merit indicator on it that will be on you for the rest of your life in school. If you swipe left on it you will see you have 10 merits on it.

And lastly, at the end of every year, we will be going to the Neutral continent to battle with other academies to decide the strongest academy out of all of them. May mana guide you through the rest of your life. ”

What she said was short, I was expecting something longer because we had to be there early. ”Everyone who is taking reading and writing classes please go through this door, ” said Bell Shepard, the head of the Non-Attribute mage

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