I fell unconscious when she fell asleep but I had a different dream this time. I was surrounded by water. There was also a holographic screen in front of me that displayed




What is this? I thought.

[This is the Elemental System screen]

The voice that said that was the voice that was in my previous life. Were they somehow linked, I was supposed to activate my system in my past life but I died before it could activate.

Why do I have it?

[The host survived in this world for a full 2 days in this world]

So I just needed to survive in any of the two worlds, Can I activate you outside my… dream?

[Yes, you can say the words Status, Store or Quests.]

One last question, why did I get the system?

[To aid you with growing stronger quicker.]

But people in this world get the system when they turn 10 years old, I wonder if that one also held them grow stronger.

Status… I thought.

[Name]: [Rue]

[Race]: [Lesser Water Spirit (Turtle)]

[Level]: [0/10]

[EXP]: [0/5]

[MP]: [∞]


[Water Magic] [Communication] [Growth System] [Mana Absorption]


[All element Resistence]

Ill check what this means later, System can you make me up. I said and I immediately felt drowsy and fell unconscious.

I woke up at the same time as Iris and she said ”Morning Rue, todays the big day. ” We got out of bed and Rue took some bread that was on the counter and ate some. ”Lets go to the Adventures office and teleport to the academy when Im finished eating. ”

She finished the last piece of the bread and we went to the adventurers office. ”Morning. ” Iris said ”I have come here to use the teleportation rune to go to the academy. ” she put a silver coin on the counter the receptionist put it under the front desk.

”You can wait there for a few minutes till the other students get here, ” the receptionist said and pointed to a door that had symbols on it.

We walked into the room and saw some other people in it. They all looked nervous looks on their face. Iris walked to the corner of the room and stood there watching everybody.

I spotted a girl that also had a spirit, she had pink hair that flowed to her hair, light blue eyes and pale skin. Her spirit was a flower with red petals and its vine was tied around her arm. She was wearing a white dress and looked shy.

We waited for a few minutes and more people came into the room, nobody else who entered the room had a spirit. A person came into the room and said ”Morning everybody, we will be teleporting to the school now, when we get there you will all go to the school you were excepted in two schools you can choose one and take side classes for the other one.

Runes on the floor started glowing brightly then we arrived in front of the gates of the academy. They were huge, it was like castle gates. The man walked through the gate and everyone followed there were two more gates a red one and a blue one.

”Anybody who was accepted into the School of Combat can enter the red gates, anybody who was accepted into the School of Magic can enter here. If you are an Elementalist you need to enter the school of magic. ” said the man.

Iris and other people entered the magic school, there were four banners that had different pictures on them. There was a blue banner with a water bubble, a red one with a flame, a brown banner plant growing from a lump of soil, and a green one with a reeze in it.

More and more students came till no one else came in. ”Anybody who does not have one of the basic elements or is an Elementalist, please wait behind everyone. If you are a magician, please go behind the element you can use. ”

Everybody went into their groups and the others went to the back, there were about 30 people that were behind the others. The woman finally spoke again and said. ”I am the Headmaster of the Academy Lily Salia, congratulations on entering the School of Magic you will be guided by the head of each magic institution to your dorms and will be given a tour of the school.

Fire mages, the head of your institution is Henry Salamander.

Water mages, the head of your institution is Dalia Undine.

Wind Mages, the head of your institution is Lucy Sylphid.

Earth Mages, the head of your institution is Gordan Gnome.

Non-Attribute Mages, the head of your institution is Bell Shepards.

Elementalists, the head of your institution is the Elemental Spirit Gaia. ”

The Elementalists and Non-Attribute Mages were separated and we were behind the woman we saw when Iris first summoned me.

”Alright students now you will be guided to you dorms, all your necessities will be there and. You should be at the school hall strictly at 10 oclock. ” said the headmaster.

Vines came out of the ground and lifted the Elementalists to one side of the school

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