Iris went to her bed and took a nap, I fell unconscious immediately when Iris fell asleep. I never felt like I fell asleep, it was like I was out for a few seconds.

When she was up it was nighttime, she changed her clothes into what an assassin would wear. She had 2 daggers in her buckle. We exited the house and went left the towns gates. We entered the forest and it looked creepy.

”Please keep a watch out Rue, ” Iris told me. ”Okay, ” I replied, we were scouting the area. After a few minutes, we saw a human-like being with green skin and a pigs face. ”Thats an orc Rue, they
e hard to kill, but if you know their weak points itll be a little easier to kill them. ”

She took out her dual daggers and snuck behind the orc. She first sliced its back and blue blood spewed out. The orc ”Aaargh ” groaned and looked behind. Iris quickly moved back before it could notice her.

It went through the bushes and noticed her, watching from on top of a tree a was worried for her. But it seemed that she had experience for a young girl. I wonder how old she is. ” I thought.

She ran around the work and cut the back of its neck. The orc groaned again, she ran in front of the orc and cut its left eye. It is like shes fought this monster millions of times. She finished it off by cutting through its stomach.

”Whew, ” she sighed, ”When I turn 10 tomorrow Ill have access to the system and be able to level up. ” Shes 10 I thought, it looked like she was 15 years old, maybe all the children in this world age faster so they can survive.

”Come on Rue lets go to the lake. ” I floated down onto her head and she walked to the lake. When we arrived she took her head down and I saw myself for the first time in this world. ”Hugh?! ” my whole body changed.

I looked like a turtle, a clear turtle. I don look like myself anymore. ”Whats wrong? ” Iris asked me. I didn want her to know that I was reincarnated so I replied ”Nothing its just the first time Im seeing myself. ”

She nodded her head and continued drinking water. ”Lets continue hunting, ” Iris said. She continued hunting monsters and putting the materials by the lake we were at.

At sunrise, she had approximately killed 20 monsters ”Rue, lets go sell them and well go to the church. ” She said tiredly. Tomorrow is going to be a special day for her so Ill need to make sure she gets enough rest.

She put the monsters in a small pouch that seemed to have lots of space within it. We walked back to the gates and this time there were guards. We walked past them and Iris had just said hi to them.

They greeted her back with a friendly demeanour, they seemed like they were close friends. We went to the best building in the area. ”Hello, I came to sell 23 monster corpses, ” said Iris. ”Were you hunting all night again? Its not good for a girl of your age. ” the receptionist seemed worried.

”What monsters are they? ” she asked. Iris replied saying ”Its 4 orcs, 10 slimes and 9 goblins. ” She took them out of the pouch and the receptionist counted the corpses. ”Itll be 2 silver coins and 1 copper coin minus tax. ” the receptionist gave the coins to Iris.

”And when did you get some company, ” she asked ”Im going to Looxia Academys School of Magic tomorrow, ” Iris replied ”Im also going to the church to activate my System. ”

”Okay, need to go back to work, see you next time. ” The receptionist said. Iris and I went out of the building and walked to another extravagant building on the other side of the town, but this building was painted white and had an aura I felt comfortable around.

We walked to the large doors and Iris opened them, there were guards with metal spears and armour. ”State your business. ” asked one of the guards asked. ”I have come here to be baptised to activate my system, ” Iris answered.

”Continue walking and give the Pope 1 silver coin, ” he said. We continued walking and saw a man in white robes. ”Hello young lady, if you have come to get baptised, you can put the money in the box. ”

Iris put a silver coin in the box and walked towards the pope. ”You can enter the room but leave your companion over here, ” he said. ”Can you stay here Rue? ” she asked. I went off of her head and onto the floor.

She walked with the pope into a room on the left and the Pope locked the door behind him. ”I wonder why I can enter with her. ” I floated toward the door and tried to slide under it but it was like there was a barrier.

There was no sound coming from the room and I was getting worried. After waiting outside the room for a few minutes there was a blue panel in front of me showing [Elemental System activated]

Before I could examine it they exited the room. I floated onto Iris head and she bowed to the Pope and said ”Thank you. ” We went out of the church and back to the house.

”Finally ” she sighed as she jumped onto the bed. ”Lets sleep early so we can wake up early tomorrow, ” she said as she started sleeping in the clothes she was wearing the whole day.

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