Everything was black.

I couldn feel anything. I was floating in a black space not knowing what to do. I didn want to do anything. Staying there was the best feeling.

I don know how long I was there but it felt like a few minutes passed. Suddenly, pictures of some other world fled into my mind.

There were mystical beings in the world that were only mentioned in fantasy stories on Earth. There were 7 large continents that were each larger than the Earth. Each held different beings.

The Planet was the size of 10 suns. I wondered why pictures of this world were given to me. I wanted to go back to Earth and get revenge on Josh. Hatred for him filled my heart, all I wanted to do was kill him.

Many blue orbs surrounded me and I heard the words of a little girl repeat in my, ”O Blue Spirit of Water, I invoke thee at the dawn of the world, ” The blue orbs grew brighter, ”Let me become one with the oceans and seas, ” More blue orbs surrounded me ”Answer my pact of allegiance! ”

I felt my body forming but it was elastic, it felt different from my other body, I had 4 legs, no arms and no fingers or toes. I was surrounded by a blue bubble that seemed to be made of water.

”My name is Iris, will you form a contract with me? ” The girl said. I didn know if I should respond but I mustered up all my courage and replied with, ”Yes. ”

The bubble burst and I saw the girl in front of me. She had silver hair and was wearing an oversized white robe.

”Yay! ” she shouted. ”Ive summoned a water spirit. ” The girl seemed excited but I never thought about what she just said.

Wait, Im a Spirit! I thought to myself while the girl was jumping. ”Your name will be Rue, ” she said. I still couldn believe that I reincarnated. The girl walked out of the room and I instinctively went with her.

Outside the room, I saw a woman wearing a green dress, had green hair and golden eyes. ”Madam, Ive successfully summoned a water spirit. ” said the girl who summoned me. ”You can go to the reception and show the receptionist your Elemental Spirit. ” said the woman.

The girl ran somewhere and I had to follow her ”Where are you taking us ” I asked, she stopped suddenly. ”Did you just speak? ” she asked with a surprised tone.

”Yes, ” I answered. She looked surprised like she had just seen a ghost. ”Lower Spirits aren supposed able to communicate, ” she mumbled. ”When I enter the academy Ill be able to see our statuses and see how you
e able to talk. ”

She ran to the reception of the academy and went to the receptionist ”Hello madam, I came to sign up for the School of Magic. ” Iris told the receptionist. ”Okay, Ill just need to see your spirit and measure your mana capacity. ”

She brought me forward and said, ”This is my water spirit Rue. ” the receptionist then took out glasses from the drawer next to her and examined me, ”Little girl, can you now touch this orb. ” Iris touched it and it glowed a bright silver.

”From today on you are now admitted into Looxia Acadamys School of Magic, next week Monday shall be your first day outside the school gates by 8 AM, make sure you wear that badge too. ” She then gave Iris a multi-coloured badge.

She put it on and her name magically appeared on the badge, her robes transformed into a small white dress that was the perfect size for her.

”Step onto the teleportation rune and think of where you want to go. ” said the receptionist. Iris stepped onto the complex runes and we both teleported in front of a wooden door. It looked like it could fall at any moment.

”Where are we? ” I asked. ”We
e at the entrance of my home, ” Iris replied, maybe she never had a surname. She opened the door and the inside looked much better than the outside. It looked like a home for a family of 3.

It was a decent place, it just needed to be cleaned and some new furniture. ”These are my last 2 days here, I won miss it but I made some good memories here, ” said Iris. ”Ill work hard at school and live to be the best Elementalist. ”

”In these two days lets go hunt some monsters, ” said Iris in a determined voice. I was starting to like her, she was determined to do things and doesn seem to give up.

”Lets first rest and go at night, ” she said. She wore her nightgown and went to sleep.

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