are you taking us ” I asked, she stopped suddenly. ”Did you just speak? ” she asked with a surprised tone.

”Yes, ” I answered. She looked surprised like she had just seen a ghost. ”Lower Spirits aren supposed able to communicate, ” she mumbled. ”When I enter the academy Ill be able to see our statuses and see how you
e able to talk. ”

She ran to the reception of the academy and went to the receptionist ”Hello madam, I came to sign up for the School of Magic. ” Iris told the receptionist. ”Okay, Ill just need to see your spirit and measure your mana capacity. ”

She brought me forward and said, ”This is my water spirit Rue. ” the receptionist then took out glasses from the drawer next to her and examined me, ”Little girl, can you now touch this orb. ” Iris touched it and it glowed a bright silver.

”From today on you are now admitted into Looxia Acadamys School of Magic, next week Monday shall be your first day outside the school gates by 8 AM, make sure you wear that badge too. ” She then gave Iris a multi-coloured badge.

She put it on and her name magically appeared on the badge, her robes transformed into a small white dress that was the perfect size for her.

”Step onto the teleportation rune and think of where you want to go. ” said the receptionist. Iris stepped onto the complex runes and we both teleported in front of a wooden door. It looked like it could fall at any moment.

”Where are we? ” I asked. ”We
e at the entrance of my home, ” Iris replied, maybe she never had a surname. She opened the door and the inside looked much better than the outside. It looked like a home for a family of 3.

It was a decent place, it just needed to be cleaned and some new furniture. ”These are my last 2 days here, I won miss it but I made some good memories here, ” said Iris. ”Ill work hard at school and live to be the best Elementalist. ”

”In these two days lets go hunt some monsters, ” said Iris in a determined voice. I was starting to like her, she was determined to do things and doesn seem to give up.

”Lets first rest and go at night, ” she said. She wore her nightgown and went to sleep.

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