eady I quickly packed some lunch for work, ”Mom, we
e going out! ” I said. ”Drive safe! ” she replied. I dropped Matt, my brother, at school ”Be here at 3 on the dot. ” I told him, ”I will, ” he said with an annoyed tone, Im sure he says it like that because I tell him this every morning.

I arrived at work at 8 oclock on the dot. and met up with Josh, my boyfriend. ”Wait up! ” I screamed while panting. ”Oh, I never saw you, sorry, ” he said while scratching his head.

We entered the building and started chatting about our weekends.

[Survive for a day and win the Apocalypse System] a female monotone voice said in my head.

Suddenly the lights went off and it was pitch black, it was like we were in the building at night.

We heard the screams of people outside and some monstrous screeches. We rushed to the window and saw some inhumane beings eating the flesh of people. My heart stopped beating for a second, the sight was so grotesque.

”L-lets go to the top floor and hide. ” I stuttered, I was traumatised by the picture stuck in my head. ”NO, ” Josh said, ”Stay here youll be safe. ” I listened to his command because he was the person I trusted most.

”Im going to look for a weapon so I can keep us safe. ” I trusted him, I knew he wouldn betray me, hes shown me so much love. I took out my phone and tried to call my mom but she never answered. I prayed that she and my brother were safe.

The screams outside were even louder, I tried to keep calm and ignore them but they just kept on going on. I heard a gunshot.


Someone had shot me. Maybe they missed and accidentally hit me, its fine I can just go to the hospital.

”I missed. ” I heard a familiar voice say. ”Josh, ” I said with a surprised tone. ”Why? Why why why? ” I asked, ”Why are you doing this? ”

”So I can live, ” he said, ”If I never did this you would have killed me. ” I was losing blood. I couldn think properly and felt like I would pass out at any time. ”I-I would never do that. ”

My vision was turning black and I saw a blue screen saying Successfully Finished Quest in front of him.

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