I felt nothing, I never had any meaning in life. In school, I was always at the top of my class, they thought I lived the best life and would have an amazing job in the future but my family was poor and I couldn even make it to the 9th grade.

At 14 I had to start my first part-time job to make money to support my family, my dad left us and I had to take care of my ill mother and 3-year-old brother. I was working at DoorWall as a cashier for 2-years until I got my first raise to $6 an hour making $18 a day.

3 years later I became a Customer Service Representative making $530 a month. Thats when I could pay for my mothers medicine, back then she was on the verge of dying.

After a few months, I was able to pay for my brothers school fees. My mother was recovering slowly and things started to get better. My mother went back to her job after a year, I was able to quit my job and self-study.

I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, my mom was a photographer and mostly took pictures of nature and sold them to people online. Surprisingly, people bought these pictures for a lot of cash.

We were able to pay all our debts and we moved into a new apartment. We were all nourished, my mother was beautiful, she had waist-long blond hair, round spectacles and a body any man would want.

I looked like a younger version of her but without glasses and brunette hair. My brother looked like a male version of me but younger and some baby fat.

After 4 years of hard work, I got my bachelor of engineering. I got a job at a company and got a well-paying salary. Life was getting better.

My moms now 45 and slowly gathering wrinkles. She was thinking of not working anymore, but I told her that she still had many more years to go.

At work, I met a nice guy, he was handsome and got along with me. We started going out together and he treated me like I was a princess. In my heart, I knew he was the one.

{Current Day}

I woke up feeling energetic knowing something special was going to happen. It was 6 oclock and I woke my brother up so he can get ready for school.

When we were both r

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