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Rd svbla osaep, pbl bye y qlo qszzsolap.
Mbyv’p obu… R oydvle Nzsue vs cl cu xu pkel.
Gde… ulyb, vbkp oyp psxlvbkdt R pbswzed’v lhld cl vbkdjkdt ycswv.

“…Gdypvypky-pyxy, es usw jdso obyv usw’al pyukdt? G uswdt zyeu obs xyaaklp kdvs vbl asuyz qyxkzu kp dsv yzzsole vs vyjl kd y xyzl plahydv qasx bla qyxkzu’p lpvyvl.
Zsw jdso vbyv, esd’v usw?”

“Yes, I know that, but still…”


I could see where Lloyd was coming from.
It’s an old rule in this kingdom that a young lady who married into the royal family could only take female servants from her family’s estate.
But, I think… that that rule was outdated.
Somebody had to change it, and besides… rules were there to be broken, weren’t they?

“I think that that rule is old.
Besides, I’ve been married into the royal family for quite some time now.
I think that taking you alone now would be but a small matter.”

“…Anastasia-sama, do you realize that you hold the important position of the crown princess?”

“Yes, I do.”

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I was going to throw that position away someday! I grinned at Lloyd as I said this in my mind.
I couldn’t leave Lloyd alone.
I didn’t know why I felt that way, but my gut was telling me that I should take Lloyd with me.

“Besides, I’ve been nearly poisoned to death.
I wanted someone whom I trust to be my full-time servant so that it won’t be as rough… If Lloyd doesn’t want to be by my side, then that’s fine…”

I dropped my face down as I said this.
The problem was that I only had ‘information from the otome game.’ The actual Lloyd was the only one who knew how he felt about this.
Maybe the Lloyd of this world thought it would be better to be my brother’s servant.
I still felt that there were too many uncertain factors.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be by Anastasia-sama’s side… The truth is, I want to go with you too.”


“…I always want to stay by Anastasia-sama’s side, and that is unquestionably my true intentions.”

When I hastily looked up from Lloyd’s words, his face was drooped down, while his clenched hands trembled slightly… Hey Lloyd, what on earth were you thinking about?

“But I can’t stay by Anastasia-sama’s side… At one point in time, I certainly thought about a lot of things, even selling my soul to the devil, but I couldn’t do it.
I didn’t want you to be unhappy…”

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…Well, what was it exactly that made you want to sell your soul to the devil? I continued to stare at Lloyd as I thought this.
Then, as if he had made up his mind, Lloyd looked up and put his hands on my shoulders.

“…I wish for Anastasia-sama’s happiness more than anyone else… That’s why I didn’t take that woman’s deal.”

…Hmm? That woman? Those were the words that stuck to me the most.
That woman… There’s only one person to whom that word applied to.

“Hey, Lloyd.
That woman… Was it Candy-sama?”

I interrupted Lloyd to ask him this question, but Lloyd slowly nodded his head.

T/N: Hello!!! Super sorry for the short notice, but I need to take another hiatus.
Work has been beating the cr*p out of me lately with forecast deadlines, upcoming reports, and regular 6 am meetings.
:’) I’ll start reupdating this once I get out of hiatus!!

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