“Here you are, Anastasia-sama.”

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Lloyd said as he opened the door for me.
It seemed that this was the room for the head of the Dukedom of Stauss… The location of the room was different from the room for the family’s head in Anastasia’s memory.
Well, it wasn’t surprising since the mansion was remodeled.

“Excuse me, brother.”

I took a deep breath before entering the room and greeting as I entered.
Then, I heard a small voice saying, “Anastasia?” So, I just replied quietly, “Yes.” I lowered my gaze and saw my brother, Duke Matheus Strauss, whom Anastasia loved very much. 

(The Duke Matheus Strauss)


His name was Matheus Strauss.
He was the duke and was also the villainess Anastasia’s older brother.
In the otome game, he hated Anastasia, who was both spoiled and naive growing up.
In other words, the feeling of ‘love’ was just a one-way street for Anastasia in the otome game.
But in this version of the world, it was different… For Anastasia, ‘love’ wasn’t a one-way street.

“It’s been a long time, Anastasia.
I’m glad that you’ve recovered.”

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He said smiling at me.
The smile on his face was picture-perfect.
It made sense that the girls around him wouldn’t leave him alone and that he was a target in an otome game.
He had the same brown hair as Anastasia and piercing blue eyes.
He also had a tall stature.
He was an amazing person in a way since he remained single despite having such high specs.
Though I thought this, I was convinced that the Duke Matheus Strauss in this world had obvious ‘flaws.’

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“Zlp, vbydj usw ps xwnb qsa vbl tkqvp yde zlvvlap.
Rv nbllale xl wr.”

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Xb, oyp bl clywvkqwz.
Mbyv’p bso kv oldv kd vbl osaze sq svsxl tyxlp.
Mbkdjkdt vbkp, xu casvbla pzsozu yrrasynble xl.

“Elzz, R’x tzye vs blya vbyv… Txx, R’hl clld kdhlpvktyvkdt vbl rlsrzl clbkde uswa rskpsdkdt, cwv kv’p rashkdt ekqqknwzv vs pyu vbl zlypv… Rp kv pyql qsa usw vs xshl yaswde dso?”

“Zlp, R’hl yzalyeu tsvvld rlaxkppksd qasx vbl asuyz rbupknkyd, yde alnldvzu, R’hl lhld clld tskdt kd yde swv sq vbl asuyz zkcayau.”

R nsdvkdwle pxkzkdt, yde bl xwaxwale, “Qsse.” Mbld, bl ryvvle xu blye zktbvzu.
Gdypvypky byp yzoyup zkjle byhkdt bla blye pvasjle cu bla casvbla pkdnl pbl oyp y nbkze.
R nswze pvkzz wdelapvyde vbyv qllzkdt dso.

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“Xb, cu vbl oyu, usw’al pvyukdt qsa vbl dktbv, yald’v usw? R’hl bye vbl xykep ralryal y assx qsa usw… Rp vblal yduvbkdt lzpl usw dlle?”

“Ls, R esd’v dlle yduvbkdt kd ryavknwzya.
R’hl yzalyeu vsze usw obyv R dlle.”

“…R pll.”

My brother was left slightly dissatisfied with my words… The Duke Matheus Strauss in this world liked Anastasia’s selfishness, so maybe he felt a little lonely….
But, I think it was her brother’s fault that Anastasia became the way she was, so I think her brother should be held responsible for that.


“Well, give me a detailed report over dinner… When I heard you had been poisoned, it felt as though I couldn’t stay alive.”

“…You’re overreacting.”

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“No, that’s how important you are to me… You’re my only little sister.”

My brother gave me a dazzling smile as he said that.
He still has the same sister complex.
I tried smiling as gently as I could while thinking this, but I wasn’t sure if it was actually a… fluffy smile or not.
It depended on my mood.

“I still have work to do… Lloyd, show Anastasia to the drawing room.
I’ll have the most lavish room ready for you.”

“Yes, Matheus-sama.
Anastasia-sama, shall we go?”

Lloyd asked me this, and I left the room for the head of the family… Your brother was a duke, right? That must’ve kept him busy.

(…If I were the real Anastasia, I would have selfishly said that I was lonely.
Well, I won’t say such things now that I was a different person on the inside.)

I murmured this in my heart while Lloyd led me to the drawing room… Even so, you’re still an idiot for your little sister, weren’t you, brother? How could you prepare the most lavish room for me? Normally, even the crown princess was expected to make preparations for her relative a certain way, right? I silently followed Lloyd while thinking about this.

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(…Speaking of which, Lloyd was now my brother’s servant.)

Lloyd was certainly Anastasia’s servant during the otome game, but now, he wasn’t Anastasia’s servant anymore.
I assume he’s probably my brother’s servant now… I wonder if Lloyd was satisfied with that.

(Lloyd’s loyalty was not to the Duke of Strauss but to Anastasia herself.
Well… that was the situation in the otome game.)


I was sure that my sister from my previous life would have told me that Lloyd was loyal to Anastasia only, not to the Duke of Strauss.
If that’s the case, was Lloyd satisfied with how he was being treated? The Duke of Strauss had a reputation of treating his servants well, but I think it’s different when it came to Lloyd.

“… Hey, Lloyd.”

I called out to Lloyd, then he slowly turned to me.
I could still see some madness lurking in his eyes…

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