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(It’s been a while since Anatasia has been home.)

I chanted this in my mind for a while as I looked at the large mansion a little further ahead.
The exterior of the house had a white base, giving it an elegant impression.
There were more trees than flowers in the garden, giving it the illusion of a small forest.
However, it was amazing because these trees were adjusted to not spoil the elegance of the mansion.
This was the hobby of the previous head of the family… or in other words, Anastasia’s father.

“Anastasia-sama, welcome back.”

I got off the carriage a little farther than the entrance of the mansion since I wanted to take a little stroll around my parents’ garden.
As I took a few deep breaths in my favorite place as Anastasia, I heard this … It was a voice that sounded familiar.
And, at the same time, a chill ran through me.
A flat, non-intrusive voice, but there was also a certain sweetness to it.
His voice was a little high for a man, but it was exactly as Anastasia remembered it to be.



I slowly turned my eyes, and there was a young man with a friendly smile on his face.
He was an in-game squire of Anastasia, and his name was Lloyd Pelling.
He was an attractive young man with smooth jet-black hair that was tied back in a single bun, while also sporting emerald green eyes.
He was a gentle young man who never lost his soft expression ‘in-front’ of Anastasia.
He… was the ‘final boss’ in the otome game that always stuck close to Anastasia like a shadow.

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“Older sister! Older sister seems to like the final boss, Lloyd!”

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“Zlp, Gdypvypky-pyxy.”

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“R oyp hlau alzklhle vs blya vbyv Gdypvypky-pyxy byp yoyjldle… Rq Gdypvypky-pyxy byed’v, R oswze byhl zspv xu xkde.”

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“Mbyv’p aktbv.
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R oasvl bkx y zlvvla vs vlzz bkx obyv R okpble qsa, cwv R oydvle vs pll bkx kd rlapsd.”

“Rp vbyv ps?”

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Jwv, xu keldvkvu nswzed’v cl alhlyzle blal.

“Let me guide you to Matheus-sama.
Just a few days ago, the mansion underwent some renovation, so the room layout has been slightly changed.”


“Okay, then please.”

…Oh, I think I’ve read about the renovation in a letter.
I don’t remember much about it though.
It seemed that Anastasia cherished the letters she received from her brother.
So much so that she all kept them, but I simply don’t understand why she would cherish these so much.

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“Let’s head over, Anastasia-sama.”

At Lloyd’s urging, I headed to the entrance of the mansion.
The trees were blocking the sun’s rays a little, so there was no direct sunlight.
I wasn’t sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’ll take it.
With that in mind, I stared at Lloyd’s back.

Speaking of which, will you be staying at the mansion today?”

“Yes, that’s the plan.
I’ve already informed my brother.”

“Oh, I see.
Well, that’s… good to hear.”

While listening to Lloyd’s words, which seemed to contain an implied meaning, I stared at the entrance of the mansion from a distance.
The large entrance was completely different from the house I lived in in my previous life.
I guess I could say that this was indeed a duke’s mansion.
When I was Anastasia, I thought that this was normal, but now that I think about it, it was quite extravagant.

“Here you are, Anastasia-sama.”

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As I was thinking about this, Lloyd opened the front door for me, so I slowly took my first step into the mansion.
Just from the front door alone, I could tell… how much money had gone into this mansion.
With the antiques and paintings displayed by the entrance, I was sure that the money spent on these items alone was equivalent to several years of wages for an average person… Oh, it’s so luxurious.

“This way, please.”

While I was thinking about this, Lloyd continued on his way.
That’s right, Anastasia was truly a nobleman’s daughter… There’s no way I could ever consider anything like these.


(Now that I was Anastasia, I just couldn’t stand it.)

I clenched my palms as I inspired myself in my heart.
Now that I’ve become Anastasia… I have no other choice but to live here, and I have no choice but to make this country better.
Even if I were to get divorced and give up my position as crown princess and future queen, nothing will happen unless I could make this country a better place.
That’s what I was thinking.

T/N: Hi ya’ll! I’m sad to announce that I will be dropping this novel.
I’ll just finish posting the advance chapters I’ve stockpiled on Patreon.
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