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“…Ebyv nyd Gdypvypky es yzsdl?”

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Elzz, vbyv’p vawl.
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Jwv… vbyv sdzu xlydv ‘kq R olal yzsdl,’ aktbv? Rq R oypd’v yzsdl, vbl nbydnlp sq vbkdtp tskdt olzz oswze ts wr.
Ysalshla, obyv kq kv oyp y ‘vsr-dsvnb’ rlapsd?

“Nlv xl cl nzlya, R okzz dsv cl yczl vs es yduvbkdt sd xu sod.
Gp usw pyke, kv’p fwpv yd lxrvu vblsau.
Rv’p fwpv y ealyx.
Jwv… obyv kq y ‘vlaakvsau xydytlxldv rasqlppksdyz’ olal vs blzr xl yde tkhl xl yehknl?”


Ekzzkyx-pyxy’p lulp okeldle yp bl pyke vbkp.
Zlyb, nlavykdzu dsv.
R’x… tskdt vs ypj qsa blzr qasx vos rlsrzl.

“I’m going to ask for help from my brother and Max-san.
My brother was the one who developed the Dukedom of Strauss and is known for his excellent management skills, while Max-san is an expert who supports from the shadows.
He’s a well-known supporting professional after all.”


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I smiled at William-sama as I said this.

When I saw Max-san for the first time, I had a strange feeling about him.
Then, I realized… that he was a wonderful person, who was capable of supporting others. 

“I know very well that my husband does not like me, but you can either let me rot away or put your faith in me.
You know which is better, don’t you?”

“…Ah, that I understand.”

William looked at me straight in the eye when he said this… As expected of a perceptive man.
I was sure that the fact that I have my brother behind me also helped him decide.
He didn’t seem to believe in me.
Well, that didn’t really matter.

“But I can’t give you authority over land right away.
I need to make some preparations first… Give me a month.
In the meantime, I’ll try to convince my father and mother.”

“Thank you very much.”

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I thanked William-sama for his kindness.
Alright, this was the first step towards my ambition.
Well, the major turning point will be whether or not the management of the territory went well.
But, with Max-san and my brother, I think the chances of failure would be low.

“…And, Anastasia.”


While I was lost in thought, William-sama suddenly called me out in a terrifying manner.
You looked like you’re having trouble saying something, what was it you’re trying to say? I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just looked straight at him.

“Anastasia has changed.”


And that was the next thing that came out of William-sama’s mouth.

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