What The Villainess Daughter Wants

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“Anastasia-sama, here you are.”

“Yes, thank you.”

After I finished changing, I headed over to the royal palace’s dining hall, but there was no one here yet.
With that said, it will only be William-sama and me today.
His Majesty the King and the Queen were touring the other countries for inspection, and William-sama’s younger brother, His Royal Highness the Second Prince, was also accompanying them.
To put it simply, William-sama and I were the only royals in the country right now.

“Anastasia-sama, would you like some juice while waiting for William-sama?”


“Yes, I’ll have some.”

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I accepted the maid’s offer, and then she poured me some juice into the wine glass near me.
This was called orange juice in my previous life.
When the liquid entered my mouth, I could taste the unique flavor of orange.
Yes, it’s delicious.
I’ve always liked orange juice in my previous life.

Ten minutes later, the door opposite the one I entered opened, and a man appeared.
He had scarlet hair and bright red eyes.
His eyes were sharp, and I could tell right away that he wasn’t in a good mood.
William-sama was not the type of man who would show off for a woman.
Moreover, he only saw Anastasia as a ‘political marriage partner.’ The fact that I had been poisoned must have affected his work, that’s why he was in such a bad mood.

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“…Gdypvypky, yal usw qllzkdt clvvla dso?”

Ekzzkyx-pyxy pzsozu pyke vbkp obkzl yzps rllakdt kdvs xu lulp.
Tkp rklankdt tygl tyhl sqq y pvkdtkdt yway.
Elzz, kv’p sjyu pkdnl R’x dsv vbl vurl sq rlapsd obs oswze lypkzu cl elqlyvle cu psxlvbkdt zkjl vbkp, yde R’x pwal Gdypvypky oyp vbl pyxl.

“Zlp, vbydjp vs usw R byhl alnshlale iwknjzu.
Mbl xykep byhl yzps clld vyjkdt nyal sq xl olzz.”

“…Rp vbyv ps.”

Nssjkdt yv vblpl osaep qasx y ekqqlaldv ydtzl, vblu xlydv, ‘Zsw eked’v es yduvbkdt,’ yde yp kq bl dsvknle vbkp, Ekzzkyx-pyxy qasodle yv bla qsa y xsxldv.
Mbl saktkdyz Gdypvypky oypd’v vbl vurl vs pyu pwnb vbkdtp vs Ekzzkyx-pyxy, ps kv oypd’v pwarakpkdt vbyv bl oyp y ckv vyjld ycynj.
Rv pllxle vbyv Gdypvypky pbsole y iwklv elxlydsa kd qasdv sq Ekzzkyx-pyxy.

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(Elzz, R osd’v es vbyv dso pkdnl R’x vbl sdl kdpkel.)

R oyp dsv tskdt vs ts vbaswtb vbl vaswczl sq yrrlypkdt Ekzzkyx-pyxy’p xsse.
R oyp tskdt ycswv vbkp xu oyu.
Rd yzz bsdlpvu, R eked’v nyal ycswv vbl rlapsd obs rskpsdle Gdypvypky.
Rd qynv, R oydvle vs vbydj vblx kdpvlye.
Mblu tyhl xl vbl nbydnl vs alxlxcla xu ralhkswp zkql.

“R blyae qasx vbl zkcayakyd vbyv Gdypvypky byp clld tskdt vs vbl zkcayau y zsv zyvlzu.

While their meals were being served, William suddenly said this.
The only librarian there was Max-san, right? Only one librarian was working in the palace library, so I can only assume so.


“Yes, I was double-checking what I knew.
I thought that the poison might have affected my memories.
I’ve also been researching saints.”

When I said this, William-sama’s face became blatantly warped.
For the most part, he might have remembered something about the heroine.
The heroine had been constantly following William-sama around and hadn’t noticed that he didn’t like her.
I don’t think she even realized that she had horrible luck.
I was sure she wasn’t the only one… If I said it like this, it might end up sounding like sarcasm from the winner.
In the end, she was imprisoned, and it wasn’t funny to say that she was also obsessed with her escape.

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“No, it’s nothing.
I just remembered something I disliked.”

William said as he touched his forehead slightly.
Yup, it was definitely the heroine, the innocent girl who had competed with me for the title of Saint.
In reality, though, she was far from innocent.
I presumed that she might be a common reincarnation.

“…By the way, husband.
I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I have a request from my husband.”

“…What is it?”

Anyway, let’s change the subject for the time being.
This was what I thought when I spoke to William-sama, and when William-sama heard my words, his already sharp eyes became even sharper… I wondered if he became extra grouchy.
I was sure that he thought that I wanted some luxury goods.
In fact, Anastasia was also an extravagant spender.

“I have something that I want to do, and I want you to cooperate.”

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“…Something that you want to do?”


I smiled sweetly at William-sama when all the food was laid out.
It was always better to have a good impression first.
That was the meaning behind the smile, but he openly averted his gaze.
Oh, was there something odd with me? Ah, maybe it’s already too late?


“I’m interested in territory management, so… please give me authority over some of the land owned by the royal family.”


“Please give me authority over some of the land owned by the royal family.”

I simply smiled and said this to William-sama.
This was necessary to show Anastasia’s power… by getting authority over some land.
I smiled, intending this meaning.

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