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“Oh, yes.
This is the book that you asked for the other day.
When you return it, please hand it directly over to me.
It’s extremely valuable.”


“Ah, thank you.”

Max-san handed me an old book and immediately went back to work.
The book was mainly about saints.
At the end of this otome game, Anastasia was chosen as one of the saints, but she still hasn’t carried out her saintly duties yet.
Well, this time, I was mainly looking through the history of saints, so my work has little to do with it.

(…Saint of the Kingdom of Kistler)

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Muttering this in my heart, I turned a page of the old book, and its unique scent tickled my nose, calming me down.
Oh, by the way, the book preservation technology in this world was wonderful, wasn’t it? I guess it’s also possible because of magic.

With this in mind, I continued to read through the old book.
Fortunately, Anastasia could read some of the ancient scripts.
What an overpowered villainess.

Afterward, I proceeded to read the old book in silence.
In my previous life, I was good at speed-reading, but I was nowhere near Anastasia’s level.
I was able to finish reading the thick book in less than an hour.
What’s more, her memory was also overwhelmingly good.
What kind of body was this, it’s not a cheat, right?

“Anastasia-sama, it’s about time…”

“Ah, Nina.
It’s already that time?”

When I looked up, I saw Nina, who was as cute as ever.
Her voice and expression were akin to that of a small animal, so lovable.
Ah, I want to cherish her.
Oh, that’s right.

(Today was my first meeting with William-sama since the memories of my previous life were restored.)

At today’s dinner, I will be meeting my husband, William-sama, for the first time since my memories came back.
It went without saying to celebrate recoveries in my previous life.
In the first place, we have yet to find the person who poisoned Anastasia, so it’s not that big of a deal.

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(…I’m a little nervous.)


Recently, I’ve been getting to know the chamberlains, but I still haven’t gotten to know William-sama at all.
In fact, he hasn’t even tried to meet with me.
I guess he didn’t like me too.
After all, I could sense it when he didn’t come to find me.

“…Let’s go.
First, I’ll change clothes.”

I said as I slowly stood up.
Fortunately, I was allowed to take the old book back with me, so I’ll put it safely inside my room, where I could take my time to read it.

(…Haa, in any case, divorce was a troublesome matter.)

While I was thinking this, I slowly walked out of the library.
As I left, I met with Max-san’s gaze.
He waved goodbye at me with a cheerful smile, and I secretly waved back.
Oh, so that’s what you called a healing-type in this game.
I thought this as I walked by to my room with Nina.

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