“…I guess, I knew Anastasia would say that.”

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When the meal was ready in front of him, he exhaled and said, “Hmm.” The smile on his face was so alluring and refreshing that even I, with Anastasia’s memories, couldn’t help but admire it.
I couldn’t imagine how many women’s hearts has this Duke Matheus Strauss broken.

“I’ll help you then… No matter what your response was, I was going to cooperate with you, but you’re right… I guess my frame of mind was different.”

“…Really, brother is so mean.”

“I’m not mean.
I’m simply just selfish.”


Brother said as his eyes turned downcast, beginning to eat his meal.
The rest of the topic could be discussed over the meal… The reason why I started eating as well was that it seemed that my tastes were still the same as Anastasia’s, so I found the food at Duke Strauss’s to be the best I’ve ever tasted.
To put it bluntly, they were my favorite.

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“Speaking of which, brother, here’s the thing… I have a theory based on a story I heard from a certain source.”

We ate in silence for five minutes before I laid my fork and knife on the table and looked at my brother… I have to tell him what I heard from Lloyd, but I’ll try to hide the fact that it was Lloyd who had told me this as much as possible.
I was sure that my brother would try to find out where the information came from, but I just have to cover it up.
It’s up to my mouth whether I could fake it or not.

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“…Gcswv vbl rlapsd obs rskpsdle xl, y nlavykd rlapsd byp clld caswtbv vs zktbv.”

Lso, bso pbswze R rasnlle qasx blal? Mbyv’p obyv R vbswtbv yp R pvyale yv xu casvbla.
Tl pllxle vs cl oykvkdt qsa vbl nsdvkdwyvksd sq xu osaep okvb y nwakswp zssj sd bkp qynl… Yspvzu clnywpl bl oydvle vs jdso obs vakle vs jkzz Gdypvypky, vbl sdzu qyxkzu bl bye zlqv.

“Ebs kp vbyv rlapsd?”

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“Mbyv rlapsd kp Uydeu-pyxy, vbl sdl obs nsxrlvle ytykdpv xl qsa vbl vkvzl sq Fykdv vbkp ulya.”

R pyke yde iwldnble xu vbkapv okvb y eakdj.
R oypd’v pwal kq kv oyp ewl vs xl clkdt dlahswp sa xl clkdt vbkapvu… Ebyv nswze R pyu, xu casvbla oyp iwkvl kdvkxkeyvkdt.
Ebld R oyp Gdypvypky, kv eked’v csvbla xl yp xwnb, cwv dso, kv oyp iwkvl rykdqwz.
Rv qlzv zkjl R oyp clkdt kdvlaastyvle, sa vbyv vbkp oyp yd kdvlaastyvksd.

“…R pll.
R’x pwal vbyv vbl osxyd oyp kxrakpsdle qsa vaukdt vs plewnl vbl nasod rakdnl.
Mbl osxyd’p qyxkzu byp yzps clld vyjld esod.”

“Zlp, R jdso.”

Candy-sama’s family was involved in multiple fraudulent activities, and as soon as Candy-sama was condemned, her crimes were exposed, and she was sent to jail.
Under normal circumstances, one wouldn’t be sent to jail for fraud, rather, one would be thrown into a harsh working environment.
But, it seemed that Candy-sama’s parents were planning to make her the saint and take over the country!


By the way, the backstory behind that was there were always seven saints in this kingdom.
One saint was chosen every year to serve for seven years.
So, that’s why every year, when one saint was finished with her term, a new saint was chosen to take her place.
Every year, a woman in her teens or early twenties was chosen, and this year, Anastasia and Candy-sama were the frontrunners for the saint position, according to the otome game.

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“…First of all, let me say that the other saints had nothing to do with this.
Rather, they were also victims.”

“Of course, that’s to be expected.”

Brother replied to me while swirling the wine glass in his hands.
It seemed that the other saints were also fed up with Candy-sama’s attitude.
It looked like Candy-sama was looking down on the other saints as if she was the one who would become the crown princess… What a selfish thing to do!

“…However, it appears that some sons of noblemen were still attracted to Candy-sama.
It’s a theory that… this person resented me so much and poisoned my food.”

I didn’t harbor a grudge though.
With this in mind, I peeked at my brother’s appearance.
I didn’t hold a grudge against the people who poisoned me, but for the sake of peace in this kingdom, they must be caught.
Sinners must be caught, that was the law of the land.

“…I see.
There’s that route too.
Well, I’ll be sure to look into that, and I’ll make sure that person who poisoned you gets caught, so you don’t have to worry about this.


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“Well, I think it’s going to be Anastasia’s job to settle the score with that Candy or whatever she’s called.
I’m not good at handling that woman, so I’m not sure what to do.
I get chills just from being around her.”


Exactly what did she do to you? Swallowing these words that almost left my mouth, I said, “Oh, I see…” Yes… everyone has things that they don’t want to do.

“…To be honest, I was glad that I wasn’t the one she was interested in.
But, if she’s going to hurt you… I should do my best to send her to hell.”


“…In moderation, please.”

I knew that my brother’s seriousness was both outrageous and terrifying.
It could probably cause the kingdom to collapse.
That’s why it was my duty to quickly detect signs of my brother’s outbursts and stop him since you never knew when you might get harmed, right? Everyone’s innocent in their own way.

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