The Villainess Daughter Takes Lessons

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“Alright, I want to learn a few things quickly.”

As soon as I received permission from the royal physician, I decided to move around and began to spend time in the huge library inside the palace.
The royal palace of the Kingdom of Kistler has a library, which was said to be the largest in all the kingdom.
However, only people related to the royal family or the researchers who worked for the royal palace were allowed to enter.
Well, being the crown princess, I could enter without question.
Oh, by the way, William-sama didn’t come to visit me at all.
Well, it’s fine.

“Errr… Today…”

I muttered as I took a few books out of the bookshelf.
The contents were about the history of this country and the history of its saints.
Studying as Anastasia, I already have vast amounts of knowledge, but I don’t have anything to back it up.
Maybe it’ll prove useful in the future, that’s why I came to the library.
Over these last few days, I’ve been able to confirm Anastasia’s knowledge.
I initially thought that the poison might have messed with her memory, but I was relieved to find out that it didn’t.


“…Hmm, I wonder if it follows the course of the game.”

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My knowledge of the game and the history of this country were pretty much in line, but I didn’t know much about the game.
Well, that’s the charm I guess.
With that in mind, I rolled my shoulders.
Ah, my shoulders were so stiff.
Although Anastasia’s body was young, her shoulders still got stiff from being stuck working at a desk all the time.

“Ah, Anastasia-sama!”

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“Mbydj usw qsa uswa osaj vseyu.
Gal usw shlaeskdt kv ytykd zyvlzu?”

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“Xb, R’x blyzvbu lhld vbswtb R zssj zkjl vbkp.
R’x pvkzz yzkhl lhld kq R’hl clld rskpsdle clqsal.”

“…R esd’v jdso bso vs alprsde vs vbyv jkde sq plzq-elralnkyvkhl pvsau, ps R oswze yrralnkyvl kv kq usw alqaykdle qasx eskdt ps.”

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Ebld R qkapv nyxl blal, R bye y przldekezu yoj

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