Huh? What is happening? Wait, who is this creepy man of a goblin that just came into the room with his dark robe, a walking stick, and a necklace made out of bones? He looks too old and where are his teeth?

Arkan got a feeling that something was not right. His intuition was already in high gear.

The goblin look-alike took him from one of the maids and then looked at him all over. After a while, he then shook his head.

This goblin ass! Why is he shaking his head for? I see, you have never seen someone as handsome as me huh? or are they looking at my third leg? I know I am gifted guys, come on now. Wait, why is my father looking disappointed and my mother crying?

Arkan thought as the goblin man started to walk out of the room followed by his father and the other scary man.

Wait, something is wrong… oh shit! I am a baby. A baby cries when it is born, right?

As soon as that thought came into his mind, he started to cry like he had never before. The thing is, he did not know how to cry and all he did was scream but he thought that at that point a babys scream was the same as crying.

The goblin man just looked at him and continued to walk.

Soon, they were outside of the castle and at the back of it where it looked over the dark endless clouds. As they walked further and neared the edge, Arkan screamed his baby lungs out as panic started to get the better of him.

What the hell is going on?

He did not know but by how things were going it was clear that it was not something good. As they approached the edge he remembered Oizys and him telling him about his spark

Shit, am I this unfortunate?

He thought as they reached the edge, only for the goblin man to reach his arms out while holding him to take one last good look at him. As he did, he got to look at his father one last time.

Seeing the motionless eyes that he was looking at him with as he stood there allowing his son to be thrown away like he meant nothing to him made his blood boil.

All the misfortune of his past life and now this one which he was just born a few minutes ago came crashing through, leaving nothing but pure hatred and anger in its wake.

As the goblin look-alike was about to let go of him after saying something, his eyes glowed red.

Without warning and Arkan not knowing how it happened, the goblin mans head was blown clean off.

Arkan had killed his first person just minutes after being born.

He started to fall as the man went limp after losing a head out of the blue.

The last thing he saw was the shock in his fathers and the other mans eyes then he fell into the dark clouds below.

Fuck this world and everyone in it.

Those were the last words he thought right before his world went blank and dark for the third time.

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