Oizys held his hand out and a small light with a tint of red but as bright as the sun floated on the palm of his hand.

”The ability to emit light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The Laser. Only you can use this ability to its fullest as no one else has and will not be able to produce such a thing for thousands of years in Eldian. Radiation is almost impossible to manipulate using mana. ”

Oizys said. At that moment Arkan had sparkles in his eyes.

”This will be your core, the source of your power and the abilities I have gifted you. No one will be able to sense it, even a System and A.I. ”

Oizys said and then the small bright light flouted to Arkan.

”You will be lethal to those who use mana as they will be lethal to you. ”

Oizys said as the whole of him started to crumble into dust.

The ball of light entered Arkans belly and as soon as it did, pain that he had never felt before assaulted every part of his body, the process only lasting for seconds. He fell to his knees thinking that the pain was going to last for much longer or it would come back again.

That was when he saw it. Black circles formed around his ankles, his thighs, his waist, his wrists, his forearms, and then his neck. 10 in all.

Strange symbols were written on them that produced a bright light after the last circles on his neck were fully formed and then the light vanished, leaving the symbols and dark circles behind.

He looked at himself and then at the almost-vanished Oizys.

”Your chains. You already possess the power to destroy kingdoms but you will have to break each chain to gain that power as your body gets stronger and you conquer your spark. As per the rules and because you can use mana. ”

Oizys said and then smiled for the last time.

”Each time you break a chain, the faster I can return and each time you kill a reincarnate, the less powerful our Guardian enemies will grow before I can come back. Your fellow reincarnates are already very strong, be reckless but careful, well, just be you and you will survive. Follow your Intuition. That is how you will find them. ”

He said as the last part of his body crumbled to the ground. Arkan did not know how to feel, but there was one thing he knew and that was that he could not wait to start this adventure.

He looked at the dust on the floor and then the blood that was now almost like rust more than golden and vowed to carry out his part of the deal they had just made. The only man who has ever called him his son.

”Almost forgot, remember your nature. ”

A voice said out of the blue. Arkan looked at the blood as it was Oizys voice. It seemed that there was still some divinity left in it.

”You will be born in a kingdom that is more ruthless than where you are from and where one of the other reincarnates are. Do not trust anyone. Oh and I have a surprise for you in Eldian, you must travel to Palegra, I am sure you will bump into him. ”

The voice said hurryingly and Arkan was starting to get lightheaded as the voice got fainter and fainter. He himself was disappearing.

”I also dealt with Danny. Lets just say his soul will never stain the universe again. ”

Those were the last words of Oizys and they made Arkan smile from ear to ear. That was until everything went dark again and Arkans journey was about to start.

Eldian was not prepared for the misfortune he was bringing with him.

The sky darkened and the thunder grew louder. In a land that no countries dared to mount an invitation in the people looked at the dark sky and the thunder rumbled again as it began to rain.

”It must be a sign. The queen is finally giving birth. ”

A grown man with a full beard said to another. Both of them were like giants that looked like warriors through and through. They had the battle scars to prove it.

The streets were still full of people even though it was after midnight. They were drinking and eating like the whole kingdom was celebrating while some came into the city walls full of injuries but still in a good mood.

”She has been pregnant for 14 months. No wonder the king chose her than one of us. She was a warrior through and through for her to make it here on her own. The best we can do is 11 months. ”

A woman said that was next to the men who were just talking. She was wearing battle armor that fitted her tall but slander body like a glove. It was clear that she too was a seasoned warrior of some kind as her armor looked like that of a Valkyrie

They all then joined the others that were looking up at the castle that loomed over the kingdom.

It was up a tall hill and the castle was carved out of it. It had skulls of slain massive beasts at its boundaries showing the power of that who ruled the land. From the middle of it, a river flowed down to the city, cutting it from east to waste while bridges connected the two.

Just by looking at the whole castle, you could tell that the walls were strong and whoever raised it was on another level of skill.

If you looked from above, beyond the castles hill, there was nothing but a blanket of black clouds that covered what lay underneath them with only the most powerful of the kingdom knowing what dwelled there.

”My lord, it is almost time. ”

A warrior said to a dark figure sitting on his throne and drinking out of a beasts skull. Looking at the warrior who spoke, you could tell that he had killed lots and lots of people by just looking at his eyes. He was as tall but slender than those who were outside, but more menacing.

His beard was tied in knots that stretched all the way to his midsection and his armor was made out of brown bones of a slain beast, the same color as his hair and eyes. You could feel his murderous aura though he was surprising it.

After hearing his words, the person put the skull down and said nothing for a while before he stood up still clouded in darkness as the room had little to no light.

In a bedroom fit for a queen, screams were heard as the queen screamed and pushed with five people encouraging her.

It was not a normal birth as instead of her water breaking, she had bled out of the blue while reading, signaling that something was truly wrong. Arkan had spilled his first blood, the blood of his mother as his presence was felt in the world for the first time.

After her condition had settled she was showing signs of the birth being on the right track, it was encouraging.

That was until the man that was just in his throne room appeared out of nowhere in the room together with the other man. The room felt silent for a bit as fear gripped every maid that was there until the queen screamed again.

The man said nothing and stood still but his presence come with a pressure that made the room silent except for the queens screams.

As she screamed, something happened inside her. Arkan moved and he found himself conscious while still inside his mother.

As that happened, several beasts and monsters that were thousands of years old who were at various places around Eldian looked in the same direction at once. They had honed their senses to that of intuition through the years but were unable to master it let alone attune it with their body and mind.

They could feel it though. Something that had happened 13 times in the last 500 years was happening again while one of them knew that it had happened 34 times in the last 10 000 years he had lived.

One of them, those who should be not named was being born. Too many had been born in this era and they knew something was wrong.

After looking in that direction for a while they continued on their way as they knew better than to go near such individuals as they witnessed how power-hungry they get as many of their brethren who challenged them died and contributed to growing their power.

They just wished that they killed each other off and finally let them take over this world.

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