ike a puppy begging for food.

”Ah, this is better. ” I comment.

”When will you meet me with him? ” asked Erika with great enthusiasm.

”Soon. Just a suggestion, you look terrible! Can you change your face? Ive seen something like a mask that would make someones face turn beautiful! ”

Erika narrowed her eyes and pouted her lips. Well, now she looks more like a puppy who has lost her food.

But who cares?

I flew straight to a crossroad where the man waited for the lights to turn green in his car.

I unrolled the paper with the data, the gift of the Angel Julian. I matched the picture on the scroll again with the man in the car.

Quite similar.

I snapped my fingers, making the car go pretty fast. It almost hit another vehicle if only the man named Jade had not slammed the steering wheel, hit the sidewalk, and hit a tree on one side of the sidewalk.

Todays technology is sophisticated enough to make Jade unharmed because of the security vasculitis in his car. I flicked my finger again until a flash of light temporarily blinded Jades eyes.

Several people ran to Jades car and questioned the mans condition. And, of course, they called an ambulance to take Jade to the hospital afterward.

I returned to Erikas room and sat at the table while the girl applied red lipstick to her pale lips.

The girls appetite is **ed up. He looks like a clown with such red cheeks and lips.

”Hey, do you need to use that? You look like you just sucked someones blood! ”

”Ah, I knew this wouldn suit me. What am I supposed to do? ” She whined with a pitiful face.

”Just take off your makeup! Didn I just tell you to wear that mask? What are you doing with all that stuff?! ”

”Listen, Angel Sue! Everyone uses all these tools to beautify themselves! Its just that Im not so good at wearing it! Hey, can you make me look prettier? ” asked Erika while looking at me expectantly.

”I am an angel, not a magician! ” I protest.

”You always do something like snap your fingers and everything you want comes true! Can you snap your fingers and make me the most beautiful woman ever? ”

I laughed at the girls request.

”You don have to do anything then, Ill tie the red thread right away, so hell fall in love with you even if you
e the ugliest girl hes ever met! ”

”You call me ugly? I am beautiful! ” protested the girl.

”No matter what you think of yourself! ”

Erika looked at me irritably.

”Don be surprised if the guy can see you. I just made him blind for a while! ”

Erika glared at me with her mouth wide open.

”Are you crazy?! I will complain to God! ”Erika screamed so loudly.

”God did not give me an arrow of love! Im sure he doesn mind my way. Its temporary anyway. He will soon regain his sight! ”

Erika shook her head slowly. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at me. But, of course, I immediately destroyed it before it reached my face.

”How could you do that to my future boyfriend? Didn I ask you not to hurt him?! ”Erika half shouted.

Really, why is she making so much noise?

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