”All right. Ill restore his sight, and replace the target. ”

”Wait a minute, why are you in such a rush? ”Erika screamed right before I snapped my fingers.

”Didn you ask me to finish my job?! ”I growled.

”I really liked Jade. Can I stay close to him for a while? You still have plenty of time, don you? Be kind to me! ”

”You sly fox. You want to have fun with Jade before you meet your soul mate? ”

”You said it in a very annoying tone. Hey, be kind, you know Ive suffered enough. ”

Girls don know themselves.

”If you like him, then just accept him to be your soul mate! ”

”No, it will make him suffer later, ” Erika eyes with teary eyes.

”All right. Ill give you a little time. To be honest, being stuck with you is no fun. But Ill be a little kinder to you. ”

Erika smiled so broadly. Her face shone in the sunlight, and her eyes twinkled. Without saying anything more, Erika immediately ran over to Jade. The girl immediately stood in front of Jade, who was completely unaware of her presence.

Yeah, I have to get his sight back, or the Archangel Jin will drag me straight into the courtroom.

I flicked my finger, and the glint of light hurt Jades eyes, making him scream while looking down and holding his eyes.

”Jade, whats wrong? ”Erika screamed in panic. The girl immediately turned to me and looked at me intently with her bellied eyes.

Damn girl, Ive been so kind, but she dares to glare at me like that?! Should I make him blind?

As soon as I said that, lightning instantly struck, and her voice thundered on this sunny morning.

Yeah, he gave me an answer before I could ask.

Slowly but surely, Jades vision began to return. He looked at Erika with a strange look that I didn understand.

”Erika, are you here? ”Jade asked, puzzled.

Erika smiled, then sat down beside Jade.

”I was treated here. ”Erika said casually.

”Are you being treated here? Aren you healed? Oh, wait! I can see you! ”Jade screamed in disbelief.

Stupid man. He should have noticed it as soon as he opened his eyes.

”Ah, I heard you had an accident and lost your sight? Sorry for that. ”Erika looked very sorry when she said that.

I flew to them and sat down on a tree not far from them to watch them. Im out of work, too, so Im relaxing by seeing a play.

”No, you don have to feel bad like that! Hey, this is so weird! The doctor said there was a chance that I wouldn be able to see again, but now Im here and see you! I can see you very clearly! ”Jade exclaimed so happily.

Most humans are like that. They will know how valuable something is after losing it.

”Im so glad you
e okay, ” Erika said with a smile.

Whats wrong with my eyes?

I can take it anymore. I immediately flew away from Earth and searched for Archangel Michael. He must have been doing something weird while guarding the room.

”Wow, whats wrong with your face? Have you met a chatty client again? Hey, you have to understand them; its so confusing and frustrating when we suddenly lose our memories, and have to follow creepy Angels like you to places they don know! ” great-grandson Michael said as soon as I got in front of him.

”Im not upset about the spirits, Im upset about a shitty human being who keeps hindering my work! ”

”What? ”

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