I didn think, a small accident could make me have to kneel waiting for punishment here. I don know what punishment he will give to me. He can heal Cupids broken wing so easily, why bother punishing me?

”Angel Sue, please control your mind. ” rebuked the Archangel Jin.

Hmm, of course. How could I forget that the Archangel Jin can read minds?

The wind was blowing very hard followed by the light that came bringing a scroll of letters to the Archangel.

”The decision has already been made, so listen carefully. ”

I sharpened my hearing and looked straight at the Archangel.

”Angel Sue, in order to atone for what you did wrong, you must temporarily replace Cupid. Accept your mission and complete it in a hundred days. ”

Wait a minute,

Replace Cupid?


Before I could say anything, suddenly the wind blew again, and the light came again. The light came to me with a scroll of golden letters with a gleam that hurt my eyes.

The scroll slowly opened once it was right in front of my face.

”Thats your clients data! Find love for her! ” The Archangel looked at me with a flat gaze.

”Wait a minute! Just this? Why isn the partners data written here too? Who should I tie the red thread to? And where is the arrow? ”

The Archangel shook his head slowly then glared at me.

”You broke Cupid Cerrys arrow of love! All you can do right now is find a perfect match for your client and tie the red thread. Do it manually and don complain! ”

”How can I not complain? I only know how to take lives and lead them up. And now I have to be Cupid? ”

e being punished, got it? ”

”Archangel, it was just a petty accident, why do I have to be punished this severely? ”

”Listen, Sue, you
e flying too fast, even faster than a flash of lightning, and when you hit Cupid Cerry, you broke her wing, broke her love arrow, and hurt her leg. That can be called a petty accident! Stop complaining and just get your job done! ”

Ah, this is troublesome.

I immediately flapped my wings and descended to the earth. I just have to find the girl a partner right?


Theres Cupid.

I flew over to one of the cupids on duty, he was aiming at a man with his love arrow.

God is indeed strange, how can He assign the little ones to spread the love? Really, what do little children know about love?

”Hey, Cupid! ”

Cupid, whose name is unknown, immediately flew away from me. Well, no wonder, most of them are afraid of me because of my black wings, with quotes of course.

Angel of Death

I chased after him, grabbed his little wings, and made him face me.

”Hey! Tell me, how do you choose a partner for your client? ”

”Wh-what? ”

”Are there certain criteria or can you match them as you please? ”

”Th-that, we are looking for a partner who has some compatibility with our clients. Just a little compatibility can make them fall in love, ”

”Is that so? ”

”Y-yes, ”

The Cupid flew as fast as he could after I released his wings from my grip.

I flew back and headed for where my client was. So sweet, I have to find this sick girl a partner.

I pierced through the hospital walls to get to her.

But …

Is it just me or is the girl really looking at me?

”Are you the angel of death? You come here to take my life? Please don be, give me some time. At least let me first feel what love is. Otherwise, I won be able to leave in peace. ”

Is she talking to me? No, thats impossible. Humans can see us.

However, the only angel of death here is me.

”Hey human, you
e not talking to me are you? ”

Weird, why did I even say that? It was obvious she wasn going to hear it, a waste of time.

”I was talking to you! ”

Wow! She answered my question. Is she talking to me? Can she see me? Whats this? Impossible.

”Can you see me? ”

The girl nodded slowly.

”Are you serious? ” I screamed.

”Don take my life just yet. Ive been praying to God, He will surely grant my wish, so please wait a moment. Hum? Please! ”

This is unnatural, humans shouldn be able to see or hear our voices. Its against fate. But, what do I care? I just have to finish my mission as fast as possible and get back to my job.

”Hey human, since you can see and hear me, then fine. I will introduce myself properly. I am the Angel Sue, as you said just now, I am indeed the Angel of Death, however, Im not here to take your life, Im here to replace Cupid who is in charge of finding love for you. So, just tell me what kind of man do you want! ”

”NO! ” the girl screamed hysterically.

Not long after, several nurses came and asked what happened. This is troublesome, so I point my hand at them and make time to stop around my client.

”Youll definitely find me a terrible partner. Just let Cupid do it. ” She screamed.

”Too bad, I just broke the wings of Cupid who was supposed to find you a mate. So thats fine! ”

”No, why did you do that? How could the Angel of Death find love for me? Isn there another Cupid who can take your place? ”

This is the first time a human has dared to look down on me. Does she think I can set her up with the man she wants? I am the Angel Sue, I can do anything.

”Shut up or Ill take your life right now! ”

The girl immediately closed her mouth tightly. I took the mission scroll I brought with me and read it one more time.

”Your name is Erika, you are eighteen years old, and you spend most of your time in the hospital because you are constantly suffering and lonely, you pray that God will give you love, is this true? ”

Ah, this data really isn important, but still, I have to make sure, I don want to make the slightest mistake.

Erika nodded slowly with teary eyes.

”I really want to have a boyfriend. I want to feel what its like to be loved. ”

”Pathetic. Hey human, just tell me what kind of man do you want, Ill find him and arrange everything for you. ”

”Is that true? ”

”Im an angel, I can lie! You sucker! ”

”I thought the angel was a creature full of gentleness and great manners, but why are you so rude and annoying? ”

”You fantasize too much! Just like you, we also have different personalities! ”

”Is that true? ”

Damn it!

”Lets stop this pointless talk. Now tell me about yourself so I can find the right match for you! ”

”Why would I do that? From the books Ive read, Cupid just has to shoot his love arrow and then well fall in love, right? ”

”Unfortunately, I broke Cupids love arrow, so I had to do it manually! ”

”Why did you break it? Are you a bad Angel? ”

Shes ridiculous. There are no evil Angels. All Angels are good.

”It would be easier if I just took your life! ”

”No, don ! Sorry, I won say anything more, ” she said quickly.

Why do they all think that I can take peoples lives or do evil as I please? I can do that. Life and death are in the hands of the One above. I can only take someones life if that persons destiny is to die. And, although I am rude, I am not evil.

Never mind, I also don want to bother explaining to them.

”I like music, I can play the piano, guitar, and flute. I also good at cooking, Ive always lived alone all this time, so Im used to cooking. Ah, Im quite pretty too. So, Id be very grateful if you paired me up with a handsome and warm gentleman. ”

I will remember. Music, food, and beauty. Then she wants a handsome man, warm and gentle.

Alright, it doesn seem that hard.

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