of a prospective buyer, the smile on Karas face grew wider.

”This property is being sold for 350 gold coins. ” She said,

”It might be a little expensive but I can assure you that you will get your moneys worth if you buy this. This is because this property is located at the heart of the city which is where the nobles go to shop! ”

Kara said a few more words to persuade Alex into buying.

On the other hand, when Alex heard the price, he took a glance at his inventory where his coins are placed.

10 bronze coins, 5 silver coins, 1 gold coin.

(AN: 100 bronze coins = 1 silver coin, 100 silver coins = 1 gold coin.)

That is the total amount of money that Alex has in his pocket right now.

Seeing that pitiful amount, Alex also felt a little embarrassed.

I dared to ask the price for such an expensive place. I should have taken a look at my budget before I headed here.

Alex sighs and shakes his head at his mistake.

Recollecting his thoughts, Alex looked at Kara and said, ”Lets forget about this kind of expensive property for now. ”

Hearing that, disappointment flashed through Karas eyes for a second before it disappeared as if it was never there to begin with.

With the same smile as before, she said, ”Thats alright, sir. Can you please tell me about your budget? ”

Rubbing his chin, Alex acted nonchalant and replied, ”Since Im just starting out, lets say, 1 gold coin. ”

Putting on a playful smile, he said, ”Give me a property worth 1 gold coin, can you do that? ”

Seeing Alexs current appearance, Kara was stunned.

For some reason, the way Alex is acting right now gives the illusion of a rich man wanting to try out the world at the bottom.

Kara is not unfamiliar with those kinds of people.

In truth, she has already met a lot of those kinds.

Acting like a poor person just for the sake of their entertainment.

The thing that Kara likes about these types of people is that, after they finish their playing, they come back to her and give some generous tip.

Thinking back to those days, Kara remembered the days where her pocket was full and couldn help but become excited.

After she recovered from her dazed state, Kara hurriedly nodded her head.

Full of enthusiasm, she said, ”1 gold coin? Don worry, sir, I will look for what fits your requirements! ”

Without giving Alex a chance to reply, Kara stood up and started to look for new properties.

Seeing her movements, it was Alexs turn to get stunned.

He was speechless.

He was just trying to act nonchalant to hide his embarrassment but for some reason, Kara became a lot more enthusiastic in serving him.

Puzzled, he thought, Isn she mad that the property I want to buy is only 1 gold coin?

If Alex learned that his previous behavior of acting playful and nonchalant would be misunderstood by Kara, he would probably fall into silence.

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