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Maria\'s Diner, Dungeon Idea!

l can only be said to be average in terms of looks, but because of her bright and cheerful personality, the people around her inevitably come to like her.

Alex was also like them.

After seeing such a bright girl, Alexs mood can help but improve a step further.

With a smile, he said, ”Im new here so I don really know what to order. Can you just give me some of your best dishes? ”

Nodding, the girl said, ”Yes, sir. Please sit down for now and we will bring your food to your table when its finished. ”

Hearing that, Alex thanked her before heading towards an empty seat.

While waiting, Alex looked around, watching the other diners who seemed to be eating their food with relish and enjoyment.

”From their looks, it seems like the food here is really delicious, huh. ”

However, Alex also noticed that there only seems to be a small selection of foods since almost everyone has the same food on top of their tables.

But Alex didn care about that and just waited for his food patiently.

A couple of minutes later, someone brought his food to his table.

”Enjoy your meal! ”

The server said before leaving to tend to other customers.

Looking at the food in front of him, Alex smiled.

”Its finally here! Lets see what we have here. A bowl of white soup with potato and carrots, a plate of beans with tomato sauce, and a piece of bread. ”

Alex raised an eyebrow, ”Is this really it? This looks… simple. ”

He scanned the customer around him again and still saw them enjoying the same food with such relish.

Turning his eyes back to his food, Alex said, ”I guess Ill just try it. ”

He picked up his spoon and tried some of the soup.


”Hmm? Why does it taste so bland? ”

Alex said with a frown.

”Did they give me the wrong food? ”

Shaking his head, Alex tried out the other food and realized that they also didn taste good.

The soup and the beans both don have much of a flavor while the bread on the other hand is hard and tastes rough.

With a confused face, Alex muttered, ”This doesn taste like anything I expected. But how come they look so happy eating this bland food? ”

For Alex, eating is one of the few enjoyments in life.

Even though he is poor, Alex always tries to make the best food using the limited ingredients that he has in his house.

Although its not much, it was Alexs happiness.

In his own words,

Just because you
e poor doesn mean you have to eat bad food. Plus, eating good food will give you happiness so that the world won seem so bleak.

That is why eating good food is a matter of course to him.

And now, being served such bland food made Alex really disappointed.

Sighing, he observed everyone and saw that their expression doesn seem fake.

This also means one thing.

”This might be the highest standard of food for everyone here. ”

When he thought of that, light flashed in Alexs eyes,

”I know what I will do to my dungeon! ”

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