Alter Dimension Lucky Dungeon Master

Maria\'s Diner, Dungeon Idea!

After running for a while, Alex found an empty place that seemed to be a park and decided to rest there for a while.

He sat on a relatively flat rock under a tree near a pond and rested.

After catching his breath, Alex turned his attention back to his character panel.

Staring at his talent, Alex has this incredible feeling inside him.

”I didn expect that I would get such a high rank talent and its even a growth type! ” He murmured.

From the limited information that Alex got, he learned that everything in this world is ranked, be it items, equipment, weapon, skills, and talents.

From lowest to highest, the ranking is like this.

E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.

For some people, S rank is already considered as the highest rank because SS and SSS rank hasn been seen for hundreds of years.

Now seeing that he has an S rank talent, the joy and excitement that Alex feels right now can be measured with words.

Whats even more amazing is that its a growth type talent!

That means it can grow to SS rank or even SSS rank in the future!

Just the thought of it is already making Alex excited!

Taking a deep breath, Alex controlled his excitement and calmed his wildly beating heart.

After a while, Alex finally managed to calm himself.

”Huu… I got too excited just now, I should try to remain calm at all times to avoid making mistakes. ” He murmured.

Turning his eyes back to his talent, Alex paid attention to the description again.

After reading it for the second time, Alex suddenly frowned.

”Luck? Hmm, I guess this means that I will be lucky? ”

Alex scratched his head, ”The description is too vague. ”

”But since its an S rank talent, it should be something good. ”

Reading the note below, he said, ”Since its already an S rank, which can be considered as the highest rank nowadays, I guess the probability of triggering this is quite high as well. ”

Looking at it a few more times, Alex dismissed the panels in front of his eyes.

Lying down on the rock, Alex looked at the sky above that is covered by a few leaves from the tree beside him.

Dreamily, he said, ”I really somehow traveled to another world, huh… ”

This experience feels very magical to Alex.

In the past, he would daydream of such events happening while reading some fantasy books that he picked up from the dumpsite.

Unbelievably, he actually got the chance to experience it in real life!

Exhaling deeply, Alex sat up and looked at the small pond below.

Then a smile crossed his face and he said, ”But thankfully, its not permanent traveling. ”

”I can still go back to my original world whenever I want. ”

”Even though I don have a family or anyone back there, I still want to prove to that world that even if I come from the bottom of the society, I am able to rise to the top someday. ”

A resolute light flashed past Alexs relaxed face for a moment before disappearing.

After a while, Alex heaved a sigh and got up from the rock.

While patting the dust that stuck to him, Alex said, ”Since this place can now be considered as my second world, I should make a plan on how I will proceed with things for now. ”

Saying that, Alex randomly picked up a stick and started writing on the ground.

”First thing on my plan should be to create my own dungeon. ”

”But I wonder what kind of place should my dungeon become? ”

From the core, Alex knows that any place can become a dungeon as long as a dungeon master proceeds into turning it into one.

For example, caves, labyrinths, towers, prairie or just an open space that no one owns.

Even a normal house, stores, or any establishments.

All of that can be turned into a dungeon.

The only requirement is that the place is either owned by the dungeon master or no one owns the place.

”My first priority has been set. ”

Thinking for a bit, he said, ”This world is a pretty dangerous one based on the information I got from the core. ”

”So I guess my second priority is raising my strength. ”

After mulling over it for a few seconds, Alex said,

”Since Im now a Dungeon Master, my strength can only increase if I focus in that direction. ”

Just like how a magician walks the path of being a magician and a warrior walking the path of a warrior, dungeon masters should also walk on their own path.

Imagine a mage acting like a warrior, fighting in the frontline with a sword in hand only using brute force.

Isn that just plain stupidity?

Alex continued scribbling on the ground for a while more before he finally stopped.

Looking at his work on the ground, Alex nodded in satisfaction.

”Looks good enough. ” He said,

Beside the first two things on his plan, 3 more things got added to his list.

It was Improve my livelihood in the real world, Achieve my dreams, Explore the world.

Since Alex got an opportunity like this, of course he won miss out on improving his life status.

As someone whos been living in a scrap he called home, Alex also dreamed of getting good things.

In his opinion, there are no such people out there that don want to get good things, even if there are, maybe they just haven seen what good things really are like.

Throwing away the stick, Alex stood and patted the dust in his hands.

He looked up at the now orange sky above and said, ”Theres no time to waste, I should hurry up and realize all my plans as soon as possible! ”

Saying that, Alex left the empty park and went back to the place where he first landed.

At the Fountain of Love.

Seeing the bustling streets, a smile crept up Alexs face.

Clenching his fist, Alex can help but have expectations for his future.

With a gleam in his eyes, in a low voice, Alex muttered, ”I will stand at the top someday! ”

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